The air between us thrummed with unspoken declarations of love. When our lips touched the white noise suddenly cut out, the dissonance resolved, and all that was left was our lips, bumping hesitantly, shyly, adoringly. My heart felt so full I thought it would overflow and all I could do was gaze up at him. I could sense the feeling rising up, up, from my chest and around, lifting my eyes and lips. Edward's deliciously heady smell was everywhere, on my lips, on my tongue... I loved him. It was then I knew exactly what love was, and this was it. The way I fit onto his lap, the way he held me close. This wasn't obsession, this wasn't dominance or submission, this was Edward and myself. Edward. I could say his name all day if I wanted to. The way the arched tongue twice touches the roof of the mouth; the way the lips softly pucker. Even saying his name was like a kiss.

I love him.