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Hermione Potter. A Death Eater's Nightmare



Chapter1. First kill



Twenty four year old Hermione Potter, no longer resembled Hermione Granger Hogwarts student, best friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She had been an outstanding student, always receiving top marks. Together they had ended Voldemort's rule of evil, she had thought they could face just about anything together.

She had looked stunningly beautiful and gentle on the day of her wedding. She and Harry had had twelve months of wonderful marriage, she had been a perfect wife, him the perfect husband, they were, in her eyes perfect for each other.

Now the difference was astounding she was clad head to foot in black dragon skin leather. Tight dragon skin jeans and top with a long flowing overcoat. Her once bushy hair was now dressed to be wavy and was tied back in a pony tail.

She could hear the death eater as he was creeping slowly toward her as she hid around the corner, as he stepped into view there was a swish, a scream, and the death eater watched as his hand rolled away still clutching his wand.

After wiping the blood from her sword on the cringing death eater's cloak; Hermione sheathed the sword that had once been Godric Gryffindors. Terrified the death eater trembled as he grovelled in the gutter trying to stem the flow of blood from his severed arm.

"Give me names; who killed Harry Potter, I want the names of those who killed my husband," Hermione looked down on him, no sign of pity on her face at all.

"I don't know, I swear I don't know,"

"This is the last chance you get, tell me or you go to meet Voldemort."

Her brown eyes were like ice and the look she gave him made his blood run cold, "Avery was there, that's all I know."

She looked at him then turned to walk away; he thought he had been spared until another swish parted his head from his shoulders.

"Tell Voldemort you are the first of many coming to join him," she whispered as she walked away.

She walked slowly back to the cottage she had rented, it was sparsely furnished, just a hard chair and a table in the living room were all she had; the bedroom had a single mattress set up on the floor, the rest of the house was given over to martial arts equipment.

Harry had died three years ago to the day. He had been ambushed by the remaining death eaters while he was visiting an orphanage. They had killed him slowly, disfiguring him almost beyond recognition, some thing had snapped in her at his funeral. She had disappeared that afternoon and for three long hard years had been hidden away in Tibet, training with the wizarding monks at a temple. Today was her first day back in the Wizarding community of Britain.

The small death eaters meeting was underway, they were sitting around a table trying to figure out how to find Harry Potter's mudblood wife Hermione, they wanted the job completed, no Potter was to be left alive.

A silent figure stepped from the shadows and struck swiftly, three of the five men died instantly. The slash of the sword gave them no time to know they were dying. The two remaining men scanned the room but could see no one; standing at the table in shock they slowly drew their wands.

Then the table lifted suddenly and with force hitting them both full in the face one was unlucky receiving only a broken nose, the other collapsed his neck broken. She stood from under the now shattered table, her sword at the last ones throat.

"I want names, who killed Harry Potter, who killed my husband?" the death eater sobbed as amber liquid ran over his shoes a dark patch showing on his trousers, pleading for his life even as he knew he had met his death bringer.

The blade of Godric's sword pressed harder into his throat, he tried to swallow but could not, and shaking from head to foot he told her "It was Draco Malfoy and his squad."

"where do I find them she asked?" the ice in her eyes left him in no doubt his life hung by a tiny thread, "I don't know," he whimpered and he felt the blade cut deep stopping the air to his lungs, "Wrong answer," was all she said.

Ginny read the article from the paper to Neville as he fed 'Ron' their three year old son some chocolate.

The unknown assailant struck again yesterday, (killing four death eaters instantly), at an inn just outside Hogsmeade village. The innkeeper is being questioned, according to healer Smethwick all four were struck down with some sort of blade. The last one was killed while on his knees, from the position of the bodies it appears this one did not die instantly, this editor wonders if he was made to talk.

"What do you make of that Nev, that's eleven this week, if this keeps up you will be out of a job," Ginny poured the tea as she spoke.

"Well who ever it is they certainly don't like death eaters, bit messy though using Muggle weapons," Neville did not look too concerned, as far as he was bothered if someone happened to kill off all the death eaters that were left then he would get to spend more time with his family.

As the days and weeks passed Death eaters were getting hard to find. Their numbers had fallen even faster since Hermione had returned. She had overheard a short conversation in the Hogshead and it had led her to where she now stood dismantling the feeble charms that hid Malfoy mansion.

The guard outside the mansion main entrance looked down in surprise at his chest, a gleaming steel blade stuck out from it like some odd adornment; he reached up to feel if it was actually real, it was the last move he ever made as the blade was withdrawn from his heart.

Inside the Malfoys often boasted about mansion every where was decorated in Slytherin colours of green and silver, she thought how awful it all was as she entered a bedroom to the left of the stairs. Draco's mother was there getting dressed but before she had time to shout a warning, she was sent to be with her husband and the other dead death eaters. A quick flick and the sword had travelled across the room in a smooth arc ending up embedded in her heart and the wardrobe behind her.

Neville read the morning paper to Ginny as they ate lunch,

Seven bodies were delivered this morning to the ministry of magic; all have been identified as former death eaters. All died a most gruesome death, the worst being one Draco Malfoy, who though retaining his human head had the mutilated body of a ferret.

This reporter was actually on the scene at the time and I can honestly say that some one out there is a death eaters nightmare…

"Who ever that reporter is they should award him a prize for understatement of the year. If this slayer of death eaters keeps this up there will be no one left for the rest of us to play with. You know what's really funny there isn't a single Auror who has a clue who it might be," Neville said as he turned from the front page to see how Puddlemere were doing this week.



Hermione Weasley, A Death Eater's Nightmare.

Chapter 2



Hermione the slayer

A faint smile was on her lips as she read the newspaper.

'The slayer strikes again! Fear is raging through the ranks of known ex death eaters and possible ex death eaters. It seems there is no one that can escape the horror that stalks them. Being a reformed death eater it seems is no longer a way to escape justice…

'Hermione the slayer, hmm I rather think that suits me', she thought as she donned her disguise for the day.

Today she was going to the Potter family graveyard. It was time she paid a visit to her beloved's grave. She had not been to tend it since she had left the country three and a half years ago, plus the fact she had heard of a plot by death eaters to kidnap her old friend who was now Ginny Longbottom, she was the only one who visited the grave regularly.

By the time she was ready to leave her cottage, not even her mother would recognize her. She with her muggle stage make up was now an old woman, her straggly grey hair dangling from the battered old hat. The walking stick she used concealed her wand, and the tatty old red cloak kept her sword hidden.

Ginny Longbottom was placing new flowers on Harry's grave when the old lady limped toward the head stone. She discreetly kissed the picture of her husband, holding back for later the tears that wanted so desperately to fall to the ground and join him in his wait for her.

Ginny watched thinking 'poor old dear, needs new glasses if she has to get that close to see who it is'.

"Can I help?" Ginny asked.

"No, no thank you dear, I just came to pay my respects to a man who once saved my life."

Hermione's voice rasped the words out slowly and brokenly her acting helped by the choked up feeling in her throat.

"I knew him when he was young, such good and wonderful young man."

Slowly she turned and started to walk away; leaving Ginny to ponder who the old lady was that came to visit her friends grave.

Ginny did not see the three men who were approaching her; she was to preoccupied arranging the vase of flowers and cleaning away dead leaves.

They were just a few feet away when she heard the gasp behind her; it was followed by a small croaking sound. Spinning around while pulling her wand Ginny was just in time to see the old lady sever the last of the three Death Eaters clean through the middle.

She looked on horrified as the death eater realised his fate, and she saw the fear in his eyes as he toppled over. The top half of his torso hit the ground first falling to the right; his lower body and legs falling last toward the left.

"Sorry you had to see that dear." the old lady said as she wiped her sword clean on the Death Eaters cloak before she walked slowly away. Ginny, strong though she was fainted, that's where her mother found her just two minutes later.

Walking back to her cottage gave Hermione time to think about Ginny, about their friendship. All the discussions they had shared about love and boys. A single tear rolled its lonely way down her cheek; she had not had a friend to talk too for quite some time now.

In her guise as an old lady, Hermione discovered the hideout of more death eaters. They were actually hiding in the closed and boarded up Flourish and Blotts. 'The sheer bloody nerve' she thought.

Two days later, one lonely Death Eater was bemoaning his turn to be on watch as he paced up and down five steps one way five steps back. It was much too warm for him to be standing here under a cloak. She heard him as he talked quietly to him self "huh! As though some one would dare to attack us, right here in Diagon Alley." It was his very last thought. He did not hear the swish from the blade as it took away his life. He was no longer complaining of being too warm, though he may well soon be complaining it was way to hot.

Hermione crept slowly over the roof top of the building, and finding an open sky light she lowered her self cat like to the hallway below. Carefully checking all the rooms out as she passed them on her silent search for the enemy. Entering the third room she found someone she had thought dead.

"You!" he said, disbelief and terror on his face.

"Yes Peter it's me," she answered him with a tight smile.

A terrified Peter Pettigrew turned himself into a rat and scurried across the room, but he was to slow. She spoke as she held him under her foot, "This is the last time you will ever get to see anyone, goodbye Peter say hello to Riddle for me." she pressed her full weight down slowly.

Before she left the room she took out her wand, and returned a crushed Petigrew back to his human body shape. "Just so people know you." she said as she left the room to go in search of more death eaters.


Yesterday Flourish and Botts was the scene of carnage as ministry Aurors bought out eight bodies. All had been killed by the slayer. Nobody knows how entry was gained but it led to the death amongst others, of the notorious criminal Peter Pettigrew. A ministry spokesman said he had been crushed by a huge force of some unknown kind.




Molly Weasley read the article to her husband, "Arthur, does anybody know who this slayer is."

"No dear, the only person to have seen the slayer was our Ginny and she claims that it was an old lady." Arthur Weasley answered thinking he would like to shake the hand of the slayer in person.

Just then Neville, Ginny, and little Ron arrived at the Burrow.

"Thought we'd pop over for lunch." Ginny told her parents.

"We were just discussing who this slayer could be." Molly told them as they both sat down.

"I don't care if it's the Queen herself, she saved Ginny from the death eaters. In my book that makes who ever it is ok." said Neville seriously.

"I second that." Arthur said.


Alone in her cottage Hermione sat at the table writing a letter.

Dear Ginny,

I will be arriving back soon. I would like to visit the Burrow on Saturday, at lunch time.

Would you be able to be there?

I don't know if I can face your Parents alone since Harry is gone.

Your friend.