The Blade

This poem is for those who want to give up for self harm but are having problems. It says about how it soothes the pain but does more damage. It all comes down to you on the whole though.

The blade will stop the bullies,

The bade will stop my parents,

The blade will start letting me see my own true beauty.

The blade will cry for me,

The blade will take the pain away,

The blade will take away everything bad leaving only the good.

The blade will always be there,

The blade will always let me carry on,

The blade will be the only thing that gives me hope.

The blade will never do any of this.

You are the person, who can truly cry not the blade,

You must tell someone about the bullies.

There will be change, it will stop, and the change will be for the better

The blade will take the pain away for a while

Then give even more back to you

Tell someone about your parents.

It will change, it will stop, it will be better.

The blade will never let you see your own beauty.

Only you can do that

Only you can change everything.

So how about you change that?

You could start by putting the blade down.

The Eyes

This is for people with self esteem issues. I have this majorly I keep trying to believeā€¦.it's harder then it looks.

Through Your Eyes

Through your eyes you see yourself as a failure,

You see yourself trying but nothing happening.

You see no one care's for you

You see only you care about yourself

You see that change suddenly too.

You see that you are useless and would be better of dead.

So be it you start to say.

Through Everyone Else's Eyes

Through our eyes you are a true winner,

You try and try never giving up and always trying honestly.

We see you both internally and externally beautiful,

Everyone cares about you for you contribution to society.

You do have a place and you may just need to find it

But we are calling, I an calling I'm right behind your amazing self/

The changes I see around me I despise.

You suddenly stop trying and lead to failure but I still want you to be my side.

I want to be y your side before it's too late.