Shilo was completely exhausted when her head hit the fluffy down pillow. She let out a sigh and reveled in the comfort of an actual bed. Sure, she had slept in many beds over the past two weeks but none was as comforting and secure as this one. Odd, considering a maniac was just a few feet away, lying in his own bed.

Graverobber looked over at Shilo and realized that somehow she had fallen asleep in the past minute. Must be some sort of record, he thought before doing something totally unexpected. He rose from his bed and slowly walked over to hers. He looked down at her and caught himself smiling before cursing himself and that thing in his chest as he pulled the blanket over her cold, frail shoulders.

After "tucking her in" Graverobber stood by the window, looking out at the drastic world before him. It was a real messed up world out there. People were willing to kill, rape, and murder for an organ or a new face. The image of Pavi Largo flashed through his mind. The freak stapled new faces to his skull whenever he felt like it. A world like that was almost not worth living in.

But zydrate was his job, his occupation. He would be out on the streets if it wasn't for it and the money it brought it – or the other forms of payment it gave him. Graverobber allowed for a cruel smile to cross his lips at the thought of Amber. That bitch was something but she gave him just the high he needed – his own personal form of zydrate.

Pulling a few vials from his pocket, Graverobber held them up to the lights the windows were allowing through. The blue liquid shown magnificently – like something haunted. He would never admit it to anyone, but he had never had a shot of the liquid heavenly genetic heroin. Something about it, the desperation is caused, didn't seem worth it to him. He didn't want to be like the people he met everyday who lacked control and were willing to destroy lives for a single drop.

That was no life he wanted to be a part of. All he would do was sell it, give them their high, and move on. He tried not to concern himself with that fact that he was feeding addicts. It was just his job. He had to do his job.

A scream interrupted his thoughts and his head whipped around to see if the kid was alright.

She was tossing and turning, screaming and shouting. She kept screaming, "NO!" over and over again. The Graverobber cursed and walked over to her. He placed a hand on her shoulder and tried to shake her awake.

"Kid! Hey, kid! Kid, wake up!" As a last option, he resorted in whispering, "Shilo."

It was the first time he had spoken her name. It felt good, like warmed honey, upon his lips. Shilo.

As if by magic, she jerked awake, staring at him, her eyes wide.

"Don't…please don't hurt me!" She begged.

"Kid, it's alright. It's just me. I'm not going to hurt you. It was just a dream. That's all it was – just a dream."

Shilo's eyes widened and she shook her head with desperation, "No," she objected, "It wasn't a dream. It was real. It was completely real."

The Graverobber's brow creased with confusion, "Look, kid, you want me to go and pick you up something?"

"I don't want to be alone," Shilo said, her voice full of anxiety, "Please…stay."

The Graverobber let out a muffled string of profanities, "Fine," he sighed, "You um…want to talk about it?" He asked, trying to be as cooperative as he could.

"No," Shilo lied, "It's nothing."

"You sure about that, kid?" Graverobber asked, sitting on the edge of her bed, "Look, I know I am not the most personable person out there, but really, I will listen if you want to talk."

"It's alright, really," her lying was growing persistent, "I'm fine."

"Whatever," he finally gave in, "You sure you don't want me to go pick up something?"

"Yeah," Shilo nodded, "I'm sure. It's just such a…a nightmare out there, you know?" Shilo asked, her eyes darting to the window.

"I know," Graverobber answered earnestly.

"How did our world get to be so…"

"Fucked up?"

"Yeah," Shilo allowed for a small smile to spread across her lips.

"There's just some screwed up people out there, kid. You can't trust anyone."

"I can trust you though, right?" Shilo asked, her eyes locking on to his like magnets. The Graverobber tried to advert his, keep his out of her clasp, but he couldn't. He just stared at her with the same magnetic strength.

"Yeah kid, you can trust me," he answered, not quite sure himself if it was the truth or a lie.

"Good," Shilo relaxed and laid her head back on her pillow.

"Night, kid," Graverobber nervously patted her shoulder before crawling into his bed. How can she trust me if I can't even trust myself, he thought before closing his eyes and drifting into as peaceful a sleep as anyone could get when living in a nightmare.