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Happy is an understatement of what I feel for the past week. I thought I will never wake up and see the sun and appreciate the rays of it, a new day, I have a new day, a new hope for happiness. And that is what I exactly feel. Every time I open my eyes, I know, I still have a chance to be happy, and I am starting my life, a whole new life.

I thought I will never see Jasper again, I thought I have doomed the father of my child on his death. But fate has a different way of making things happen, I was given another chance. Maybe I deserve to be happy just like what Bella said. Jasper loves me, he accepted me for who I am and what I have been, because he understood I know what I want to be, a mother of his child, and his wife.

We have been savoring the love that felt like we just found, for the past week, hiding from the eyes of his parents and his friends. He's happy; I could see every twinkle that was in his eyes every time he finds me inside his room. I never left.

I never thought my heart could beat as fast as it does these days, I could not help myself smile every time I remember Bella putting her hand in my heart, I have a heart. Jasper and I spent most of our time inside his room, talking about things. Everything.

I was able to tell him my family's stories, legends from the very beginning of our existence. I know I was scaring him, but he would always end our conversation with "I don't care" or "I can be like you, I want to be like you".

Though he understood that I am human just with extra capabilities, sometimes he can't control himself wonder what's he going to be like and how's he's going to look if he was like me. Of course, he can't be like me, it's not like I'll bite him and he'll turn into something awful. It runs in our blood, but unless we let it die, it will live for generations.

I have refused it ever since I saw my father devour my first boyfriend. I hated what I am, but I had to be their fisherman, I have to fish for their food. Rosalie had made her decision; she decided to cross in the darker side, perfecting being something more awful than just killing and eating people. And Emmett, well, he's the eldest of the direct descendants and its just right for him to inherit the powers that my great great-grandparents have been protecting since one can remember.

I was thought of the weakest of the family, always whining, always not following what is told, and now the weakest link had let the whole family crumbled. When Rosalie perished violently from the rays of the sun, I know, no one would continue our way of life, unless my nephew will change the course I taught him.

Now that I am starting my new life, nothing would scare me, nothing but the normal things that normal people undergo on a daily basis. And the first one will happen just a few moments from now.

"Hey…what are you so worried about?" Jasper murmured; smoothing my cheeks after he had pulled the parking brakes of his car.

I smiled politely, pulling my head down, staring at my hands which were clasped on my belly, like an instinct to protect my unborn child. Yeah, I have this instinct to protect my child from whatever hurt I might receive tonight.

Spring break is almost over, and Edward and Bella having been released from house arrest of their parents even weeks ago have been bugging Jasper to hang out, but he always bailed, faking a head ache or something else. Even his parents were tugging him to the mall or somewhere else, but he said, he'd rather stay in the house in his room with me.

But tonight, he decided, it must be time to see them, and tell them the path that we're taking. It scares the hell out of me, I have no idea what will they feel when they learned that their best friend had been hiding the person who almost killed them, especially Edward for Bella.

"Don't worry, my friends will love you." Jasper ran his fingers on my hair, landing his hands on my back rubbing it with circles.

I sighed audibly, probably, but most probably not. What am I going to do if they won't? I know how much Jasper's friends matter to him; for one, he's ready to give up his life for them.

"I am yours, they could say whatever they want, but I am yours now." He whispered leaning to my face, as if he heard what I was thinking. "And this…is mine…" He added smiling at me with those twinkling eyes as his hand gingerly ran on my belly.

We walked slowly toward the diner that they have chosen for us to meet. It was a little diner in the corner of town, where they usually meet for talks and laughs. My hand clasped tighter on Jasper's hand when my eyes landed on the little balcony of the diner, sitting on the ledge was Bella and Edward, talking happily. Their hands were entwined together, laughing on something. Though my heart jumped for joy seeing my friends again, happy and safe after everything that I have tried to pull off, I can't control my fear. Fear. I smiled. So this is fear, now I know how to call this tingly feeling creeping to my head.

"I love you…" He murmured on my hair, as we near the balcony.

I saw it clearly when Edward snapped his head when he caught sight of us walking silently in the subtly lit walkway. Crap. He wrapped his arms instantly on Bella as she spun to face us.

Jasper cleared his throat, draping his arm on my shoulders. "Guys." He muttered, his voice has a jump on it. He is happy.

Edward jumped his eyes from me and Jasper, silently questioning. I could feel a creep of warm air in my face. I think I am going to cry. This is rejection, I know how it feels, this is what I felt when Edward rejected me.

But my heart palpitated when I focused my eyes on Bella. She was smiling at me, genuinely. Her eyes glimmered, she was almost subtly bouncing. I gasped, making Edward turn his head toward Bella, and then rolled his eyes, trying to silently show his nonchalance.

But all of us were unprepared to what Bella was thinking. Edward wasn't able to stop her when she strode toward and pulled me for a big tight hug.

"Thank God you're alright…" She whispered. I could almost feel her heartbeat.

I felt there's a big lump in my throat; I could not find the words I wanted to say. "Bella…forgive me...for everything…" I muttered; my face was buried in her hair.

"It doesn't matter now Alice." She said letting me go, holding both my hands. "I'm just happy…Jasper is happy again." She added throwing Jasper beside me a smug look.

She stepped back to Edward, wrapping her arms on his waist. I saw him clenched his jaws, looking down, bewildered. They walked ahead of us silently going inside the diner. Jasper planted a kiss on my cheek, mumbling "I love you" while he rubbed my arm.

Edward was silent the whole time; he doesn't even look me straightly in the eyes. I guess he was still thinking I'd put a spell on him. Jasper explained to them what we have agreed, that I will rent an apartment nearer the school. We have several months to go before we graduate, and then we could go freely on our own.

Bella's facial expression read she's excited, and her giggles couldn't hide it even if she wanted to. But Edward, he has this hard, civil expression on his face as he silently finish his food. I know he is still suspicious of me, but I couldn't blame him, after all, I have done a lot of trouble.

But he almost went berserk when Bella suddenly stood up and tugged my hand for the wash room. His eyes could have jump out of his head if it can.

"Honey…" She whispered putting her hand on his face, making him relax from his tensed position.

"Dude." We were already far from the table when I overheard Jasper muttered to Edward.

Good. I could have Bella to myself and Jasper could talk to Edward.

"Sooo…I'm so happy for you girl." She mumbled excitedly as she washed her hands. "You both love each other huh?"

"Bella…" My voice trembled going near her, I was prepared if she's going to be alarmed with my proximity and flinch, but she did not. "I hope you find in your heart to forgive me for…everything." I muttered, briefly scanning the toilet cubicles for any other people inside who could hear us. "I promise…"

"Alice." She tilted her head, her voice softly coming out of her mouth. "You saved us, that is enough for me."

"Thank you for your trust."

"I wish happiness for both of you." She muttered running her palm on my arm. "I'm here, what ever you need me for."

"I'm pregnant." I curtly said.

Her eyes balled out, catching herself, she shook her head like she wanted to check if she's just misheard what I said, but the smile in my face proved her she heard it right. She bit her lips and then flashed a huge smile, jumping up and down like a little girl, she wrapped me on her arms.

"Oh my God! Congratulations!" She exclaimed, repeatedly until she let go of me, holding both of my hands again. Her face was astonished yet I know, at the back of her stare, she has something she wanted to ask.

"I know." I muttered giving her a shy smile. "I am human Bella, and Jasper is a male with a lot of…eager hormones." I added, shyly admitting, shrugging my shoulders.

She guffawed throwing her head back. "Oh my God…" She muttered again most probably could not find the right word to describe her awe in something inconceivable. "Did you tell his parents?"

I flashed a smile, turning my head down and then looking on her again. "Not yet. We wanted to tell you guys first. You know Bella, you are a part of me as much as Jasper is. So whatever you say matter so much to me. After all you are the only one who never had any doubts on me, trusting me in an instant and...after everything." My voice began to tremble, I am becoming overly dramatic, and with what Jasper had researched, it's most probably my kicking pregnancy hormones.

"Alice, you are going to be great mother."

"I will. But you have to be there to help me be." I giggled as we made our way outside the toilet. "I don't want to eat my own child…" I added, earning a snicker from her elbowing me afterward.

I chuckled back, ducking my head to murmur something to her, "So no one is a virgin anymore huh?" I teased drowning my giggle as soon as we approached our table. "I could smell both of you…you know."

She sheepishly chuckled pinching me on my arm, her cheeks flashed her embarrassment.

She could not contain her excitement, almost bouncing in the seat when she sat beside Edward, her eyes were twinkling, "Alice is pregnant."

Jasper tugged me closer to him, as I watched Edward's expression change from shock, almost choking on his soda, then finally a little smile. "Alice?" He murmured, furrowing his brows looking at my eyes.

I don't know but I felt like a really think thorn was pulled out of my pulsing heart. Hearing Edward's voice saying my name felt like in some way he had forgiven me. I briefly glanced at Jasper before I gave a faint smile on Edward, Jasper must have talked some sense to him while we were in the washroom.

I went ahead of them toward the door while they argue on who's going to pay the bill. I stayed in the balcony of the diner, savoring the cold wind hitting my face as I stared in the horizon behind the tall trees across the street dimly lit by the street lights and the tiny moon in the sky. I heard someone cleared his throat behind me. I turned around and found Edward, with his hand shoved in his pocket looking on his shoes.

I waited for him to find the courage to look me straight in the eyes. He hesitated but after a few awkward moments he reached and pulled me for a loose hug. He let out a loud sigh. "Congratulations." He muttered briefly looking at my eyes and then down to his shoes again.

"Thank you." I said with too much happiness in my heart I could not hide it on my voice. "Edward…you can look at me. I promise I won't cast a spell on you again…" I huffed, chuckling.

He huffed too, and then slowly turned his face to look at me. He fluttered his big dreamy eyes as he made a tight smile, shuffling for words to say. "I am happy for both you and Jasper, but…if you..." He paused looking around consciously, "…if you ever put even just a finger on my Bella...I shit you not Alice, I am going to chop your head." He whispered leaning slightly closer to me, grating his words.

I laughed, heartily, my shoulders trembled. I know he's serious on his threat but I could not find the reason to be threatened let alone annoyed. I know how much he loves his Bella, and his reaction is just normal. "Edward…" I rocked my eyebrows, looking seriously on his eyes despite the amusement apparent on my lips, "I shit you not, I will never hurt your Bella."

He nodded his head, "Well…good then. I just want for things to be clear." He mumbled making a soft chuckle turning around to walk away, but spun around with his hands on his pockets again, "But my trust, you would have to earn that."

I tilted my head and then nodded, smiling genuinely on him, "Fair enough."

With that he turned back and shuffled his feet waiting in the door for Bella and Jasper who was talking animatedly with the waitress on the counter. I sighed and turned around, looking at the woods beside the diner. I clenched my jaws, sniffing a very familiar scent.

I run my eyes in the dark group of trees a few meters away from the diner, and there he was, standing just tall enough to be covered with the drooping branches of the small tree. My nose flared as I heaved a sigh.

"This is my place now, go tell your parents to find somewhere else, you do not have any business here anymore." I murmured silently, but I know it was loud enough to be heard by the child standing under the tree with his eyes subtly flickering red.



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