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A week after the guys' accident, Rose gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Lillian Serena Cullen and she was a perfect blend of her parents' best traits. She had a little tuft of strawberry blonde hair with Rose's perfect bone structure and Edward's sparkling green eyes. Rose had been in labor for almost 23 hours before Lily decided to greet the world with her loud voice. Oh yes, she was without a doubt her mother's daughter. Despite the continuous sleepless nights the new parents were experiencing, both Edward and Rose had a permanently happy glow about them. Rose had wanted to be a mother before she even knew where babies really com from. Now that she was a mother, her life was complete. Edward loved being a father and the fact that Lily made his wife so happy was just an added bonus. He'd give her a hundred children just to see Rose smile.

Jasper was still confined to the couch because of his injuries and it was killing the both of us. We were so used to sleeping in the same bed that we were getting less sleep than when the twins were first born. It was torture to not have my husband holding me as I fell asleep. Just his scent had the ability to calm me to the point of becoming comatose. I knew he was struggling just as much. Our couch was pretty damn comfortable but he had just as much trouble not being able to be with me. Every time I brought him something to eat or his pain medication, he would try to hold me and it always resulted in him flinching away in pain and muttering a string of swears that I tried to keep away from our children's ears. I tried not to show it around Jasper, but it was very hard for me taking care of everything around the house, while being almost 5 months pregnant. I was constantly moving; taking the kids to and from school, cooking, cleaning, and preparing my classroom. I started school in less than a week and I had no idea how I was going to do it all. Jasper still had at least 5 more weeks until he was completely healed and could be of any help to me and I know that made him feel even worse. I tried not to show how tired I was when I was around him, knowing it would just make everything worse.

On the first day that the students were supposed to show up for school I got out of bed before my alarm went off. I had already been awake due to another sleepless night and got in the shower. I took my time, trying to relax and wake up at the same time. Once I got out and toweled off, I blow dried my hair before getting dressed. I decided to go simple and pulled on some light wash jeans, an emerald green long-sleeved v neck, and a pair of new black chucks. I knew it wasn't what the kids were used to seeing teachers wear, but I was too young for that dressy stuff just yet. Plus I was pregnant, I wanted to be comfortable. I got the kids up and dressed for school before pouring them each a bowl of cereal and taking a plate of toast to Jasper in the living room. I poured him a glass of orange juice to wash down his morning pain meds. Just like every morning, he tried to pull me into him arms, but quickly winced and withdrew painfully.

"It's okay baby. I know how you feel but you have to stop trying to move before the bones are healed otherwise it's just gonna take longer." Jasper pouted, looking like Brandon when I took him away from cartoons and I chuckled before planting a kiss on his lips.

"I know. I just miss you darlin'."

"I know, I miss you too." I said, running my hand through his honey-blonde locks. He smiled contently and relaxed into the couch. "I have to get to school but your mom will be here in a few minutes to look after you and take the kids to school. I'll be home after I pick them up and then I'll start dinner." I said, standing up to leave. I felt a hand on my barely there baby bump and looked down at Jasper.

"You're Wonder Woman aren't you?" he asked with a suspicious look on his face.

"Yes I am. And Wonder Woman had to go teach high school senior English. I'll see you later." I said, leaning down to kiss him one more time.

"Love you." He whispered against my lips.

"Love you too." I quickly went to say goodbye to the twins, telling them I'd see them when I picked them up and grabbed my bag and walked out of the house. Once I got in the car, I paused to take a deep breath, collecting myself before pulling out of the driveway and heading towards Forks High School. I got my class schedule and saw I had a class 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th with lunch duty during 4th and 6th period and a free period 2nd and 7th. I headed to my classroom as homeroom started –thankfully I didn't have a homeroom- and got all my papers ready to hand out to my classes and wrote my name on the board. The bell rang and after a few minutes students began to trickle in. They sat in random seats, all staring up at me like I was too young to be at the front of the room. The bell signaling the beginning of class rang and I closed the door, walking back to the front.

"Good morning guys. I am Mrs. Hale and I'm your teacher this year. I have two very important things to say before we start. One, I don't care how young and gullible I may look; I will not tolerate slacking off or bad attitudes. I know you can all do great things and I will not stand students who refuse to perform to the best of their ability. Just try your hardest and we'll have an awesome year. Number two, you will notice me getting quite large as the year goes on. Yes, I am pregnant no; I am not just getting rapidly obese."

That got the appropriate reaction as they all starting laughing. I quickly went through the attendance and began passing out syllabuses and outlines for the year. As I moved back to the front of the room, the door opened and a kid came strutting into the room like he owned the place.

"Excuse me. Who are you and why are you late?" I asked.

"Conner Bradley. I got lost. Maybe you could show me around, I'm sure we could find a broom closet to spend some time in." he said with a wink before plopping down in a seat in the very back of the room.

"Well Conner, while self-confidence is always a good thing to have, I suggest you refrain from arrogantly suggesting a tryst with your pregnant English teacher." I said, trying not to show my disgust at his attitude. I could already tell this kid would be quite the handful this year.

"Oh shit. Pregnant? Sorry, I'm not down with babies." He said, as if I'd be disappointed.

"Well luckily my husband is, but I'm sure everyone is glad to know your opinion on children." He just smirked and slumped in his seat. "Actually Conner, I think I'd like it better if you sat up here, right next to ." Arielle Cooper had been in a few times before school started, helping me set up the room. English was her favorite subject and she aspired to be an English teacher and author. Already she reminded me of myself, as cliché as that sounds.

"No way. I am not sitting next to that stuck up, know-it-all." Conner yelled, crossing his arms. Arielle rolled her eyes and huffed out a breath.

"As if I want to be subjected to your stench of weed and an ambitionless future." Arielle said with just as much bite in her voice. I guess I would have to solve this problem.

"Conner I want you to sit in the front and the only empty seat is next to Arielle, so please be a big boy and sit next to her." I said, finishing in the voice I use when I'm explaining something to the twins. Conner huffed, glaring at me while he walked to the front, kicking almost every seat on the way. He plopped down, turning his glare to Arielle who returned it just as fiercely.

"Alright. Now that we've all decided to be the adults you are becoming, I am handing out a reading check quiz just to see how you interpreted your summer reading." I got a few groans as I passed out the papers but the class soon fell silent but for the sounds of pens of paper. I looked up to see Conner sitting, head down as if sleeping, with nothing on his paper.

"Mr. Bradley." He jerked up. "Write, or owe me a paper on the underlying themes of the book, due Wednesday. Your choice." He glared once more before picking up his pen. When everyone was finished I collected the papers, clipping them together to look over next period and began handing out the directions for the first project.

"You will be completing these in partners, which I have already picked. You are to come up with a soundtrack for your summer reading book with at least a page of explanation for each song. They will be due next Friday but please don't wait until the last minute. Class is almost over so I'll leave the list of partners on my desk and you can check them on your way out." I placed the list on the edge of my desk before taking the quizzes into my small adjoining office. I listened as the bell rang and feet began shuffling out of the room. I heard a distinct 'what the fuck?' yelled by Conner and then silence. I walked back into the room to put out more papers for 3rd period and noticed Arielle was still sitting in her seat, staring into space.

"Arielle, shouldn't you be heading to your next class?" I asked, going to stand in front of her.

"I have study hall in the library. They don't take attendance." I nodded, remembering the same thing when I was a student.

"Is there something you needed then?"

"Why did you pair me up with Conner? He hates me. I hate him. We'll fail and I'm the only one that cares." She finally looked up at me with confused sadness in her hazel eyes.

"The pairs were based on alphabetical order, that's just the way it went this time. You won't always be partners with Conner, especially now that I know of your less than friendly relationship. Why the hostility, if you don't mind me asking." She shook her head.

"We used to be best friends when we were little. Then middle school started. I stayed the quiet bookworm and he became the jock. We grew apart, and then in high school he figured out it was cool to hate the nerds and began picking on me. At first I tried talking to him about it, but that always ended in me feeling even shittier about myself. Pardon my language." She said with a blush. I smiled and shook my head, gesturing for her to continue. "Eventually I just got sick of it and started fighting back. Nothing big, I just couldn't take it anymore. He knows all my weaknesses and uses them against me constantly." A small tear leaked out of her eye and she quickly wiped it away.

"I'm very sorry Arielle. Would you like me to assign you another partner?" She shook her head, her long blonde ringlets bouncing around her pale face. She really was a pretty young girl. It was a shame she was picked on.

"No, I need to learn how to deal with it. I'll be forced to work with other people I don't get along with in life and I need to get over it." I smiled.

"Well I admire that you recognize that and are willing to try. That's all I ask. But if anything happens I want you to let me know okay?" she nodded and stood.

"Okay. Thanks Mrs. Hale. I should probably go." I nodded, writing her a pass and retreating to my office to start reading over the quizzes before 3rd period.

The day continued quite uneventfully compared to first period, though by lunch I was known as the bitchy new hot teacher, thanks to Conner. It was a little weird to be socializing with my old teachers, but most of them were actually pretty cool when you weren't their students anymore.

After school let out I gathered all my things and put them in my bag before shutting the lights off and walking out of my classroom. I passed a few of my students on my way out and they all wished me a good day. I noticed Conner slipping into the detention and I rolled my eyes and the kid's back. He was gonna need quite the wake up call. I got in the car and headed over to the elementary school where Maddie and Brandon immediately jumped into the back, leaning up to kiss my cheek. On the way home I realized I didn't have everything I needed for the dinner I wanted to make and I was due for a trip to the grocery store so I changed course and headed for the store. I grabbed a cart and put Brandon in the seat but Maddie, independent as she was, wanted to walk next to her mommy like a big girl.

"Mommy can we get this?" Maddie asked, holding up yet another giant box of cookies while I saw Brandon reach out and grab a box of extremely sugary cereal.

"Madeline Sophia Hale how many times do I have to tell you, I'm not getting those cookies. We have sweets at home." With a pout she put the cookies back as I turned to Brandon.

"As for you little man, don't think I didn't see you grab that cereal." He looked up at me with perfected innocence and I couldn't help but laugh as I put the box back. "Just like your father, always sneaking the sugary stuff." I said, giving him an Eskimo kiss as he giggled.

"Bella?" I looked up towards the end of the aisle where the voice came from and saw a man about my age with short blonde hair and light green eyes.

"James?" his smile told me I had recognized him correctly and he made his way over to me.

"How are you? God I can't believe how big these guys are." He said, looking down at the twins. He had matured. His hair was no longer a long ponytail, his boyish features gone and grown into a man.

"Yeah, well last time you saw them they were only about 15 hours old." I said with a laugh and he chuckled. "So what are you doing back here?" I asked.

"Well I just finished school and I'm in the process of looking for a job, but until then I'm back in my old room at my parent's house." He said with a timid laugh.

"What are you looking to get into?" I asked, quickly getting sucked into a conversation as Brandon pointed to different things for Maddie to grab, thinking I couldn't see them.

"Well I went to school for accounting, but that was boring so I ended up graduating with a degree in architecture and engineering." That peaked my interest.

"Oh! You should try Bruce Hale's architecture firm. I'm sure they'd have something for you there."

"Your father-in-law?" he asked, sounding wary.

"Yeah, Jasper's been working there since before the twins were born and he loves it."

"I don't know if your husband would particularly like working with me considering we didn't part on the best of terms."

"Oh please. That was 4 years ago. Jasper's a big boy, he knows how to grow up and let things go. Besides, it's not like the accident was your fault anyway. And we all came out perfectly healthy. Just try the firm. What's there to lose?" I asked.

"You're right. So what's been going on with you guys?"

"Well like I said Jasper's been working with Bruce at the firm and we bought our own house about two years ago. I went to school for English and got my teaching degree. I actually just finished my first day teaching at Forks High."

"Wow, it must be weird to be back there."

"Oh it is, believe me." I said with a chuckle. "The kids just started kindergarten and they love it. Of course for the past week I've been running around like a crazy woman since Jasper's on bed rest." James looked confused.

"Why's that?"

"Oh he, Emmett, and Edward were being idiots. They went four wheeling without any safety equipment in Emmett's old jeep and it flipped. He's got a broken collar bone and a few broken ribs. Funny how I'm the pregnant one and he's on bed rest." His eyes popped open wider.

"You're pregnant? Congratulations!" I smiled, rubbing my tiny baby bump.

"Thanks. It's only one this time. Another boy." I said happily and he smiled back at me. James's phone chirped and he fished it out of his pocket, checking a message.

"Well that's mom wondering where the cold cuts are. I should go but it was great seeing you. Thanks for the suggestion and tell Jasper I said congratulations." He said, picking up his plastic basket.

"It was good seeing you too. And no problem. I'll see you around." I said with a smile. He walked up towards the front of the store while I went about the task of returning everything the twins had grabbed.

"You guys gotta work on your sneaking skills. I have eyes everywhere." They giggled as we continued to get the things we actually needed before proceeding home.

"Hey we're home!" I yelled out, as I opened the door and the kids ran in. Kendra came around the corner as I attempted to clothes the door with my arms full of grocery bags, my schoolbag over my shoulder.

"Oh honey let me help you. You shouldn't be carrying so much." Kendra said, rushing forward to grab the grocery bags and going to put them on the kitchen counter.

"Thanks Kendra. And thanks for everything today." I said, breathing a sigh of relief to finally be home.

"Oh it's no problem sweetie. It's nice to spend time with my son and grandkids. I just wish you didn't have to run around so much. It's not good for you and the baby." I smiled at her concern.

"We're fine Kendra, nothing to worry about." I said, stroking my belly as she smiled.

"Well I should get home and start dinner before Bruce tries and burns the house down." I chuckled and said goodbye before heading into the living room to find Jasper asleep while the twins watched TV on the floor. I quickly put the groceries away before starting dinner. Jasper still wasn't awake when it was finished so I put his plate in the oven to stay warm while the kids and I ate.

After dinner the twins helped me do the dishes before running upstairs to play before getting a bath. I grabbed Jasper's dinner and pain meds, walking into the living room to find him awake and channel surfing.

"Hey darlin'." He said, smiling up at me sleepily. He must have just woken up.

"Hey baby. Have a good day on the couch?" he chuckled and slid himself into as much of a sitting position as he could manage. As I did every night, I sat on the edge of the couch, feeding him his dinner and giving him his pills to swallow.

"You really are super woman you know that?" he said, looking at me with admiration.

"No, I'm just a woman who loves her family and takes care of them." He frowned slightly.

"You're my pregnant wife. I should be taking care of you." Oh that stubborn male pride.

"Don't worry about it baby. You just focus on getting better so you can run to the store at three in the morning when I get my crazy 6 month cravings." He laughed, seemingly over his unhappiness.

"So how was your first day of school." He asked as I began running my hands through his hair.

"Ugh, long story. Let me get the kids ready for bed then I'll come back down and talk." He nodded and I got up, taking his plate and glass into the kitchen and putting it in the dishwasher. I quickly bathed the twins, putting them in there pajamas and reading them each a story of their choice. I shut off the light in Brandon's room; passing by Maddie's where she was already asleep and went back downstairs.

"So. School." I said, sighing as I sat back on the edge of the couch. "Well it wasn't too bad. All the teachers were accepting of the new kid on the block. Which was extremely weird since most of them taught the new kid." He chuckled. "There was this one kid though. First day of school and he was already late to my class, suggested we have sex in a broom closet, got detention, and gave me the name of hot new bitchy teacher." I saw anger flash in Jasper's eyes and I put my hand on his arm. "Easy cowboy. I'm not worried about what one kid thinks of me. I'm just worried about what he's doing to himself. He's gonna waste his senior year and he's not going to go anywhere and just be stuck in this town with no future. Then there's Arielle who is one of the sweetest 17 year olds I've ever met and she is subjected to being made fun of by a kid who used to be her best friend every day."

"Sounds tough babe. I'm sorry all this happened on your first day. But hey, if anyone can whip these kids into shape, it'll be you." I smiled and kissed him softly. We never let ourselves get carried away these days considering it would just end in us stopping and being frustrated and unsatisfied.

"I should get to bed. Baby Hale is tired." He smiled and rubbed over my baby bump softly.

"Good night Bells."

"Night Jasper." I kissed him one more time before we whispered I love you's and I went upstairs. I quickly got changed into one of Jasper's t-shirts and some sleep shorts before climbing into bed. About and hour later I still couldn't sleep and I heard the bedroom creak open.

"Momma?" I sat up to see Maddie standing in the doorway.

"What's up baby girl?" she walked up to the bed, pausing next to my side.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" her voice was small and I knew something was wrong, but Maddie wasn't as open about her fear as her brother was. I knew it was probably just a bad dream.

"Of course baby. Climb in." I said, pulling back the blankets and scooting over. She immediately curled her tiny body into mine, burying her face in my neck. I rubbed her back, waiting for her breathing to even out.


"Yeah sweetie?"

"I miss hugging daddy." She whispered.

"Me too Maddie. Me too. But daddy will be all better soon and then you can hug him whenever you want." She nodded, snuggling in closer and eventually her breath evened out. A few hours later, I finally fell into a dreamless sleep.

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