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Pairings: Ironhide and Mikaela, Optimus and Bumblebee.


"Ratchet are you sure this won't hurt them." Mikaela asked with fear in her eyes. "Don't worry Mikaela I checked, double checked ,and triple checked everything, and I swear to you this is completely harmless. Everything will be alright." He said. Mikaela relaxed a little. "Just press this button and when the green light comes on press the button again. Okay?" "Okay." Mikaela answered. Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Ratchet walked into the machine. Mikaela did what she was told she pressed the button and waited for the green light to come on. Once it did come on she pressed the button again and waited for them to come out. Sure enough they did. Mikaela blushed and placed her hand over her mouth to cover a smile.

Optimus came out. He was tall, with brownish, red hair, and was muscular. But he wasn't as muscular as Ironhide, who was a little bit taller with short, black hair and grey eyes. Bumblebee was the same height as Sam with long blond hair and blue eyes. Then Ratchet came, he was lean with black hair with grey on the sides he was taller than Bumblebee , but smaller than Optimus. That wasn't why she was smiling though. She was smiling because all four of them were butt ass naked!!

"Why are you laughing, Mikaela?" Bumblebee asked puzzled. "You guys are…mm…Wow!!" "You guys should put these on." She tossed them towels to put them around their waists. Sam came rushing. "OOOOHHHH!!" Sam looked the other way. "You guys covered yet?" He asked. "Yeah they are." Mikaela answered. "What should we do now?" Optimus asked her. "We should go to the mall to get you guys some clothes." She replied. "Looking like this?!" Ironhide gasped. "No, I'm pretty sure my dad has some clothes you can borrow." she said reassuring him. Ironhide sighed with relief.


They got to the mall and Mikaela grabbed Bumblebee's hand and they ran off to the men's department as the others followed.

"Oh my god!!! You guys should try on this with that, that with this, those with these, this will definitely go with these and that with those. Now try them on!!" she said throwing them piles of clothes to try on.

It took a while 'til they were done. Bumblebee came out with a black t-shirt with yellow outline and blue shorts. "Oh, Bumblebee you look too cute!" Mikaela smiled. Next Ironhide came out with a white long sleeve shirt though the sleeves were scrunched up to his elbows and baggy blue jeans and white shoes. "`Hide you look so sexy!" He blushed to what she said. Optimus was up next he had Blue t-shirt and blue jeans. "Lovin' the color blue on you Optimus!" Ratchet finally came out wearing jeans and a buttoned up shirt. "Looking hot Ratchet!" She smiled again and they all went to the food court. "What's everyone in the mood for?" She asked. "MMM!! That looks appetizing." Ratchet pointed to a pizzeria place.

Mikaela sat between Optimus and Ironhide. And she felt so small compared to them. They both were so big and tall.

Her phone rang and she looked at her caller ID and it was Sam. She excused herself and went to somewhere private. It's been two months since they broke up. Tears ran down her face as they argued for what seemed like forever.

"Mikaela?" A deep voice called for her. She spun around and saw Ironhide. "Ironhide what are you doing here?" She asked. "Well the waiter came by and we didn't know what you wanted on your pizza. But more importantly what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm okay." she said wiping her tears. "Are you sure?" He placed an arm around her shoulder. "Yeah I'm sure. Thanks for asking though." and they went back to the restaurant.


They entered the door to the base they all were so exhausted, especially Bumblebee who was carried in by Optimus. He laid him down on his bed and and Optimus went to his own room to take a nap. Ratchet went off to the lab. Ironhide sat down on the couch and turned on the television. A knock came from the door and Mikaela answered it, but she wasn't happy to see who it was. There was Sam standing in the door way. " We need to talk." He spoke with a serious tone. "Well let's do it in the kitchen." She said guiding him to the room.

Ironhide slowly closed his eyes but they flew open when he heard a shatter. He and Ratchet raced off to the kitchen and found Mikaela with another bottle in her hand and a broken bottle on the floor. "I want you out of here NOW!!" she screamed and was aiming the bottle at Sam. Ironhide quickly grabbed her and Ratchet grabbed Sam taking him out of the room. Ironhide took Mikaela out to the porch. She was angry and hot tears came rushing out of her eyes as she balled up her fists. Ironhide tried to take the bottle out of her hand before she did something stupid with it. "I want him gone, I want him gone NOW!" She cried. "Okay, Okay SSHH! It'll be okay." He embraced her with a hug. She continued to cry into his chest as he rubbed her back trying to calm her.

There was about 30 minutes of crying and it was already 11:00p.m.. "Mikaela where do you stay?" He asked her softly. She sniffled before she answered. "Well I used to stay with Sam, but now I stay at a motel." She wiped away some of her tears. "Well why don't you sleep in my room tonight." he suggested. "But where will you sleep?" She looked up into his gray eyes. "I'll sleep on the couch, it's better here than at some hotel." he gave a warm smile and she smiled back.

He carried her to his room and placed her on his bed. "Thank you `Hide. She said before he left the room. "Your welcome. Sleep tight." He turned off the light and closed the door.

Ironhide trudged slowly to the couch and fell fast asleep.


The next morning Mikaela woke up to the smell of bacon. She walked to the kitchen and saw Optimus cooking breakfast. "Hey Mikaela how do you want your eggs?" He asked with a good morning smile on his face. "Sunny side up please and how do you know how to cook breakfast?" she asked. He pointed to a cook book obviously. "Good morning!" Bumblebee said as he walked up to Optimus placing a kiss on his lips. He sat down next to Mikaela. "Since when did you and Optimus became a thing?" She whispered to him with a smile on her face. "Before we became human." He smiled at her. Ratchet walked in patting both Mikaela's and Bumblebee's heads. "You play too much Ratchet." Mikaela said laughing. Ratchet gave a smile and Ironhide walked in and took a seat next to Mikaela. "Good morning, sleepy head." she smiled. "Hey." He yawned.

After they all ate breakfast they decided to go somewhere fun. They went to a fair. They all splitted up Optimus went with Bumblebee to the Ferris Wheel, Ratchet went to the arcade, and Mikaela went to with Ironhide to the roller coasters. They spent all day at the fair.

It was getting dark and Ironhide walked with Mikaela to the pier where they watched the fire works. It was cold so Mikaela huddled up to him. Ironhide wrapped his arm around her shoulder. And they looked up to watch the fire in the sky.

They got back and Bumblebee was past out in Optimus's arm again, and Ratchet fell asleep before he got his room so Ironhide and Mikaela carried him to his room. Mikaela went to change into her pajamas. She wore a pink pajama shirt and white pajama shorts. She walked into the kitchen to get a drink. She passed the sliding glass door that led to the porch and she saw Ironhide staring at the stars.

"Why are you out here?" she said as she walked up beside him. "Oh I just like looking up at the stars." He told her. "You miss Chromia don't you?" She asked. "Very." He sighed. She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "It'll be okay `Hide." She said. "I just can't believe she's gone." He said tearing up. "I know how you feel. Me and my Grammy were close to each other and ever since she died I felt I could never trust or love someone as much as I did with my Grammy. Until you came.." She trailed off. He slowly looked down at her. She gave him a huge hug and he hugged her back tightly. They pulled away from the embrace and they looked into each other's eyes. Ironhide slowly dipped his head and placed his lips upon hers. She wrapped her arms around her neck as she kissed back. They finally pulled away for air and Ironhide carried her back to the room. He closed the door with his heel and he placed her on his bed. He took off his shoes and shirt and crawled up next her. She scooted next to him and placed a kiss on his lips and they fell asleep in each others arms.


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