A drabble fic, I think. I'm not really good at those. I tried, and here it is. Tell me if I failed. Anyway, this is for every reader of my pending stories. I want to apologize for not posting chapters, but school's giving me a hard time, and I can only come up with one-shots and the like nowadays. Hope you can extend your patience. Read and review. :)

The exchange was silent. Words weren't needed to express what they wanted to say to each other. When amber and gold met, both knew it was time. The reaction was automatic; one emotionless, one heartfelt.

The red haired girl let the tears flow, yet behind those dark shadows was the happiness and sense of being for proud for the man she really loves. She didn't want to pull him away from his dreams. He's more of an eagle, one that watches from heights, and that flies majestically at the skies.

The two closed the distance between them. Wrapped in a warm embrace, they exchanged a wordless connection. She sobbed, he patted her.

"I love you." He whispered, then let go of her.

It's really intriguing to know why this eight-lettered, three worded sentence sounded goodbye. No one could comprehend, all except one.

Hino Kahoko knows how goodbye really is.

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