A/N: This is Chapter one of Crazy angel Renewed. I changed many many things as you can see. Most everything is worded way different. So if you have read Crazy angel before you should defiantly read this, I think it sounds much better. Please tell me what you think.

Arkham. That one word alone can strike fear into any mad man's heart. Just the thought of the dark island building would send a man running.

Home. That is a word that brought light to the world. Somewhere to stay when you have no where safe to go or if you just need to rest your tired bones.

Now put both the words together. Doesn't sound so good does it? These two words are far to different to be even in the same thought, but for Harleen Quinzel that was the only two words that danced inside her pretty little blood stained head.

Tonight is the first night of Harleen's long stay in hell and so far it isn't going very well. It didnt help that the first thing they did was sedate her and rid her of her bloody clothes. The blood soaked garments where now traded for a gray two piece cloth suit that was two sizes to big for her slider frame. To top it all off she was then thrown drunkenly into a pitch black room. Sighing Harleen drug herself to the other end of the cell and sat with her back leaned against the cold stone wall looking blankly at the glass door before her.

Images of blood and death play in the back of her mind. The taste of blood could still be found in her mouth and the feeling of his warm flesh still under her finger tips. Closing her eyes tightly she tried to recall why she had done it. Why she couldn't have just left when she had the chance, but everything was all a blur of red and screaming.

Darling 20 year old Harleen Quinzel entered into her apartment after a long hard day of school and work. When she walked into her bedroom she couldn't believe her eyes. Before her was her boyfriend with his hands down another woman's panties. To make matters worse that other woman was none other then Harleen's own mother. Her first reaction was shock, than panic kicked in. She started screaming at them both. How could he do that to her. Her MOTHER of all people. Slowly anger would flood Harleen's body causing her to black out. Sweet and innocent no more Harleen Quinzel murdered both her boyfriend and her mother that night. After hearing screaming from the apartment next to theirs, her neighbor had called the cops. When the police finally showed up they found her sitting in a puddle of blood crying with a knife in her lap.

Now Harleen sits inside of a cell playing the events of the evening over and over as if it were a movie. Her first thoughts were that she needed to block the images in her head. Make them disappear, never to be seen again, but after watching the horror of her taking the life of two people it started to not bother her as much. One might say she started to enjoy it. By the time Harleen had fallen asleep in a little ball on the cold hard cell floor she had to convince herself that what she sees is wrong and as she tried to block them from her view with sleep.


Her eyes snapped open at the sound of screaming and yelling. Slowly Harleen got to her knees and squinted against the mild light. After tossing around the thought of eather going back to sleep or seeing what was happening, she slowly crawled across the stone cell floor until she had reached the glass door. Sitting silently she looked around at the scene before her. All of the guards seemed to be trying to clam something or someone. At first glance it looked as if one of the nurses had passed out, but after Harleen looked closer she saw the blood that was spilled at the woman's head.

She quickly diverted her eyes away. The horrible memories seeped back into her mind. Breathing deeply she tired to clam herself. After placing a hand on the cool glass of the door in front of her she slowly opened her eyes looking back to the door. The moment her eyes opened a harsh sound rang out through the asylum. The sound made her heart dance and her spin tingle. It was laughter.

Harleen found herself now staring at the devil himself. Feeling her heart come to a screeching halt she quickly looked away. "God Harleen just keep your cool, I dont think he saw you." She said softly to herself. She felt her heart pound violently in her ears and head. When she finally got hold of herself she turned back to the glass door. This time she was staring not only at the devil but eye to eye with him. "He did see you." She said softer than a whisper.

He smiled at her causing her to bit her lower lip to keep from blushing. She couldnt seem to look away from the man before her. He was just so beautiful. Seeing him caused Harleen's body to shiver. His dark eyes seemed to hold many secrets, secrets she would kill to know. Her eyes slowly trailed down his face, stopping at his mouth. Two long uneven scars rest on his cheeks connecting to his mouth. She pondered what could have done that to such a beautiful face but dared not ask. Then she blinked, and with that he was gone.

For the rest of her day she thought of this man with the dark eyes. She had wished so bad to see him again soon, but he wasnt at any of the meals, and she hadnt seen him in the halls eather. She spent most of her days after that thinking of him, wishing she had at least found out his name or why he was here. Every time she would picture this man in her mind her whole body would freeze and her heart would skip.

He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

Joker sat in isolation for days thinking about that little blonde creature that had been staring at him. Her large bright blues looking into his as if she was searching for something. He couldnt stop thinking about her, kept seeing her face in his mind. Her fearless eyes. Had she not been scared? He shook the thought from his head as he lay on his dirty off white cot. Her image still burned into his eye lids. She resembled an angel. Sweet and innocent. Something so corruptible. Her long blond locks that curled in thick ringlets around those ocean blue eyes. Her skin like milk and lips that were tiny and pink. It disgusted him.

Such a perfect creature locked up in this hell hole. He started to wonder about how she ended up here. His mind cooked up so many delicious ideas but none of them seemed to fit the small beauty. He sighed. Than something struck him. He would just have to ask her.

His lips twitched up into a sinister grin. "Tomorrow then." He would speak to the little crazy angel in the morning.