Okay, I have been absolutely addicted to the game Kingdom Hearts II lately. This popped into my head in a dream, and though the details in my dream were random and unrealistic (such as, Pete had a gun and the Heartless were dressed like Redcoats), so I refined them and penned it down. And here it is. Just to let you know, I haven't finished the game yet, so things are a bit sloppy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts.

Rating: T

Summary: Sora is hurt gravely just as the Heartless rise again. Donald, Goofy, and Kairi set off on a perilous journey to stop the darkness and find a cure before it's too late. (Needs new summary) SoraxKairi may just be a oneshot.

Kingdom Hearts Forever

Chapter One


"Sora! Watch out!" Goofy cried as thousands and thousands of Heartless attacked them. Not as many as they'd ever seen before, but tenfold the amount. They swarmed the air not more than an inch apart, crawled on the ground, came through portals.

The Keyblade smacked into the sides of several of the creatures, the Heartless disappearing into blue mist. But they kept coming even though he was giving it all his strength. They clawed at Sora's legs and he let out a frustrated cry and hit more of them. "There's too many!" The Heartless crawled onto and across the Keyblade towards his head. "Help!"

Donald and Goofy looked up from their battles. Sora gave up on the Keyblade and tried to physically shove the creatures from him. It was no use. Whenever one disappeared, three more came and took its place. Their weak magic, multiplied by their sheer number, was starting to harm Sora. Donald and Goofy tried to pull the Heartless off him, but they let out demonic hissing noises.

"Not helping!" Sora shrieked. They covered his eyes and he couldn't see. Instead, the Heartless began swarming over Donald and Goofy as well. "No!"

"He ha ha!" came the all-too familiar laugh. Pete showed from a dark portal. "Now I've got you where I want you!"

"Pete!" Sora cried, throat hoarse, "What do you want?"

Pete laughed again. "Heartless!" He yelled in summon. The dark creatures, having thoroughly weakened Sora, pulled him forward. He struggled fruitlessly against their grasps. Sora tightened his hands around the Keyblade and swung it around wildly to slay the ones crawling on him. It felt heavier than usual. The Heartless retreated as Sora faced Pete, rigid with weakness.

"Heartless, you have done well," Pete told the creatures, patting one on its head. "See how weak he has become?"

The Heartless hissed in pleasure.

Sora was getting dizzy. "I'm not weak," he lied.

Goofy saw how difficult it was for Sora to remain standing. "Sora, you can't fight him!" He called just as Donald shouted, "Get him, Sora!"

Goofy looked at Donald, puzzled.

Pete took one claw and drew a line from Sora's waist to his shoulder across his heart. Sora crumpled to the ground as Donald and Goofy rushed over. Heartless attacked Goofy, but Donald slipped through. Blood began to darken Sora's shirt. Donald wielded his staff and jumped at Pete, who dismissed Donald with one hit of his arm. Donald shrieked and hit the wall of the canyon they were in.

"I've waited too long to do this," Pete said with a laugh. "Sora, you will make a wonderful Heartless."

"What?" The teen cried, gripping the wound.

"No!" Goofy yelled, adrenaline making his arms ache. He waded through the attacking Heartless, but it was too late. Pete put his hand into his pocket and extracted a brightly glowing black orb. "Maleficent will be so proud of me!" He screamed, pushing the orb into Sora's chest. Sora let out a screech and collapsed.

Pete then waved at Goofy and disappeared.

"Sora!" Goofy cried as Donald fell from where he was stuck to the wall (have mind that this whole thing took place in about a few minute's time). Goofy held Sora up weakly. The teen's eyes rolled back in his head. The remaining Heartless vaporized. Goofy seized Sora's shoulders and shook them. "Sora, wake up, please, wake up!" Tears squeezed from his eyes.

Donald rushed over. "What happened?"

"It's Sora," was all he said.

Donald took Sora's limp hand, still holding the Keyblade. "Is he…?" he couldn't say the next word.

"I don't know." Goofy paled. "We need to see Merlin." Goofy then picked Sora up, despite the fact that Sora was weighed about twice as much as him. He handed the Keyblade to Donald, and Donald let out a sob. "This doesn't feel right," he murmured.

Goofy said nothing. His knees buckled under Sora's weight, but we kept walking anyway. They trudged to the Gummi Ship and went into the cockpit. Goofy set Sora in his chair and Donald set the autopilot for Hollow Bastion.

"Guys, what's going on? I received a distress signal," Chip began on the communication system. He caught sight of Sora. "Oh my god!"

"Chip, tell the king we need him in Hollow Bastion," Donald said dully.

"On it," the chipmunk said in surprisingly down voice. "Is he okay?"

"We don't know." Goofy's hand tightened around the arm of his chair. He fought back tears.

Then the ship took off for Hollow Bastion.

Er… sorry if it's a bit mottled, and the characters are a bit OOC, but like I said, I haven't finished the game. And hissing is what I thought the Heartless would do.

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