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Summary: Piper, Paige, and Pheobe continue their journey as the Charmed Ones when a new threat rises from the ashes of the Underworld. With the return of a unexpected ally and a series events that all lead to a castohpric ending leaves you wanting for more!

P.s- Again, this is a first chapter, they are usually slow. Hopefully the other chapters will be more exciting, I promise you!


The Complete Ninth Season

Chapter 1

"A Charmed Awakening Pt I"

Piper swept the dust off the hardwood floors of the Manor. It has been three months after the battle between Christy and the Charmed ones and many things had changed. For one, P3 had been a great success over the summer. Piper was looking into expanding the club to different locations throughout America. It was her dream to open her own restaurant and was making enough money to lead down that path. For the time being, she had to save her earnings for Wyatt's and Chris's futures.

Wyatt was getting older everyday and that was scaring Piper. What would she do when her little babies weren't her little babies anymore and they are grown men? Wyatt was off the demon radar for a long time now. It made Piper believe that the Underworld was dormant. She was proud to be the mother of the prophesied twice-blessed child, heir to Excalibur, and the first male born to a Halliwell, possessesing a multitude of amazing powers, both witch and White lighter.

For Leo, everything was going well. He had just received a job at the Magic school as the new Head Master. All summer long he had been planning to get ready for his first day of teaching next semester. Leo hadn't been in contact with the Elders for a long time. Once in blue moon they would pop-in to see what was going on in their lives since Piper made it clear that they were not welcome.

She bent down to finish off the floor when Paige walked into the Manor from the front door. Paige and Henry announced about two months ago that she was pregnant. Piper had a celebration party that was followed by another long clean-up after Phoebe got a little too drunk and threw-up all over the rug. Meanwhile, Henry got promoted at his job and now is the head of the police. Henry is now attending law school and wants to become the District Attorney.

"Wow, you actually used the front door, I'm very proud" said Piper, sweeping constantly. Paige smirked and her cheeks turned a rosy pink. Paige stepped over Piper's dust pile that she had been slaving over all morning and flung her right arm, robbing the pile of dust away.

"You're welcome" Paige said giggling. Piper followed her half-sister into the kitchen. Paige seemed to be in a very cheery mood and Piper wanted to nose herself in.

"So tell me, what's with all the happiness, do share" question Piper, watering the ivy hanging from the ceiling above the kitchen window.

"What is there to share?" Paige challenged. "Can't a girl be happy?" Piper rolled her eyes.

"There's got be something that you did to make you happy. Did Henry buy you a gift?" Piper asked, following Paige to the fridge. She blushed once more.

"Okay I will tell you, but you may not brush a word of this to Phoebe. I used a spell to see the gender of my baby. I know there will be consequences for using a spell under personal gain but I am willing to suffer" explained Paige jumping with excitement. Paige paused for a long moment to set a dramatic wait and before she could say the gender Billie walked into the kitchen.

Over the course of three months, Billie had found new ways to connect to her inner witch. Just recently she contacted the Witch guides and went away from two weeks. It was tough at first for Billie to let the death of her parents and Christy settle but she knew she had to overcome to pain. She kept her blond hair and decided to grow it longer.

"Good morning ladies, I'm here to eat my bagel that's in the toaster and then I'm off to school" said Billie. Piper crossed her arms like Billie's mother use to do when Christy would break the rules.

"You're actually going to school this time" Piper sarcastically added. Billie smiled.

"I know, aren't you proud?" Billie teased.

"Very" Paige bit into a big juicy strawberry and made a bowl of cereal. Billie grabbed her bagel out of the toaster and walked out the door. Piper and Paige's conversation was once again interrupted when brilliant lights of blue and bright white flashed in the kitchen. Piper's husband stood before both witches and hugged her. Piper greeted her husband with a warm, welcoming kiss upon his cool lips.

"Hello there Head Master husband. Ou, I like that actually" said Piper. Paige agreed, nibbling on the cereal. Leo didn't even smile.

"Well I have some news from the Elders. They dropped by a couple of minutes ago when I was preparing my lessons. They said that we should expect the unexpected guest tonight. I don't know what that means but I would be on the lookout" suggested Leo, taking a strawberry. Paige rolled her eyes.

"Another demon, ugh, I need a break. There should be a rule like that in the book" Paige said. Piper smiled.

"It better not be another Slime demon. It took me three hours to clean out that emerald colored mess off my floor. I even had to take out the secret supply of cleaners and disinfectants from the basement. Wait, they aren't so secret anymore are they? Okay, someone shut me up" said Piper averting her eyes over to the plant she was watering. Paige opened the fridge and grabbed a jug of orange juice and consumed most of the container.

"Thirsty much?" teased Piper. Paige smiled, cleaning off whatever orange juice she had left on her mouth with her thin arm.

"I don't know, I got up this morning and desperately needed some juice. Glad to say that the need is fulfilled" she proclaimed. Piper caressed her lover's soft, tanned cheek.

"Do you have any more clues about this 'unexpected guest'?" asked Piper. Leo shrugged his shoulders.

"I can't think of anything that would come after us. The underworld has been dormant and empty for some time now. We still have to be on the lookout because the election for the new Source will come" said Leo.

"On that note, we should really check the book for any Slime demon thingy's" said Paige guiding her sister up the wooden stairs. Leo followed behind and felt a sudden strong presence around him. It felt like a cool breeze just caressed his shoulder every so lightly.

"Did you guys feel that?" asked Leo with curious eyes. Piper shrugged.

"Leo, what?"

"Nothing it was just a breeze" said Leo continuing up the stairs. Someone was watching.


Phoebe lay in bed beside her lover Coop. Over the summer, the two love birds got married and just came back from their honey moon. They went to the Bahamas' and had a great time. Phoebe didn't want to tell the sisters that she was back yet because she wanted to have alone time with her husband. Coop on the other hand had been pressuring Phoebe for a child. Ever since Coop became a Cupid, he wanted love and children of his own.

Phoebe gazed into Coop's eyes and smiled.

"Morning love" he said. Phoebe kissed his moist, ruby lips.

"I have to hungry bug" said Phoebe. "I wonder what my sisters are doing" Coop pulled up on his bare, muscular, tanned chest.

"You can see them if you want too, I'm not keeping you here" he suggested. Phoebe smiled.

"As much as I miss my sisters, I don't want to be in demon radar again" admitted Phoebe. Coop got up and got dressed.

"Come on, I'm going to take you to breakfast"

"Where?" she asked suddenly full of life and light.

"Secret, just get dressed" he said covering his expression.


The Elders walked around a massive caldron filled with sapphire water.

"It's almost time" said Elder Boyd. The others agreed except Gloria, who was a newly formed member of the Elders.

"I don't think she's ready for this. The Charmed ones have moved on" said Gloria. "I believe throwing her into their lives once again would seem pointless and only would cause chaos. Boyd refused to listen to her nagging.

"It is done" he shouted.

To be continued..........................

Okay, authors commentary. I love Charmed and I am so excited to be writing a Ninth season to the show I love so dearly. I hope you enjoy this chapter and tell me what you like and think about this chapter. I was going to write this in episode form, but there is too much to tell in only 22 episodes! I hope you enjoy and if I receive lots of comments and fans, I will for sure write a 10th season.