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Hermione Potter. A Death Eater's Nightmare



Chapter 7



The End



It had taken over six month's work tracking down and exposing those left in the wizarding community who had willing financed and helped Voldemort. The first of her prey had been easy to find, Mr Borgin of Borgin and Burks. She had had him sent to Azkaban prison for aiding in the murder of Albus Dumbledore. It had been much easier to get a prosecution now that Arthur Weasley was the Minister of Magic, for the first time in a very long time gold would not sway the minister, this time they had an honest man in the position.

Other Voldemort supporters had followed, some for hiding death eaters, some for giving financial aid. The work involved had been exhausting and Hermione was pleased she was on the trail of her last quarry, it was hard to pin anything on him, he had covered his tracks well, that was till the day she had a message from Neville.

'Hermione, need to see you urgent, I know Herod will find you, hopefully it wont take him to long, please come to the Burrow soon as you can, love Nev'

She read the piece of parchment several times as she made her way back from Diagon Alley to her cottage; Herod had found her as she had left the potions shop. All the way home the message intrigued her, she had not heard from Neville or Ginny since she had been injured, and she told herself it must be important for the owl to spend time searching for me.

Hermione changed her clothes, once more she dressed to please Harry, 'I know he can't see me but he would like this outfit' she told her self as she looked into the mirror, she wore a black pleated knee length skirt with a black shirt and a white scarf, her hair hung low down her back rather like Ginny's, she had spent a long time in a Muggle hairdressers having it thinned and styled, finally she chose a dark brown cloak and low heeled black shoes to finish the outfit, pleased with the result she set out for the Burrow.

Arriving at the Burrow just five minutes later, a great fuss was made of her by all the Weasley's there including Ginny; Hermione guessed by her reception that Neville and Ginny had not told them of her secret.

Molly gave her a hug and remarked about how thin she felt, "You need to come home so I can feed you up properly," she said as she let Arthur welcome her with a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Hermione remembered how much she had missed this loving family, and all the happy times she had spent in their company.

After the evening meal was finished and the dishes washed Neville and Ginny asked her if she felt like joining them on a walk in the garden, she agreed readily, eager to know what it was that Neville wanted to see her about.

Neville told her that Umbridge had been pleading to speak to the slayer for more than two weeks, "She say's she has some vital information for you,"

While Hermione thought about this Ginny said "Hermione are you ready to tell us why yet, why you left and why you changed so much?"

Hermione promised she would tell them both after she had done this last task, "I just have to serve justice to one more, then it will be over."

The following morning Hermione had dressed similar to a Muggle lawyer, and was now waiting in the ministry of magic holding cells, a few minutes after her arrival three Auror's escorted their prisoner Umbridge into the cell.

"I asked to see the slayer," Umbridge shouted at her guard as they left her with Hermione.

"I am here representing the slayer, and as nobody knows who that is, you will need to speak to me," Hermione said coldly.

"I will only speak to the slayer," Umbridge said a little quieter.

"Well if that is the case then its back to prison for you, I will tell my client you would not talk, goodbye." Hermione turned and started to open the door.

"Do you have full authority to act for the slayer?" Umbridge almost whispered.

"What exactly do you have to say?" Hermione asked turning to face the despised woman, who now sat whimpering on the sole chair in the room.

"I can give you the one who authorised the attack on Potter; I can give you details of his private vault and where it can be found. It is full of gold and possessions taken from those killed by the death eaters." Umbridge's eyes had that evil piggy look in them.

"And what do you want for this information?" Hermione asked with an ice cold stare at the multi-limbed evil that was Dolores Umbridge.

"I want my hands back, ask the slayer if I can have my hands back, so I can at least feed myself and wash myself," Umbridge was in tears her voice pleading.

"You will get what you ask for as soon as we have the information," Hermione told her, "I will return with the minister, when you have given him the information and he has verified it as true I will see to it, you will get all I promised you."

Hermione waited in the ministers office he had left to arrest Cornelius Fudge, two hours later Arthur and Neville entered the office.

"You should have seen the stuff that Fudge had stocked up, it will take us weeks to sort out which families it all belongs to," Neville said as Arthur made them all a cup of tea.

"I did not want to believe it," Arthur said as he finally sat in his chair, sipping his tea, "Fudge had been in on some of the very first crimes reported, he even had some of the Potter family silver and gold. I never saw such a greedy man. He is even now being sentenced by the Wizengamot, they will most likely give him life. I doubt he will ever see freedom again," Arthur told her.

She smiled "I have to see Umbridge before I leave, after all I want to keep my word."

Umbridge was bought back to the holding cell, where Hermione waited for her, "It seems your information was correct, so you will get what you asked for, goodbye."

Umbridge failed to notice the way Hermione said "What you asked for." so she eagerly stood to let the spell be cast upon her.

The blood curdling scream echoed through all the levels of the ministry making people stop to listen as it echoed off the walls


Back at the Burrow Hermione had placed her few belongings into Ginny's old room, she had moved back in, but she was staying just for the week. She had her own home and her own parents to see and many years of being away from them to make up for.

Molly was over the moon she was so happy that Hermione had come home, she was a little less happy when Hermione told her how long she was going to stay.

Later that evening Hermione left the Burrow to visit Neville and Ginny, she owed them an answer and was now ready to tell them, sitting in the Longbottom living room watching the flames lick the firebrick at the back of the old fireplace Neville asked what had happened to Umbridge.

"Well she wanted her hands back, so I turned her into the thing she fears and hates the most, a centaur," Hermione said casually as if it were normal to turn people into centaurs, then she began to explain why she had done the things she had, why she had changed so much, she told them she had been pregnant when Harry had been so brutally murdered, three months to be precise.

He had been so happy; they were going to tell everyone the good news that night, instead he never came home, and after the funeral Hermione had been rushed to a Muggle hospital by her father, but it was to late, she had lost the baby, the doctor had told her father that it was the severe stress she was suffering from.

She then went away to recuperate and to get her life back together, but she found without Harry and without her baby. She could not just return to a normal life, so she went to Tibet and there she trained in a monastery. She found focus for her life in the need for revenge, so she swore to her dead husband and son that she would get every death eater left.

Hermione started to cry as the stress released Neville and Ginny both stood and hugged her, the three of them were huddled in front of the fire when Neville gasped. The two women looked at him then they turned to see what he was staring at, then they too gasped. There across the room stood a glowing Harry and a little black haired boy.

"Have a long and happy life Hermione my love," Harry said, a small smile was on his face, a deep look of sadness in his eyes.

"We will be waiting for you when your time comes mummy, we promise," the little boy said as they slowly faded away.

The End