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A soft knock echoed in the room bring Harley out of her trance. A small woman with long red hair entered with a shy smile. "Is miss Quinzel ready?" The doctor nodded and the woman entered the room with a wheel chair behind her. Stopping right at the end of the medical table she looked up at Harley.

"Do you need help down?" Harley shook her head and hopped off of the table and sat down in the chair placing both hands on her belly. Slowly the woman begin to wheel her out of the room as she hummed softly to herself. Harley just rubbed her thumb over her flat abdemn. She was one month pregnant with the Joker's child. How was she going to tell him, she thought to herself.

He could take it two ways, he could be happy about it (she wasn't sure if that was even possible) and he would help her or he could be pissed beyond reason and try and kill her. Bitting her lower lip she thought about the ways he could kill her. Another thing that bothered her way that she was going to be pregnant in Arkham for gods sake. What if she had the baby here.. She shuttered and pushed the thought from her mind.

Then she stopped. Confused she looked over her shoulder to the nurse who was pushing her but found not only her but another nurse who looked paniced.

"Joker is threating to blow up Arkham in an hour if we don't hand her over." The red headed nurse shook her head. "We can't just hand her over to him who knows what he would do to her or if he would even decide not to blow us up anyways after getting her." The dark headed woman looked very panicked.

"I have kids Jane I really really don't want anything to happen. They need me." The nurse who Harley guessed was Jane nodded calmly. "I have kids too Trish we just can't panic. What are the police saying?"
"They said that we shouldn't panic and they are going to handle it, but you know good and well they wont they will just sit back and let him blow us away."

Facing forward again she saw a young doctor running towards the women. "You guys need to bring her to Arkham NOW!" He yelled at them and before Harley could even register what was going on she was being pushed down the hall way quickly. She was pushed through a small wooden door into a large office.

The room was almost dark from the lack of light outside but there was one lamb that was dimly lighting the man that sat behind the desk. He was a dark headed man who looked about 48ish.

"Thank you Jane you may go now." The nurse nodded and slowly backed out of the room. "Miss Quinzel." His dark green eyes locked on her deep blue ones. "Joker has threatened the Hospital, the only way he will not follow through on his plan is if you are handed over to him as soon as possible. Being the owner of this institution I really don't want this to happen but I do not wish to loose a patent. The police are asking for your help Miss Quinzel. Are you willing to provide it?"

Harley laughed. Loud. "You are asking me to help the police? When all I have to do is get up from this damn chair and walk out of the damn building and let him blow yall sky high? What's in it for me?"

The man looked down for a moment as if he was defeated. "Well." He looked back up. "Looking at the predicament that you are in." He paused and pulled his wire rim glasses off his face. "We can discharge you. After you help stop him we will let you free if you sign a contract saying we will have no more issues with you. How does that sound?"

Kneading her bottom lip she thought it over in her mind. "Alright but I better not be in her longer then a few hours after he is put away. Oh and if anything happens to off and Ill let him do as he wishes or I might just leave any ways without any papers ."

He nodded. "Its a deal then." He got up from his chair and walked around his desk. Holding out his hand she took it as he walked her out of the room.


He walked the edge of the building again, the roof of the Gotham city museum was a perfect view of the asylum. He had given them an hour to get her here or he would blow the place away. If he couldn't have Harley nether could they. Police cars lined the building and news choppers sorued the sky causing his matted hair to fly into his face.

"Boss?" Joker quickly turned around. It was Ringo. "How the hell did you get up here." He laughed and pulled a police badge from his jacket pocket. "It was a gift from my old lady." Joker laughed. "So at 10 we hit it?" Joker nodded. "Yep." Ringo nodded. "I really hope they get her out of there."

Something changed on Jokers face when Ringo said that. Something darkened in his eyes. "They will.." He paused. "Or they will regret it greatly."


What nether of them knew what Harley was only 40 feet below them. Slowly she stepped out of the police car and was walked towards Gordan. "Miss Quinzel. We really appreciate you corporation with us." She rolled her eyes. "Im not doing it for you. So dont think that for one secound you will get any information out of me. Now are you going to let me go or are you going to let him blow Arkham to bits?"

Gordon sighed before catching the attention of another officer. "Please escort Miss Quinzel to the roof of the building." The heavy man nodded before placing a strong hand on Harley's arm. "Lets go."

Walking toward the building slowly she looked up at the police officer. "You should really watch who your talking to like that." He laughed. "Oh really?" She smiled up at him. "Ummhumm. You don't know me. I could just snap and kill you in a secound. Trust me Iv done it before."

He laughed even harder. "Alright Miss Quinzel, I don't understand why they dont just shoot the fucker and get it over with." It was her turn to laugh. "What would Gotham do without him? It would be a very boring place."

After entering the building they headed up a small flight of stairs. "Do you have a gun on you?" He looked down at the blond with a confused look in his eyes. "Umm yeah."

Harley giggled. "Really?" He nodded and reached down to his holster only to draw back in shock when he heard a faint click. "Like I said. You really don't know when someone can snap and kill you." She laughed and pulled the trigger, watching his body tumble down the steps one at a time.

Placing the gun in her pants at her hip quickly walked up the rest of the steps reaching a small door.

Hearing something behind him Joker quickly turned his head towards the door, finding it opening slowly and Harley walking out onto the roof. "So nice of you to join us. Im shocked they didn't send anyone with you." He turned around and started walking towards her.

She laughed and pushed her hair behind her ears. "They did, but he wont be joining us." She smiled when he laughed and grabbed her arm tight. "Welcome back." She laughed alittle pulling away from him. "Ringo, go guard the door Harley and myself have some things to discus." Ringo nodded and made his was towards the door.

Her eyes followed him until he was off the roof and through the door. When it closed there eyes made contact instantly. Something wasn't right and he knew it. Quickly his hands reached to her neck and slung her across the gravel. "You let him take you didn't you!" He hissed at her stalking quickly in her direction.

Looking up at him she couldn't believe her ears. "How could you say that!" She screamed back. "Then explain how he got you so damn easy Harleen!" He was right above her now looking down on her like she was his pray. "Well for starters he beat my ass and knocked me unconscious!" She retorted. "Why did you let him even get to you! You could have hidden and called me!"

"Hahaha!" She laughed loud. "Alright and where was I supposed to hide! Have you see the guy!" Quickly he dropped down over her his face just inches from her own. "What did you tell them."

That was it, without thinking she pulled the gun from her hip and pressed the tip of the barrel at the base of his neck. "I didn't say a word." Tears slowly made there way down her cheeks. He laughed. "You don't have the guts baby." She laughed in his face. "Oh but I do 'baby'." She pressed the barrel deeper into his flesh.

Before she knew what happened he had both hands around her neck squeezing tightly. "You fucking two timing Bitch!" She hissed at her. Slowly the corners of Harley's view started to blur and before she could stop it her hand slowly slipped and before it landed next to her she pulled the trigger. Then a loud crash echoed around them before darkness consumed her mind.

"Let her go Joker." Quickly he looked over his shoulder to see Batman standing a few feet from them. Quickly grabbing the fallen gun he places it to Harley's forehead. "I'll blow her pretty little brains all over the place if you come any closer."

"I can't let you do that." His deep voice rang out as he neared them. "Im not going to allow you to take two more lives that I can prevent."

Mid laugh he stopped. "What do you mean two?" Batman stepped closer to the mad man before speaking again. "Why do you think she was cooperative with them so easily? She has learned from the best when it comes to being selfish. She wouldn't help them unless they released her afterward."

Joker laughed. "I know she was a two faced little bitch." Batman stopped inches from him. "She also made them promise that nothing would happen to you. If something did she would go back on her word and let you destroy Arkham." Joker blinked looked down on Harley then back up to Batman. "You still didn't answer my question. Why did you say two?" Slowly he rose from his kneeling positing to face the masked man.

"Because Harley is pregnant." Emotions flooded Joker system but only one seemed to take over his body. Anger. Quickly he leaped at Batman bring him hard to the ground before beating him as hard as he could in the face repeatedly. Batman tried to break free from the madman, kicking him off before standing and grabbing the back of his neck and throughing him back to the ground.

Joker laughed and carried on as Batman tossed him around like he was nothing. Then yelling filled the air around them as police officers busted down the door to the roof and started running towards the to fighting men. Dropping Joker Batman quickly ran and jumped from the building leaving Joker alone with the GCPD.


His eyes quickly shot open when he heard the sound of heavy foot steps followed by softer ones. Swiftly he rose from his cot and walked to the plate glass door of the Arkham holding cell.

A large guard walked past his cell followed by a small blond who walked slowly past smiling at him and she ran her fingers across the glass that separated them. Giggling when she reached then end of his cell she looked back and blew him a kiss.

Laughing out loud Joker walked back over the the cot and sat. He started pondering the ways he would kill Harley Quinn when he found her. Smiling to himself he sat.

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