10 Things I Hate About You

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Chapter 1

Duncan twittered his fingers as he waited for the counselor to finish his work.

"Hold on one sec, dude," The counselor said as he finished typing.

"Yea sure, whatever."

The counselor closed his computer and pulled out a file.

"So, you're Duncan James. I'm Mr. McClain, but you can just call me Chris. Here's your class schedule… so good luck."

Duncan winced. " Seriously? That's it?"

Chris looked up and thought. "Umm, don't get killed?"

Duncan viciously grabbed his book bag, sarcastically thanked Chris, and exited. About halfway thru his search for his homeroom, Duncan was greeted by, what seemed to be a cowboy.

" 'Sup dude! The name is Geoff, and you must be Duncan," The cowboy said.

"Am I that easy to point out?" Duncan asked, not really paying attention.

"Yea man! It's the piercing and the green scene on your head," Geoff said pointing at his Mohawk. "I'm here to show you around the school."

Duncan and Geoff walked around the entire schoolyard. Geoff pointed out cliques on the way; everything from the geeks to the freaks. After a half-hour, they retired to the cafeteria for lunch.

"So what else do you need to know?" Geoff asked. Duncan looked ahead and smirked.

"I'd like to learn about her," he said, pointing at the girl in a table next to theirs. Geoff choked a little on his food when he saw her.

"That's Courtney Stratford. A real prep, but also extremely popular."

"Interesting," Duncan said with a smile. Geoff turned to him.

"Oh no dude. Don't even bother. She's off limits."

"Does she have a boyfriend?"

"No, but she's a Stratford; it's a known fact that the Stratford sisters aren't allowed to date."

"We'll see about that," Duncan began. "Wait, did you say sisters?"

Geoff loudly gulped. "Yea. There's the sweet Courtney, and the shrew herself…"


"I don't know Heather. There's a difference between like and love. Because I like AP Environmental Science, but I love AP Calculus BC."

"But I don't like either," Heather said to Courtney.

"That's because you're getting C's in all of your classes," Courtney explained.

"Oh," Heather realized. "So are you going to the party tomorrow?"

"Of course not. You know daddy: no parties, no boys."

"That sucks. Not even being able to date? Poor you and your sister." Courtney winced.

"Oh, I wouldn't be sorry for her. She would never date. There's nobody vile enough to date her, or anyone she would like."

"What a freak," Heather stated as they continued to walk by.


"Well I've got a shoot this week, but it's not really a big deal I guess. Just the arms," Justin said as he flexed his arms, "The agency said it was hard to come by triceps like these." DJ rolled his eyes as Justin showed off to a Lindsey and Beth. Justin looked up to see Courtney and Heather walking by. "Hey how are you doing ladies?"

Courtney and Heather turned to him, lightly blushed and walked by.

"Why do you bother Justin?" DJ said, "You know Courtney can't date. Not even you could get her."

"Are you kidding? Even with an insane father I could still get her."

"Want to bet?"

"Nah, money, I've got," Justin began as he devilishly smiled, "This I'll do for fun."

"You know, it's hard to believe that she's related to, well, you know," DJ awkwardly said. Justin shuddered

"Don't remind me."