Alice POV

You would think being almost 100 years old, and looking like a youthful 17 year old would have its perks. Yet here I sat, not my usually bubbly, upbeat self; only one word could cause this. Matriculation. Again.

We would be starting off again as the illusive, and inhumanly beautiful Cullen's. Nevertheless I had foreseen we would be moving to Forks, where me, Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie, would be enrolled in Forks High School, by our parents Carlisle and Esme.

Forks would be perfect. The Olympic peninsula exist under a near constant cloud of clouds and rain.

School would be the same as always: Same teachers, same classrooms, same people avoiding us. Human instinct told the to stay away; though once every couple of years, there would be one, one that would try to get close, and what there natural instincts didn't tell them, my brothers soon did, however I usually predicted when this would happen, and the matriculation would start again.

The lush green of the forest called to me. I whirled around and set my sights on a mountain lion. I breathed in the moist air, and watched and waited till all was silent, I was crouching in position about to make my move when, I zone out, no I say gritting my teeth as Emmett jumps out and scares the lion away. I shake my head in disapproval, and he smiles.

I laugh silently, I have a good feeling about this place, forks would be good. Forks.

Bella POV

Two months had passed since I had arrived in forks; my initial thoughts had not changed, and though the students were nice, and I had made some ok friends, I still couldn't get comfortable. Comfortable would be knowing that I was staying. It would be to definite. Instead I would think of my life in Phoenix, the warm sun casting shadows across my face as I lay in the grass. I liked the grass in phoenix, I liked to run through it with my shoes off, or lie on it as it tickled my face, when a light breeze came by-. I was broken from my concentration when Jessica nudged me.

"Did you hear?" she shrieked excitedly.

I sighed "What! What Jess?" Though Jessica was a nice girl, I only really put up with her for Angela's sake; I liked Angela, she reminded me of my mother at times. Very Perceptive.

"Were you not listening to a word I said" she glared as she said that.

She was expecting a reply, I stared at her absentmindedly knowing she would continue when she was ready.

"There are new people joining here. Three guys" she shrieked elatedly "and two girls. There called the Cullen's" she added dully.

Though I had not been interested in the beginning, this news did wake me up out of the tiresome world that was Forks. "So… Im not the newbie anymore…?" I wanted to jump up and shout, but I was scared that I had somehow misinterpreted what she had said.

"Course silly" she replied before turning round to Mike and smiling at him. I could tell she was trying to be seductive, but Mike looked Alarmed.

I settled for the idea that Monday would bring new faces, and hoped this would take the heat off me, that had started from the day I had walked through these walls. I Grinned widely, until I noticed the looks I was getting ,and instead settled for letting a light smile play around my lips at what the uh - Cullen's had in store for them