The way it should be.

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"No!" He yelled load and clear. "I will not be and puppet or a cowering minion."

He glared at the man in his early twenties. The man's eyes had yet to change into there future red color.

"I do not want any part in this war." He declared.

To much war had been in his past…or should he say his future? He looked like nothing more then a child and that was because he was, in this world. The gods must hate him to take him back in time. Couldn't he be normal for once in his life?

His eyes found the silvery eyes of the teen who had been the father to his rival. Again self pity struck, why, why him? The one man he hated almost more then the Dark Lord had been one of the friendliest people he met in this time.

Those silvery eyes glared at him with hate, he couldn't help but wince. 'Why? This wasn't supposed to happen. Damn it why?' He thought.

He looked away, it didn't matter he couldn't love. He wasn't supposed to love anyone. His eyes found the teen again, his long blond hair and beautiful silver eyes he looked like an angel or a devil. He hadn't decided which one yet.

"I have no intention of getting involved." He said while looking at into the silver eyes. He watched as the blond women step closer to the teen. Yes this was how it was supposed to be. He wasn't supposed to exist.

The green eyes of the Dark Lord watched him closely. He did not like the attention the young black haired wizard gave the young Malfoy but that didn't matter all that matter was getting the young figure that stood before him with such pride into his bed.

The Dark Lord would not let this young wizard leave. No he would keep him. The young teen had said he wanted nothing to do with the war so he wouldn't but he wouldn't fall into Dumbles hands ether. With a quick nod of his head and the closest follower shot a nock out spell towards the boy. The boy dodged it but the Lord shot his own spell to the place the boy moved hitting him square in the back. The boy was his.

The Malfoy heir pulled away from his future wife and ran to the fallen boy. The Dark Lord had to hold himself back so he didn't kill the blond teen for touching what was his.

"Bring the boy here Young Malfoy." He commanded.

The teen did as he was told and the Dark Lord crataled the sleeping teen in his arms.

"My Lord what will you do with him?" Lucius asked.

"He will have no part in the war as he wishes." The Dark Lord answered. "He will belong to me, to protect and take care of. No one will harm him or touch him. No one will allow him to leave this place with out my permission or will that person will receive a harsher punishment then normal."

The Dark Lord stood up to show that everyone was dismissed and he left the room with the small teen in his arms, a teen that wouldn't be seen again for many weeks to come.