Decided that this deserves to be separated into its own story.
Bolo's were created by Keith Laumer.
Babylon 5 was created by J. Michael Straczynski.
I am neither of these two men.

Dawn Of A New Age
Prologue: A Line In The Sand

Colonel William Hague couldn't help but smile as he looked out of the thick window built into the side of pressurised dome and across the inhospitable Luna surface; the last few units were moving into their preassigned positions, vacuum-suited workers hurriedly covering them with a thick layer of dust to disguise their location.

After four long and bloody years, the war with the Minbari Federation had reached its end, with just a handful of outposts between the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut that was the Minbari war machine and the Sol system. What remained of the once proud Earth Force fleet had been recalled, massed in the home system for one last battle, a pyrrhic showdown that would hopefully buy enough time for a few hastily constructed colony ships to get away. The first three; Botany Bay, Mayflower and Savannah had already left under a cloak of utter secrecy, while other were being load with the best and brightest that the human race could provide. Each ship was headed out in a different direction away from Minbari space, their final destination left to each captain to decide to minimise the chance of the Minbari find them. The project had been codenamed Operation Wildfire, a seemingly apt pseudonym for a last grasp attempt to send humanity to the stars.

Hague had been offered command of the Endeavour, but had turned it down; if this was to be the twilight of life on Earth, then he wanted to be there at the end.

Then It had happened, the still unexplained event that had ripped open a gateway into hyperspace over a hundred kilometres across just inside the orbit of Mars. Through this portal had been flung a the once mighty starship Leviathan, now a burnt and twisted wreck. Her crew had been human, but none of them had survived the crossing from wherever she called home; some could only be identified as human based on DNA scans of their twisted remains. But what had survived had been the Leviathan's cargo; the same cargo that was now hidden across the Luna surface.

Only a handful of people had been informed of this last, insane Hail Mary play that might just halt the relentless Minbari advance. Hague had been placed in charge of one detachment, and had listened with a sence of odd serenity as President Levy had called for any ship capable of fighting to join what everyone knew would be a suicide mission at best. The speech had been a necessary ruse in case the Minbari had sent scouts ahead to spy on what defences Earth had. It went without saying that there was nothing that Earth Force could put up against the relentless force of nature that was the Minbari fleet, but the past four years had taught the aliens to be wary a seemingly easy victory. Humanity had lost none of its resourcefulness or gift for deceit when it came to the waging of war, and more than one Minbari ship had met its demise to a cunningly placed nuke.

But Operation Thor was different; there was no way that the Minbari could possibly see this one coming. Every last aspect had been the subject of the strictest security possible, with many who worked on it totally unaware of just what they were doing. One by one the row of light before Hague turned green as each unit reported its readiness over the carefully shielded hard lines. He flicked a master control, and the command bunker slipped below the Luna surface on powerful hydraulic jacks, a massive armour plate swinging into place above him. Another work crew quickly covered it with its own layer of camouflage.

"This is Tycho-base reporting in." Hague spoke into his radio as he turned his chair round until he faced his operations screen, "We are good to go."

"Rodger, Tycho-base." Luna Defence Command responded, "Stand by; one of our fighter squadrons has reported a possible contact."

Hague looked at the row of shining green lights and the single, glowing red button that would activate them. He felt the overwhelming desire to press it now, but he resisted, knowing that the entire plan was dependant on the element of surprise. Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, the radio crackled into life again.

"This is Luna Defence Headquarters to all units: Ragnarök!" The controller sounded harried, and Hague could hear the sound of explosions and people screaming in the background."I say again; Ragnarök!"

"Tycho-base to all units: Case Ragnarök!" The Colonel's hand slammed down on the activation button, "Case Ragnarök!"

"Tycho-base, this is Bolo Indefatigable acknowledging." A clipped English accent responded, "Minbari sighted crossing Luna horizon; Tallyho chaps!"

"This is Bolo Khulov: enemy targeted." A warm and friendly sounding Russian voice came over another link, and a thin layer of dust fell down from the armour plated ceiling of Hague's bunker as the units under his command started to fire, "For the Motherland!"

"This is Bolo US Seventh Corps." A new and excited sounding Midwestern voice called out, "Like shooting fish in a barrel, boys!"

"Dieses ist Bolo Das Afrika Korps." A bombastic German tenor reported over what sounded like Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries played at full blast, "Ich habe mich den Feind engagiert!"

The darkness of space was light up as dozens of Hellbore's and Hellrail's fired as one, ripping into the guts of the Minbari fleet. Secondary weapons scoured the sky clear of Minbari fighters as each individual Bolo burst clear of their concealed fox-hole and began to move about the Luna surface seemingly at random. But each move was a carefully measured to maintain a interlocking field of offensive and defensive fire that coved most of Earth orbit. The Minbari had, in their arrogance, massed most of their forces near Luna, knowing that control of the planetoid gave control of near-Earth space. But they hadn't anticipated Operation Thor, and the full fury of the Dinochrome Brigade.

It was the dawn of a new age, the age of the Bolo, and the galaxy would never be the same again...

The Beginning