Title: Because of You
Pairing: McCoy/Kirk, hints of Scotty/OC
Rating: Currently T, but subject to change
Word Count: 1,881
Summary: What they never realized in their time together, was how much they really needed each other. It takes one fiery engineer, a devastated Engineering department, and an epidemic for them to fully understand what they truly mean to one another. McCoy/Kirk pairing, possibly smut later, I haven't decided since I suck at smut and have never written anything other then het!smut (and terribly bad smut at that)

That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
and you'll never go
Stop breathing if
I don't see you anymore

"Far Away" Nickelback

Bridge to Engineering. Chief Engineer Scott requested on the Bridge.

After a few minutes, a harangued looking Scotty stomped onto the bridge. "Twas in the middle of somethin' Jim, what tis it?" The senior officer grumbled, looking cross. The captain wisely stopped himself from grinning at what he knew was good-natured grumbling. "The stupid phase cannons are malfunctioning, and we were in the middle of takin' 'em apart. What is so godamn urgent?"

"Scotty, the mining station down there desperately needs an engineer to repair their life support system. I need you to go with the landing party, as they are particularly complicated due to the severe nature of the Class-H planet." The Chief Engineer began shaking his head as soon as he heard the words 'go with'. "I canno Cap'n. For those very reasons ye just told me. I have to stay onboard to ensure that everything stays properly outfitted in this harsh area, and due to the unusually high magnetic properties of the atmosphere, I have to be one hand to beam them down. Riley's a good transport chief, I'd jus feel more comfortable stayin' here. Unfortunately, one area Mel is severely lacking in is knowledge of the transporter room." He looked thoughtful. "Do ye trust Mel to handle the repairs? She's fully capable, as you're aware." The young woman had proven herself over the last couple of months, deftly handling any and all repairs, always around Scotty to assist him in anything.

Jim couldn't help but agree. "She's almost a mini you Scotty." The Scot guffawed, then restrained himself. "Good god man. That's an image I dinna need in my head of my kid sister." The captain looked interested. "Your sister? I didn't know you had any siblings." The officer shook his head. "I don't, but Mel might tas well be. 'er family moved in next door to us 2229, when I was seven, from England. She was three at the time. We grew up bes friends, even t'when I went off to Starfleet. She followed when she was old enough as well, actually she was in the Advanced Relativistic Mechanics class Admiral Archer was teaching." He grinned. "We all know how tha ended fer me, but Mel graduated second in her class." He looked proud as a father, which was probably more to the truth about what his feelings were regarding Melissa, Jim mused. Of course, he wasn't going to tell the crew this, because their speculations had been too amusing. And although the look in one of his senior officer's eyes was interesting when he saw the young Lieutenant, at the moment, he was too busy to play matchmaker.

"Regardless of all this. Mel'l go down with the landing party, unless ye'd prefer another." He looked expectantly at the captain, who couldn't help but grin. "Now, how would that look if I didn't have any faith in my assistant chief engineer Scotty? Of course Mel'l go with them. Report to the transporter room once you've informed your assistant of the need to acquire an exposure suit." The chief engineer nodded briskly, and strode off, calling for his assistant the moment he stepped off the lift. "MELISSA!"

She poked her head out from underneath the phase cannon assembly she was in the middle of inspecting. "What? I'm right here." He grumbled. "You're going down with away team." A panicked look crossed her face, then was gone. "Yer to repair the life support systems and generators for the minin' base. Get an exposure suit on an haul yer sorry ass down to the transporter bay." She nodded slowly, and darted off.

McCoy glanced up at the sound of heavy metal boots striking the floors, and watched as the assistant chief engineer proudly came into the room, carrying the heavy exposure suit helmet under her arm. Inwardly, he winced. He wasn't sure what it was about the female that bothered him so, but something about her he couldn't put his finger on. It wasn't something awful or bad that was bothering him about her, just… he really didn't even know how to put it. Just something. It was almost as if she was up to something.

Bones wanted to slap himself after that last thought. He was an advanced medical doctor, a surgeon for chrissakes, and the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S Enterprise. And all he could come up with was 'something'? And then proceed to severely overuse the word as well. Fat lot of good all his secondary education did him. She mounted the stairs to stand on a transporter pad beside himself, Chekov, and another medical staff member. "Let 'er rip Monty." It was odd hearing the engineer referred to as any named other then Scotty, and Monty didn't seem to fit the burly Scot. But it was obviously an affectionate term, as the two were close. The Scot snickered. "Dun do anything I would na do lass." She scoffed and flicked him the bird as they beamed out, sliding her helmet on and locking it into place at the last moment as they began to shimmer and break apart.

On the ground, Bones glanced out the broad viewing platform window to see the young engineer already striding towards the generators and life support systems within view around the side. Shaking his head, he turned and faced the miners. The other medical staff member and McCoy then proceeded to usher them a few at a time into their sickbay for examination.

Outside, Mel used one of the things that undid screws – she'd never really bothered to learn the proper names, preferring the ones she and Scotty had always jokingly used – and opened up the side panel of the generator. She clucked to herself. It was no wonder the generator was malfunctioning. The acidity and dust of the atmosphere had eaten through some of the crucial parts. She spoke into her wrist comm. "Scotty, can you beam me down a few things?" He gave an affirmative, and then asked what she needed. After providing him with a list, she rocked back on her heels and glanced curiously up towards the superstructure that towered over her. Mel wondered what the doctors, and Chekov, were doing inside.

She rolled her eyes. McCoy was so damn uptight. He and Kirk were tight, that much was obvious, but there was an underlying factor in that equation that intrigued her. Regardless, it really wasn't her place to pry, but she found it too amusing to do otherwise. James Kirk was a womanizing playboy, and that fact was quite well known around the Starfleet campus in San Francisco – many of the girls still giggled about him. But something in his eyes when he glanced at Bones hinted otherwise. But at the same time, McCoy seemed completely unruffled by it and almost oblivious to it.

And she was spending entirely too much time thinking about one Doctor McCoy and one Captain Kirk.

But they had a certain something that intrigued the woman. She'd have to research it more, but the could the two possibly be more? They were best friends, and every one knew that that sometimes morphed into more. Regardless. Now was not the time to debate it.

The supplies and parts she'd requested from the Enterprise appeared next to her, and the engineer got back to work. It only took her a little bit of time to repair the generator before she moved on to the life support system. It was slightly baffling to her why Kirk had informed Scotty that the generators were complicated. To her, they were comically simple compared to the systems of the Enterprise's warp engines. As she opened the panel on the life support, Mel fell backwards onto her butt with a start as something purple and fluttery burst out. What she didn't notice was the small yellow sludge that crept into and attached itself tightly to one of her tools inside the kit she'd brought with her.

She finished what she was doing rather quickly, and spoke quietly into the comm inside the helmet. She appeared a few moments later in the transporter bay, and made her way up to the bridge to report to the captain, hoisting the bag of tools over one shoulder.

"Captain, the miners' systems are repaired sir." Mel stood off to the front of the command chair, but Kirk wasn't focused on her at the moment. His gaze was very intently staring at the small windows denoting the status of the away team on the bottom of the main viewing screen. There were four currently there, but as she watched one of them, her own, disappeared due to her status as being back aboard. Kirk's eyes was lasered in on one specifically, that of Doctor McCoy. Melissa smiled to herself. "Captain?" Kirk shook himself almost comically. "I'm sorry Lieutenant. Bones just has a terrible track record on away missions. Can I help you?" She nodded. "Yes sir, I was just reporting that the life support systems and generators are now functioning at maximum capacity." He grinned broadly. "Good work Lieutenant."

Grumbling the entire way in about the unreliability of transporters, Bones entered the bridge. "I hate you sometimes Jim." He grumbled in a gruff voice, and the captain faced him with a small smile quirking at his lips. Jim leaned back in the captain's chair, steepling his fingers in front of his face. "And now why would that be dearest Bones of mine?" He teased. The doctor scowled at him. "There was no need for me to go down there, any of the doctors could have fulfilled what the miners needed." Jim snorted. "And wouldn't that have been insulting, not sending our chief medical officer? It's only polite."

Bones raised an eyebrow and sneered, before turning on his heel and storming off the bridge. Jim frowned. "Spock, you have the conn." He levered himself out of the captain's chair and went after his best friend, entering the lift behind him. "Bones…" The doctor raised an eyebrow. "What Jim?" He laughed softly. "Are you really okay? Just pissed at me, as usual?" Reluctantly, Bones nodded. "I'm fucking fine. I just hate that device you call a transporter. Machine of Death, now that would be a better name. How many times have we had issues with a malfunctioning one? Too many I say." Bones protested, and Jim could clearly hear the 'Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence' tone. He knew his friend far too well.

And wasn't that the thing. He apparently didn't know him well enough, or at least as well as he wanted to. Boundaries, boundaries. There were some lines Jim Kirk was unwilling to cross; some rules he was unwilling to break. Fucking your best friend was one of them. Bones had been his anchor for too long for him to let something as meaningless as sex get between them, regardless of whatever fantasies he might have when jerking off. Or other times. "..im?" He quickly jerked his eyes up to Bones', realizing he'd been staring at Bones' pulse point and not answering him. The doctor arched one of his eyebrows in the damnedly attractive fashion. "Are YOU okay?"

The answer to that, was decidedly subjective.

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