The Fair

Nero was waiting at the entrance to the fair grounds for his friend. Nero was about five foot eight, with short black hair with blue eyes. Nero was wearing gray shoes, white pants, a gray shirt, and a white long coat. Across Nero's back was a long spear for when he ran into monsters.

"Where is he?" Nero asked himself. Nero was pacing back and forth at the entrance of the fair.

"NERO!" a voice came from ahead of him. Nero looked ahead and saw a large man running towards him. This man was about six foot five, had short dark brown hair, black shoes, brown pants, black muscle shirt, and had a battle rod on his back.

"Albert, what took you so long?" Nero asked a little annoyed.

"Sorry man," Albert said with a smile, "some monsters slowed me down." Nero sighed.

"Some excuse that is," stated Nero with a smug tone, "monsters wouldn't slow you down that much." Albert laughed.

"You do have a point," Albert agreed with Nero, "but they did." Nero looked like he didn't care.

"That doesn't matter," Nero stated, "let's go enjoy the fair." Albert and Nero rushed to the fair and had a blast. They drank soda, tested their strength, heck they even fought a robot named Gato a few times.

"Hey," Nero and Albert overheard a conversation, "I heard that Lucca and her father have come up with another crazy invention."

"Yeah," stated another voice, "they are always trying to make new things."

"Let's go check that out," stated Nero. Albert nodded his head in agreement. Nero and Albert walked up the steps to find Lucca and her father.

"Hey Lucca," Albert greeted Lucca, "what's this invention suppose to do?" Lucca turned around really fast as if startled by a random animal.

"Nero, and Albert," Lucca said in a nervous tone, "what are you two doing here?" Nero and Albert looked stunned to hear that.

"Last time I checked," stated Nero, "we were friends. Do I have to check that out again?"

"This is no time for jokes," Lucca said in a harsh tone, "we have a situation here."

"What kind of situation?" asked Albert.

"The kind of situation that involves a person disappearing through a portal with Crono following her to rescue her," explained Lucca. Nero and Albert were at a loss of words.

"What are you talking about?" asked Nero.

"Just don't touch anything!" Lucca demanded her two friends. Feeling left out, Nero and Albert were in separate corners of the area feeling lonely. After a little while, a great big flash appeared. Nero and Albert looked and saw a strange portal appear between the two pods that Lucca made. Lucca then jumped into the portal and it closed almost immediately.

"What in the world just happened?" Albert asked in shock.

"I don't know," replied Nero, "but what are we suppose to do now?" No sooner did Nero asked that, the portal reappeared and three people emerged from it: Crono, Lucca, and a girl that neither Nero or Albert have seen before.

"We're back," Crono stated with a small shock in his voice.

"Crono," Albert and Nero said at the same time. Crono looked at his two friends and smiled.

"Nero, Albert, it's good to see you guy's again."

"What are you talking about?" asked Albert, "it hasn't been that long since we saw each other."

"It's been longer for me," stated Crono, "but Lucca can fill you in. I have to escort Marle here back home." Nero and Albert looked at the girl Crono called Marle. She had blonde hair, and wearing light blue shoes, pants, and tank top. Then Crono and Marle left. Nero and Albert followed Lucca to her house. There, she explained everything that happened: traveling to the past, changing history so that it didn't change, meeting a strange frog that could talk named Frog, meeting the king and queen, and their return trip.

"All of that happened in the short time that you were gone?" Albert asked.

"Time traveling can be very confusing," stated Lucca, "after all, we were in the past, so things that happened in the past are already done. So, appearing in an instant after many events that happened in the past or the future can easily be done." Nero and Albert started to rub their heads.

"You are hurting our brains, girl," stated Albert, "we need something that makes sense." All of a sudden, Lucca's father came rushing into the house and very short on breath.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Lucca asked with concern in her voice.

"Your friend, Crono, has been condemned to death for kidnapping the princess," Lucca's father explained quickly.

"eh?" Nero said with a very confused tone.

"I asked for something that makes sense," Albert stated with a frustrated tone, "and I get Crono being condemned as a criminal for a crime that he didn't why in the world am I complaining about this? Let's go bust him out of jail then." Albert stood up and grabbed his battle rod off of his back.

"Now, that makes sense," Nero said as he took his spear off of his back. Lucca sighed as she took out a gun and nodded her head.


So, Crono is a criminal for a crime that he didn't do.

Nero, Albert, and Lucca have to bust him out of jail by sneaking into the castle and possibly having to fight guards.

Sounds like a fun party.

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