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Disclaimer I don't own code geass if I did I would have a better ending then they did

A/n I've wanted to write a code geass story for a long time I thought about it and when I saw the ending of it I thought it how it sucked that lelouch dies so I made this story read the summary below

Summary what if Shirley and euphemia lived instead of died what if they both joined lelouch and the black knights to take over Britannia

I know that euphemia died before Shirley but I made it that she doesn't die so right now she's alive and is with suzaku I will put how she lived

So please enjoy the story

At the toward

Rolo stops Shirley with his geass from going to find lelouch he grabs a gun from his inside pocket

Lelouch doesn't need anyone he has me and that's all he needs with that I cant have you around he shoots her with the gun aiming for the vital areas he then stops using his geass and sees her fall to the ground he puts the gun back inside of his pocket he goes up to her and sees that she isn't moving thinking that she's dead he leaves the toward

Minutes later

Lelouch runs and runs trying to get to Shirley he opens the door in shock to see her on the ground in a pool of her own blood he runs toward her he fails to his knees picks up her head up pulling her close to him thinking that she's dead until he hears a soft wispier of her voice he looked down to see her eyes open its alright lulu I think I'll live the bullets missed the vital areas but I think I need to get to a hospital trying to laugh but cant

Lulu I wanted to tell you that I for give you for killing my father I also want to tell you I love you I have for a long now I just wanted to tell you how I feel I don't care if your zero I want to help (coughing up blood) I want to help you take over Britannia and bring the japans togetor for world peace I want to help you bring a new world by destroying the other.

Well talk about this later first we need to get you to a hospital picking her up bridal style running down the stairs while running she coughs up more blood all over his clothes they get down to the bottom lelouchs sees a ambulance

Hey I need some help over here my friend need help he shouted

The crew hear him they bring a stretcher lelouch puts her on it then they take in the ambulance and take her to the hospital lelouch stands there seeing it leave with the blood still on his clothes just then kururugi goes up to him worried about him and Shirley

Is she alright was she badly injured he asked worried

Ya she alright I got to her just in time to I ask the doctors they said that shell live thank god

I'll check up on her later on today but for now I need to change out of the clothes first lelouch says

Ok then I'll see to tomorrow then later kururugi says then leaves

While lelouch is walking home to get changed he thinks

Lelouch thoughts – I wonder if I should let her join she knows im zero and I already erased her memory once I cant use my geass on her plu7s she said she loves me what can I tell her ill have to think about this I've killed her father too I think I should let her join she can help me with my school absents and with my plans with the school becoming the home base for us to

He gets to the mansion he changes out of the bloodily clothes and puts new cloths on he gets his phone and gun and goes to the hospital to tell Shirley that he she can join the black knights

A few hours later at the hospital

Shirley's consensus after the attack she wanted to know why Rolo shot her was she a threat to him in some way she wanted to talk to lelouch about her joining him she laid there think how much her life was going to change she wondered if she could handle it she knew there would be hard times were she couldn't call him lulu and times were she calls him zero just then lelouch goes into the hospital room she steers at him and he steers at her she didn't say a word jut then lulu goes up to her grabs a chair puts it close to her then grabs her hand and kisses it

Shirley im sorry for what happened I didn't mean to do it was the biggest mistake that I have done to you im sorry that I killed you father im sorry that you got shot I didn't mean for you to get hurt how can you ever forgive the only reason I made the black knight was for my little sister she told me that she wanted a world with out war or killing but ive done the opposite ive killed a lot of people and ive stared a war how can you love a man who done so many sinful thing in his life almost starting to cry on the hospital bed

Just then Shirley slaps him he's shock that she slapped him look lulu I know I bet its hard to live with so sins in your live I already forgave you for killing him I know you didn't mean it im sorry that I shot you in the arm back then and im sorry that I let you take the blame for it can you forgive me that's I want to help I really think that there can be a world without war and killing like I said earlier I think that the Britannia and Japanese can become one so will you let me join you I will do what ever you say I can help you so please what do you say

Lelouch was stunned he looked in her eyes and saw no hesataintion al no he saw noting but the honest truth about her joining so he gave her an answer

Ok then you can join but there are a few conditions ok but before he could finish his sentence he jumped on him and hug him he fell on the ground then there eyes meet both blushing like crazy just when there lips were going to touch just the class preze and the rest of the student council come in the room to see Shirley in a hospital gown on top of lelouch almost kissing

Did we come at a bad time lelouch and Shirley I think we should have called first am I right you two suzaku said coming into the room the rest of the student conceal tryed to take pictures for black mail

Lelouch got Shirley off of him and put her back on the hospital bed all that time they were talking to Shirley asking what happened is she ok or does she need anything after about 3 hours there it was time for them to leave just when lelouch was going to leave Shirley tired to ask lelouch if he would stay with her at the hospital just when he was one step away from the door Shirley said in a medium voice hummm lulu do you think that you could stay with me tonight I don't think ill get much sleep tonight lelouch looked at her he knew she wanted to know about him and is self as zero so since he would have all night to tell her the plans he decide to stay because he wanted to know she got shot he knew it was geass but he didn't know who though

After about an a hour lelouch got permission by using his geass on the nurse to let him stay with her all night

Well ok then I can stay now I want to know what happened to you what were you doing over there and how you got shot

After about half an hour

She told him the story of how she was looking for him and wanted to join him that's when she told him that she bumped into Rolo just then lelouch thought about it had to be him who shot her he thought about how when he leaves the hospital Rolo wont be alive for his next meal he was going to kill him personally with his own two hand how dare he one of his persous friends

So what now lulu what can I do with you and the black knights I will follow your orders to the t

Well Shirley I was thinking about this how about you become zeros mistress you will be second in command when im not there but you have to call me zero when im in costume but call me lulu when im at school we will have to get you a costume because we cant have them recognized you and you can come up with a nickname for zero just incase you don't want to call me zero to the only ones who will know our indentations we be kallen from school and c.2 the immortal witch that's all we have to keep this a secret from suzaku he's with the Britannia's we cant trust him yet and as Rolo what kind of pushiest can we give him I think ill leave that to you Shirley

Well ok then Shirley when I get out of here well find a costume and find rolo and as Britannia what are the plans now

Well for right now there is a feasible so well go there like a date blushing like crazy then well look for a costume for you then find Rolo ok but first you need to get some rest then well talk tomorrow about it and with that lelouch puts two chair togetor as a bed and kisses Sheryl on the forehead and goes to sleep

As for Shirley she can't wait until she gets out her and lulu go on there first date get her a costume find Rolo and help destroyed this world and make a new one she thought about the many thing her and her lulu would be doing in the near future and goes to sleep with good dreams

End of chapter 1

A/n ok like I said earlier I know that euphemia died before Shirley so like I said I will explain that in the up coming chapters and for the show its self I thought that he shouldn't have died because why kill the main character of the show I thought that Shirley and euphemia should have got with lelouch and suzaku and become the ruler of Britannia

So please enjoy the story and I will update soon maybe sooner then you think I have a lot of ideas for this fic but first I want to say that I will still continue to update moon eyed vs. cherry blossom re edited I am not done with it I am still think what I need to add to the chapter so ill update that soon and thx for reading