911 Alert!

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Natasia: Whoo shortest prolouge ever!

Asuna: I'll say!

Setsuna: This one looks to be interesting.

Konoka: Sure does!

Natasia: On with the chapter!!


One normal and typical day, Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki were running an errand for their teacher, Negi Springfield.

"Secchan come on, we need to go to the super market for Negi-Kun!" Said an eager Konoka. Setsuna, though usually vigilant and energized, was off her game today and was just trying to keep up with the Konoe princess. "Ojou-Sama hold on, you shouldn't run off like that!"

As Setsuna ran after the young heiress, danger was brewing else where. A group of demons had conjugated out of range from the demon tracker at the school. The demons' plans were very simple. Capture Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki. Konoka's magic and Setsuna's demon spirit and powers were the perfect energy to resurrect their fallen master, Ieprahs Xim.

Konoka probably wouldn't be so hard to capture if she wasn't always with Setsuna. Setsuna was also a big problem for them to handle. But they planned ahead for this and hired another Shinmeiryu student, one whom Setsuna was very familiar with, Tsukuyomi.

Ieprahs Xim's right hand man, Dreeb Harth was in charge of the operation, but would things go well?

Natasia: Well there you have the shortest prolouge ever!

Setsuna: Yes indeed.

Konoka: But it was still fun!

Asuna: For you ya.

Natasia: Well this is Natasia Tokado...

Setsuna: Setsuna Sakurazaki...

Konoka: Konoka Konoe...

Asuna: And Asuna Kagurazaka signing off!