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Neji X Tenten

It had been a long day at work as the not so young Hyuuga prodigy walked home. He couldn't wait to see what Tenten was making for dinner and to inform (aka whine to her) about how uneducated everyone seemed at work today. Usually if he had one of those days he could go talk to Shikamaru or maybe have a muffin with Sasuke but it seemed today that fate was against him as Shikamaru was taking vacation for his new baby and Sasuke was on a mission. Damn he really couldn't wait to talk (whine) to Tenten now, she usually understood and would always tell him what he was already thinking: that he was right and everyone else was just being dumb. As he walked inside the rather roomy two story house he heard peels of laughter, and joy.

"Dads home!!" A little voice rang out and then you could here four sets of feet running from all different directions down the stairs, down the hall, from the kitchen and through the back door until four children came to a halting stop right in front of the 28 yr. old Hyuuga. They were all different ages and heights with dark brown hair and strong physics their eyes were a mix matched of colors as some bore the Hyuuga trademark of white eyes and others had beautiful big brown eyes. They were all girls too, the oldest Lita was ten now and she had the biggest brown eyes with long lashes one bat at a boy with those and he would be drooling waterfalls. The next oldest was Henie and she was nine and she wouldn't let you forget it either she had the determination of her mom and the sense that she was always right from her dad along with the trademark Hyuuga eyes. The second to last was Kyra she was a sweetheart at six and can carry on in an intelligent conversation better then Naturo can, she too had the trademark eyes of the Hyuuga but doesn't seem to be so proud and superior with them like Henie does. The last but not least Nyla was four and she was a bundle of joy always running around and laughing giving flowers to people she liked that day, (she gave most of them to Sasuke who took them graciously and is now keeping them in a small box on his desk at work.) She also has big brown eyes but they have little spots of green in them, which Neji and Tenten contributed to the fact that Tenten's father had green eyes. They all were smiling brightly at there dad checking to see what kind of mood he was in today. He flicked his head in a manner that sent them all laughing and giggling jumping onto his legs and arms and taking his bag to carry themselves.

"Daddyyyy!!!!" He looked down at a particularly happy Nyla who was currently wrapped around his leg and riding it as he walked down the hall.

"What is it Ny?" He said helping Lita and Henie in their dutiful job as to take care of his briefcase.

"I lost a tooth today!" She said smiling real big so Neji could see a hole right in the middle of her little pearly whites. He helped the three other girls in there determination to help their dad and then they took off to go do something he didn't even know what. He bent down and pulled the little four year old off his leg and looked at her toothless smile closer.

"You sure did there goes another one, you pulled this one out too?" Nyla shook her head and squinted with a sour look on her face.

"No! Mommy pulled it out and it hurt really bad." She frowned as she remembered the painful memory. They both heard a chuckle down the hall near the kitchen door and there Tenten was in an apron that was tied very loosely around her huge stomach.

"I'm sorry Ny but in my defense it was hurting you more just dangling there." She had a cutting knife in her hand and was continuing to chuckle as Nyla changed her frown into that big smile which was now showing about four missing teeth in it. Neji put her down and told her to go play with her sisters. He walked over to Tenten and kissed her softly on the mouth, touching her belly and feeling the baby kick.

"Ten, it seems like you get bigger everyday and its almost delivery time." He said looking down at the stomach that was twice the size of a normal one.

"Believe me I know, my back has been killing me." She said as she reached for a knife and proceeded to cut vegetables in a very fast timely motion. She had gotten done in no time flat, before she turned around.

"Neji you know right now I would really like to get my old body back, the one that could spin on a dime, jump twenty feet in the air, throw kunai correctly, could take a hit, and run faster then a turtle." Neji smiled at her humor but knew she was itching to get out and play with her weapons again.

"Well when the baby is old enough we'll have Lee baby-sit them or something and we'll go train together just the two of us." she sighed and smiled at him as she stirred something in a pot on the stove.

"it's a date, I'll hold you to that one."

"And I'm waiting for you to." She came over and looked him in the eyes.

"So something happened at work today, I can see it in your eyes." He smiled at her she always knew what was going on even without it going on.

"I'll tell you after dinner when were alone and you can relax." She knew she married the right man, he was always so thoughtful and kind well if you didn't take it as pig-headed, selfishness. They called the girls in to set the table and help get dinner ready. Setting the table resulted in Lita and Henie getting into a fight about where the napkins go and which side the fork goes on.

"I told you Henie forks go on the right side!" Said Lita in a huff Henie was standing there with her arms folded.

"Umm no Lita you're way wrong I believe that it goes on the left side, but its ok you didn't go in the advanced class like I did." She said this in a very cool almost condescending manner. Lita may not be as much of a genius as Henie but she was strong, and the ten year old had had enough of her little sister being a know it all. Tenten and Neji were currently dishing food into moveable containers to hand to Kyra and Nyla when they heard an audible smack from the dining room. They both looked at each other sighed and walked into the dining room Kyra and Nyla trailing behind them focusing on not spilling the food. Henie was currently holding both hands over her nose eyes wide while Lita had a very smug look on her face pleased with the work she had done. Neji and Tenten had told the two younger girls to put the food on the table and wait for them to eat, as Tenten grabbed Henie and took her to the kitchen to look at her nose. While Neji took Lita to the hall to find out what happened. Lita was most like Tenten and Henie was most like Neji so the married couple decided that they would take the other one since they themselves had already dealt with a pig-headed/short tempered person. Tenten set Henie on the counter even though she was 9-months pregnant and proceeded to get a rag wet.

"Take your hands off your nose Henie." She said calmly as the young Hyuuga still had the same expression on her face. She slowly let down her hands and exposed a bloody nose and watery eyes. Tenten cleaned it away softly and put a bandage on it to keep its shape so as not to have a crooked nose later. It wasn't broken but was very close anymore pressure and Lita would have had it.

"So what exactly happened in there?" Tenten said looking at her next oldest daughter in the eyes. She could see the same resentment in the girl's eyes as she saw in a certain boy's years ago.

"Well, Lita thought forks go on the right side so I told her she was way wrong and that she would probably get it right if she had been in my advanced class." She said looking at her mother in the eyes, seriously.

"Well, do you think that maybe you hurt her feelings?"

"I was just saying the truth."

"Yes but you implied she was stupid just because she happened to not be in the advanced class." Henie started to look everywhere but her mom every once in awhile.

"She still shouldn't have gotten so offended about it."

"Honey you need to start phrasing your words better, you seem like a stuck up know it all."

"I don't mean to be I just want people to know that their wrong." Tenten sighed they were going to have to work on this.

"Ok well do it in a more loving manner please." Henie nodded at her mom's request, Tenten pulled her off the counter and told her to go sit at the dinner table while Neji came into the kitchen with Lita who apologized and they all went to go eat.

After dinner and all the girls had gone to bed Neji and Tenten laid on their couch and rested.

"So what was it that you needed to tell me?" Tenten said looking up at her husband she was laying in his lap while he played with her bangs.

"I just had a stressful day at work today."

"hmm Sasuke and Shikamaru were gone weren't they." She said thoughtfully, Neji nodded.

"Well spill." Neji then proceeded to then tell her that Naruto was just being immature and Kiba was being an imbecile and how he didn't know how their wives put up with them. Tenten replied with sleepy 'oh yeahs?' and 'mmhmms' with the occasional 'you're always right honey'. Neji kept talking and playing with his wife's bangs until the responses stopped and he looked down at the pregnant sleeping Tenten; she had a small smile on her face like she thought something was completely ridiculous but still stuck around with it anyways. He sighed and slowly got up so as not to wake her then he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. My god she was heavy, it felt like he was carrying three people, good thing she wasn't awake right now.

The next day Neji had gotten up and took a shower and was eating oatmeal and drinking coffee with Tenten.

"Tenten you know I was thinking last night I would really like to have a boy this time." She smiled

"It's one I can just feel it, it has a different feeling then the girls had." He nodded. He had gotten up to go get the paper and when he got back he found Tenten in the kitchen breathing irregularly. When he walked in with a question on his face she just smirked.

"Did you want to have the baby here or at the hospital?"

"Here would be great then we wouldn't have to pay hospital bills." She chuckled and thought she should've known.

"Then call Sakura and wake the girls here comes your boy Hyuuga." Neji's eyes almost popped out of his head he guided Tenten to their bed and had ripped everything off of it except for the white sheet they had.

He then made sure to wake the girls and call Sakura and Hinata and anyone he could think of.

Sakura came through the door of the Hyuuga's like it was her own house she went straight for their bedroom where she found a sweaty Tenten and a frantic Neji, Hinata was already there and watching the girls with Naruto.

"Hey Sakura." Tenten said in a happy voice smiling. She was relatively calm because she had done this before.

"How far apart are the contractions?"

"About three minutes." Neji said holding Tenten's hand and making sure she was ok every five seconds she assured him she was fine nothing she hasn't done before. Sakura set to work and they were beginning labor in no time.

"Ok Tenten here comes another one push." Tenten sat up and gasped pushing, her face red and flushed then relaxed back onto her pillow. They heard a cry and Sakura held up a brand new baby boy.


"You have your boy Neji." Tenten said in a tired smile. He held the baby and looked at the brown eyed boy.

"Do you want to hold him?" Tenten nodded and was about to take the baby when Sakura cut in.

"Not yet mom, there's another one on the way." Neji and Tenten blinked in confusion then looked at each other with wide eyes. Neji held out his hand and Tenten took it before another contraction came. Neji was actually smiling as they heard a second cry come from Sakura's arms.

"Another boy!!" She also handed him to Neji so he had a baby in each arm, he looked down at both small boys and saw one was brown eyed and the other had pearly white eyes. He just looked in disbelief. He handed them to Tenten who was beaming at her beautiful boys. Neji sat down on the bed next to her and took one of the babies. They both looked at each other and Tenten just started to laugh when she saw Neji's face.

"How did I not know?" She said happily.

"I have no idea but I feel extremely lucky." She nodded before looking at both boys again. Then the door opened and the four girls came in and hopped on the bed. Their eyes wide and their smiles even wider.

"Wow, they're beautiful boys." Lita said softly.

"He has the Hyuuga eyes." was Henie's comment.

"They are so small." said Kyra with a thoughtful smile.

"Babies!!" Nyla said excited to see some for herself.

Neji and Tenten both looked at all six of their children and beamed (well Neji allowed a small smile on his lips.) Tenten started to laugh and cry again and Neji just chuckled, the girls busted out into fits of laughter too not really sure why but they just loved to laugh, both of the babies were studying all the laughing faces around them with wide eyes, they looked as though they were going to cry again. Everyone saw this and stopped and/or clapped their hands on the laughing 4 yr old next to them. Then what happened next astonished them all and sent Tenten into another round of happy tears. The babies laughed very small and smiled. The girls went totally wide eyed, even Nyla stopped fighting the hand that covered her mouth.

"We love you little ones." Tenten said with a smile on her mouth.

"Yes we do my sons." Neji said peering down at them the babies seemed to keep their smiles as they looked at the family members.

"I love you too!"

"You know I do."

"Me too, you little cuties!!"

"I love you babies!!" Tenten smiled at all of her children delighted how it went from four to six in one birth.

Neji kissed Tenten softly on the lips and she laid her head on his shoulder. And the family talked until everyone got there to say hello to the two new Hyuuga kids.


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