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I held her closer to me. Tighter. I could feel my bones squeezing her muscles, pinning her bones. Her every breath was a loud manifestation of her heart racing and pounding inside her chest. I needed to put my hand on her mouth so the whimper of terror won't come out.

She stopped breathing. Her jaws clenched, and her grip on my sweaty and soiled arms tightened. I could feel her nails clawing in my skin but I could not complain. Instead, I tightened my clasp on her mouth scared that a whimper will come out again.

My heart was pounding and my pulse was racing. Every loud thump was like a drum beating right beside my ears. My teeth were almost crunched from the tight clenched I have. I could not even swallow the burn in my throat.

My right hand was tightly clasped on her mouth, while my other hand was buried in her muddy shirt as my arms had imprisoned her near my body. My face was in her neck breathing every scent her sweaty body emitted. Her body was trembling on top of me, my body behind her. I could have been highly turned on with how we are sitting in this dark place.

But I am not.

I tightened my grip on her body and my clasp in her mouth when a tiny almost inaudible whimper came out of it. I could feel the moist from her eyes dripped in my hand.

My heart almost jumped out of its cage.

A little almost inaudible whimper that she let out, and those round flickering red eyes turned toward where we were hiding.



Summer. The best time of the year for me. The school is out, no waking up early, no homework to be done and not a single deadline for anything. But the best part of it all, I am going to spend a wonderful week of vacation with my precious, Bella.

Bella has been my object of attention since I can remember. We grew up together in this little town. Our parents are long time friends. She was the only child of the chief of police Charlie and his lovely wife Renee as I am the only son of Esme and the well-known doctor of the only hospital here, Carlisle.

I have seen Bella blossomed from a tiny tot wearing nothing but her teddy bear printed panties as we play and wet ourselves in the sprinkler of her mother's pretty garden every time we visit for a cup of coffee, until now that she was a pretty, inviting and confident little woman that she is.

Our parents always joked of us being stuck with each other for the rest of our lives not that it mattered to both of us. She had been my girlfriend, and my little wifey since we were eight. I married her under our lawn's big tree while she sat on a log I collected behind our backyard.

I chuckled as the memory of the first time we kissed suddenly surfaced in my head as if it happened just yesterday.

"Bella, will you be my wife?"

"What is a wife?"

"I don't know. My dad calls my mom his wife. And they always hug and kiss each other."

"My mommy said you have to get married first before you can kiss some one."

"So let's get married."


"Because I want to kiss you and hug you all the time."

Marrying Bella was so easy. I used the spider-man ring I have been using for quite sometime as our wedding ring, and I orchestrated the whole 'do you accept Bella as your wife' thing myself.

And I will never forget that very first moment my lips touched hers. It was just a tiny tick of the clock but it was carved in my head until now.

"You are my wife now, and I am your husband forever. Now I can kiss you anytime I want."

"What are you thinking? Why are you smiling like an idiot?" Bella's voice suddenly brought me back from my silent reverie.

"Nothing…" I murmured with a smirk in my face, resting my elbows on my knees as I reached for both of her hands.

"Nothing? You are pretty out of yourself Mister, you've been rolling your eyes." She said softly ducking her head lower to drown her voice.

"I was remembering the first time I kissed you." I said proudly, but though I intended it to be only for her, my voice roared on top of the noisy boat engine and the other people stared at us sheepishly with hidden smiles.

Her eyes glimmered in her smile, her gorgeous round hazel eyes. She could never hide her true feelings from me with those talking window of her soul.

I stared at her gripping tighter on her palms inside my hands. She has hidden her elated smile from me facing in front of the boat, marveling with the wind hitting her face.

My Bella.

"I am the luckiest bastard in the whole world." I murmured silently.


"Oh my God! This is so awesome!" Bella jumped excitedly in the sand like she was still an eight year old girl.

She removed her flip flops and started skipping on the shore twirling and swaying with her thigh length flower-embroidered white sundress. My eyes could not say any louder the feeling of delight seeing my girlfriend shimmer in happiness.

I have brought her here in what she called the best gift ever I have given her. The Bahamas. My father gave the tickets and everything we needed as a gift for getting an A+ average in the school.

Every school end, he would give me gifts to reward me of my hard work. Last year, I received my first car, and the year before my own gaming room full of all the gadgets any teenager can hope for. That is why I have been burning my ass studying the whole year so I can have the best gift ever again. And this year, when he asked me what I wanted, I did not hesitate in asking him this. A vacation for two in the best beach in the whole world.

Asking permission from Renee and Charlie was never a problem. They have always granted Bella and me of unwavering trust on freedom because they knew from the very start that I will never let anything bad happen to her. I have proven myself many times.

"Come on!" She tugged my hands as she ran toward the retreating tide.

"Wait!" I crammed to leave my flip flops on the shore before stepping on the tiny bubbles the tide had left the white wet sand.

She twirled again and showered me with the salty water splattering dots on my gray shirt. She was so pretty with that happy face she was wearing. The two-piece cream colored swim suits she was wearing was coming out of her short and backless sun dress.

"Let's go get some dinner first…" I whispered softly in her ears when I caught her and twirled her to my hug.

The dinner passed too quickly with Bella overly eager to plunge in the water for some relaxation. I could not blame her; we lived all our lives in our small town often graced with storms and odd weather all year round.

I could not detach my eyes on her perfection when she removed the already wet and body hugging sundress. Her plump modestly-shaped breasts were hugged with a cream, pink-stringed bra with little pink flowers on the padded parts, same as her bikini which was pulled down right on top of her gifts. "When could I ever have them?" I thought bitterly yet I was chuckling.

Her almost bare, slender body glistened from the bounce of the soft light coming from the already setting sun. Her long wavy brown hair darkened and stuck together from being drenched in salt water.

My brain could not tame the raging hormones that are starting to tingle. I had to swallow hard and breathe deep to try and calm it myself.

"Here gorgeous!" Bella yelled from afar. She had surfaced from diving under briefly swimming far from me. I still could not contain myself from the delight on her happiness that I was left in the shore watching over her with my arms propped in my waist.

"What? Are you just going to stay and watch over me? I don't need a nanny!" She said laughing. Her laughter felt like a soft thunder adding fuel to my already burning insides.

"You don't know how to swim." Bella said flatly but the humor was obvious in her eyes. She walked toward me from the deep part of the sea. Her bouncing breasts made me swallow thick amount of drool preventing it from ever surfacing outside my mouth.

I have to say something or this will end up bad again. "I know how to swim, silly." I chuckled and walked toward the tide, boring my toes under the wet sand.

"Oh…well come on then, don't let my body intimidate you, sexy." She turned back and started to walk faster toward the deep part, probably reading what was on my mind.

I dipped myself under and started to swim under water toward her. Her slender legs hurrying to walk away from me looked so scrumptious fighting the current of the tide. I knew I was smiling devilishly as I near her legs.

She immediately fell under water when I caught her legs and pulled her down. Her face blurred by the magnifying power of the water, was still showing the delight and happiness I have adored since early this morning we boarded the plane.

I pulled her face closer and plunged my mouth on her. Her legs clung to my waist; her arms wrapped my neck, as mine imprisoned her back extending my hand toward her head.

Our kiss lasted for long. Our tongues danced with each other, savoring every swirl inside tasting each other's love with a hint of salt.

I pulled us up to surface and she gave me another long passionate kiss while my hands were strongly holding her buttocks preventing us from toppling over. Her hands were firmly gripping both the side of my face as my chin was in the middle of her wet mountains.

"This is so fucking hard." I could not contain the urge that was washing me. Her nipples are perked up and my pulsating manhood was dictating me to pull her down to my weapon and just shove it on in her.

"I love you." She whispered, running her fingers on my wet tousled hair.

"I love you." I said after I have cleared my throat silently.

I managed to enjoy the late afternoon swim. When we decided to leave the beach after a lot of horsing around, and just feeling each other's body, it was already night. And the dark sky was already painted in twinkling lights of the stars and one smiley moon.

We walked to our room to shower up, busying myself talking about all sorts of things just to keep myself away from the thought that my fucking deliciously tempting girlfriend was wearing nothing but two piece thin swimsuits under that taunting white sundress.

I never thought this could be this hard. Staying together in a hotel with not a parent to consider around, I thought it would be fun. But I am not having fun. I am having fun, but how can I think of enjoying the fun, when all I can think of are those perked up breasts glistening in salt water, or those long legs beaded in sweat and water, and those pouting lips and batting lashes.

"Ugh!" I screamed in defeat, slumping in the floor with the heel of my palms pressing both my eyes.

The splattering sound of the shower and the hums Bella made inside the shower were just aggravating the rage I was feeling inside of me.

"What happened to you…" Bella's sweet mellow voice made me pull my head up, but I had to pull it down when I saw her still dripping wet, her face still wet from the shower. She seemed to just jump off of the shower and slid her body in that another taunting white robe.

I could actually smell her.

"I heard a scream. Was that you?" I heard her said. I saw her feet walked toward the door in the balcony, leaving wet marks on the yellow carpet.

I hastily got up turning around from her, heading to the shower. "Yeah. That's just me…" I tried to look back, but all I saw was a goddess on the door, wiping her hair off of excess water with a small towel, her movements had caused her robe to slip a little and expose one of her breasts.

I have to hurry to the bath. "Fuck me." I murmured when I get inside.

I was contemplating of jerking off my longing. Her face smiling at me as she briefly brushed her lips with the tip of her tongue was driving me nuts.

I am crazy. I am crazy in love with this girl outside of this bathroom. I have been longing to touch her since…forever. My best friend had often pissed me off of not being able to express my longing for her. But I am just too damn afraid I'll drive her away if I push our relationship further where she's not ready. I will lie if I say I am not expecting this vacation to be somewhat that time when I could finally be intimate with her, but I am so fucking afraid!

I don't know how I even finish showering up. My little companion was all too ready for whatever battle I was gearing him. His head was peeking on the band of my boxers. His veins were throbbing, and as I was on my way out, I suddenly realized that I should have jerked off, that way I won't be sleeping beside Bella with a turned on head.

But I immediately doubted that masturbation could have helped me, because the moment I pulled up my head and searched the room for Bella, I felt, I will drool any minute.

She was standing in front of the closet…naked. I almost heard my throat gulped what seemed to be my Adam's apple.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" My head, the one on top of my body and the other in the middle of my legs, grumbled in disbelief. I could not hear any beating of my heart. I know how exactly my face looked at this very moment, idiotically drooling while staring.

"And she fucking bent forward…I can't do this anymore…" I mumbled like an animal in heat and strode in several quick steps toward her.

I wrapped her waist on my arms, startling her. She turned around with utmost alarm in her eyes, but my grip was hard and her feet swung in the air beneath her as I lifted her and pinned her body in the door of the closet.

Her frightened face eased up and changed its expression. "What are you doing? You almost gave me a heart attack…" She said softly. She must have understood the expression painted in my face because not a second had passed, she was sporting the same expression I only guessed she copied from me.

"You are driving me insane…" I murmured, removing my right hand from her waist, running it from her face down to her neck to the hollow space between her breasts, all the time moving my eyes with it.

I could smell her lovely breath hitting my face. Her bent neck was showing the beat of her pulse and I could almost feel the heat emitting from her skin. I put my lips on her bent neck, pressing tiny pecks all over it, before I finally used my tongue to make circles at the back of her ears. She always loved that trick.

And it always does the trick.

She wrapped her arms around my neck clutching her fingers on the hair at its base. I scooped her up while I was savoring her lovely breath inside my mouth. Her tongue was playing tug with mine keeping our kiss hotter and deeper. I could not keep whimpers from coming out of my mouth.

I put her on her back, kissing and kissing and kissing. But my hands are finally able to roam on top of her breasts, unhindered by some piece of garment. I wandered my lips down on her neck and started to make my way down in her breasts. I was wary for any sign of her disapproval but she arched her back so I proceed. I was rolling my eyes when my lips finally arrived on the peak of her breasts. I could feel her enthusiasm from the hardness of her nipples.

As my lips pondered on her right breast, my left hand was busy acquainting more on her left breast, teasing it more, feeling it become more and more aroused in every stroke I made.

"Edward…" I heard her moan.

I let my right hand went and caress down her stomach touching feathery strokes on her skin. I was aiming to prepare her body down from where I am already so I could make my way in there, but as I started to lick her skin going down to her navel, I felt her muscles flexed, both my hands are in her hips but my right hand had excitedly made his way without any warning in the middle of her thigh, trying to force open her thigh that she reflexively closed tight together. But due to my hand's raging hormones' command, it was able to slide the thumb and felt the warm juice that had already spilled out of her.

She immediately stopped my hand from getting further near her passage; instead she rolled over on top of me, sitting on my stomach. My body wiggled feeling the warm moisture spill in my stomach. Her hands mashed my chest, teasing me further as she ground her middle on top of me.

I really feel my saliva was coming out; I could not help lick my lips excessively. I could not think straight. All the plans I have laid down before this trip have hurriedly hid at the back of my mind.

"Bella…" I whispered. My grunts and moans could not be hidden no matter how I try to clench my jaws closed. My hands gripped her shouting breasts. But she immediately ducked down pulling my hands off of her.

"I love you Edward…" She murmured again, her voice was definitely not her normal cheerful voice; it was all soaked in arousal.

She started licking my chests, playing with my nipples. She bit me hard on the slope of one of my breasts, until she started trailing down my stomach. Her wet entrance brushed the head of my insanity that was peeking on the band of my boxers.

"Ahhhh…." My long moan made her chuckle, but she did not stop until her lips were exactly on top of the band of my boxers.

I pressed my eyes closed as I felt her fingers slid down the only thing hiding my masculinity.

"Mmm." I heard her softly giggled, but I could not look. Just the image of Bella oogling my loins will definitely make me come right there and then. Her warm breath tickling that sensitive area was making it throb more.

It was so hard to keep sane. I thought my head would burst when I felt the tip of her tongue touched the tip of my one-eyed snake tasting the already spilled excitement. But that's not all she's going to do, because a couple of teasing after, my one-eyed best friend slid down her warm mouth, basking on one of her caves of happiness.

My fingers clasped tight on her head as I tried to pull my butt up, figuring how I could make her swallow the whole of me. It was damn fucking pleasurable. The swirl of her tongue on my manhood was awaking more of my hormones that I didn't know I have.

Her hand was helping what her mouth could not reach, rubbing it softly yet giving me the best pleasure I could have. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and started running her tongue from its head down to its base, making swirls and pucks.

"Come for me…" She said with voice ruffled from the licks she was making.

I breathed heavily, trying to pull her up through her shoulders. But she had sucked my head again and this time, she was alternating pleasuring it with her tongue and sucking it up.

I knew I could not last long; I had to pull myself from her mouth so I won't throw up inside her. I sat down and jerked myself off, trashing my head, clawing my other hand in the sheets while curling my feet. I needed to close my eyes, clenching my jaws as I imagine Bella riding me with all her strength.

As the last of my juice came out, I opened my eyes and felt hideously ashamed of how my face could have looked when I was on the peak of masturbating. But her eyes were casting rays of delight looking at my still throbbing in pleasure length.

I snaked my hand under her hair, pulling her closer to me, she sat on top of me, sending me another wave of arousal.

I pulled her closer to me, feeling her breasts brushing my chests, I slid my hands on her hips, all the while breathing heavily, sending her the intensity of the arousal she was giving me, but as I held my erection aligning it to her entrance, she slouched back pulling out of the way.

"Honey…" She murmured on my ears, her breath sending shivers on my still sensitive skin.

"Bella…Let me make love with you…please Honey…please…" I plead.

But she just stuck her tongue and made trails of sweetness on my neck. "Not yet…" She moaned.


Our week long vacation have finished, but the shagging I was partly expecting was no where to be seen. After that first night of heavy kissing that lead me to masturbating in front of her, she kept a minor distance from me. She understood what I was going through.

I slept that night with a satisfied ego yet yearning for more, I curled into a ball, hopelessly pacifying myself with the comfort of the soft pillow I hugged tightly.

She talked to me in the morning, after we had our breakfast, probably sensing my distant expression. We were sitting on the beach chairs, letting the warm breeze of the sea wash our emotions.

"Honey…I am sorry last night…" She started facing her body toward me.

I did the same. We were sitting in front of one another, the tips of our knuckles brushing each other.

"I know it's hard for you. It's hard for me too. I was just…" She trailed tentatively looking at the glistening blue ocean hindered by the long white sand shore.

"I am not yet ready. I want to make love with you, you know that. I just…" She trailed again.

I know exactly what she was trying to say, we have talked about this a million times already, and I understood her. I pulled her hands and enclosed it to mine, pulling her chin up to stare on my eyes.

"Bella…Honey. I love you…sooo much. You are my life, you are my happiness. Whatever makes you happy is my happiness too. It's hard for me, yes. But I am willing to wait, as long as you would want me to. I promise, I won't insist until you're ready. But…please forgive me…if…if I sometimes wander out of tracks…"

She laughed in her singsong voice. "I love you."

"No. I love you. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy, and safe, I promise."

Yes, I promised Bella I won't make love with her until she asked me to. Not at all thinking that in the near future, keeping my promise would get us into real trouble.



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