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Ok this chapter is going to focus on Bumblebee and Optimus since I have yet to focus a chapter on them…it's been either Mikaela and Ironhide or Clay and Ratchet/Magnetis so this chappie will be on Bumblebee and Optimus and the other chapter will be on Ratchet and Titania…happy? Thought so.

"Ugh! There's nothing to do!" Bumblebee complained stretching himself out on the bed where him and Optimus lay. His blonde hair was splashed out in every direction.

"Well babe, what do you want to do today?" Optimus asked him as he exited their bathroom with a towel only covering him. Steam rose in the air making it quite humid in the bedroom.

Bumblebee quickly rose up on his elbows and glanced at his lover. Optimus's hair was wet n messy. Droplets of water slowly running down his chiseled features.

"Oh Primus." Bumblebee whispered to himself.

"Pardon?" Optimus asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"I know exactly what I want to do." Bumblebee said getting up and slowly made his way to Optimus. He had a mischievous smiled placed on his face as he stood in front of his leader.

"Follow my lead." Bumblebee said as he placed a hand on Optimus's towel and tugged…

Clay walked down the hallway softly humming a familiar tune…"Alejandro"…as he heard a loud 'THUMP' come from Bumblebee's and Optimus's door.

"Jesus! Those to cannot take a break can't they?" he spoke to himself slightly shaking his head.

"Yo Clay!" Magnetis called from his bedroom. "I'm coming!" Clay answered and continued to walk to his room.

Bumblebee was tossed on to the bed bouncing back up and landing back down. Optimus crawled on top of him. His veins running up his muscular arms. Drops of water fell from Optimus shiny black hair and onto Bumblebee's cheeks.

Optimus smiled down at him showing his sparkling white teeth. "Are you gonna keep on smiling, or are you gonna make love to me hotshot?" Bumblebee wrapped his bare legs around Optimus's waist tightly.

"Hmm." Optimus smiled into a kiss with his lover. It was soft yet passionate. Bumblebee grabbed Optimus's face in his hands. His stubble prickling Bumblebee's hands.

"I. Want. You. To. Be. Rough." Bumblebee commanded in a whisper in between warm kisses.

"As you wish babe." Optimus obeyed and before Bumblebee knew it his back was replaced from the warm, soft bed to the cold, hard wall. He was pressed up against the wall hard, but he didn't care his arms and legs were wrapped around Optimus's wet, hot body tightly as Optimus was fixated on Bumblebee's neck.

Optimus's use the wall as leverage as his hands groped Bumblebee's butt making him moan out loud.

"You like that babe?" Optimus asked.

"Don't ask stupid questions." Bumblebee answered, his voice husky.

"Mmmm that voice is addicting." Optimus moaned.

"Oh you like this voice, eh?" Bumblebee teased. "Oh Primus yes!" Optimus moaned louder still nibbling on Bumblebee's neck.

Optimus took Bumblebee and threw him back onto the bed. This time he jumped on top of him and rip off Bumblebee's shirt with hardly an effort put into it.

"Take me baby." Bumblebee sighed.

Mikaela walked passed the hall with Ironhide after coming back from their date.

"Okay we seriously need to tell Clay and Mag about that restaurant. They'll love it!" Mikaela said walking past Bumblebee's door when they heard a loud moan.

"OH YES GIVE IT TO ME!" screamed Bumblebee.

Mikaela turned to Ironhide with a horrid look planted on her face. Ironhide's face was just the same. Disgusted they quickly ran into their room before they could hear anymore of Bumblebee's pleasurable moans.

Bumblebee was pressed up against the headboard of the bed with Optimus's member deep inside his warmth. Bumblebee's nails dug deep into the wood as Optimus fucked him hard and fast.

Bumblebee's butt felt sore, but it was drowned out by pleasure given to him by his lover. "Yeah fuck this ass." Bumblebee ordered, his eyes closed and Optimus working on his lower lip.

Optimus was quick to reach his climax and erupted into his little Bumblebee.

Bumblebee has yet to reach his point and he got a quick idea that drew a devilish smile on his face.

"Hey baby?" he asked.

"Yeah." Optimus answered, pulling out of Bumblebee.

"Turn around and bend down on all fours." Bumblebee ordered.

"Haha, Okay." Optimus chuckled and did as he was told.

Bumblebee quickly grabbed the lube and lubed up his cock.

"What are you plan- AH!" Optimus screamed as Bumblebee drove his length into Optimus's tight hole. "Fuck!" Optimus bit down on his lips hard, his eyes squeezed shut.

"Hmm yes. You like that baby?" Bumblebee asked slamming into Optimus.

"Fuck! It hurts!" Optimus said his eyes still squeezed shut.

That's right. Optimus is still a virgin anally. Bumblebee remembered and slowed down his pace so that Optimus could get used to him.

It took a few thrusts before Optimus felt pain turn into sweet, sweet pleasure. Bumblebee placed his hand on Optimus hips to keep him in place.

Before too long Bumblebee finally reached his climax and busted into Optimus.

Optimus's head shot up and he blew the hair out of his eyes and sighed. Primus it felt so good. Bumblebee slowly pulled out of Optimus and they both collapsed on the bed. Both breathing heavily.

Bumblebee chuckled and turn onto his stomach and faced his lover who was laying on his back looking up at the ceiling.

"You know," Bumblebee chuckled "I kinda like this topping position…do you think you can settle with me being versatile instead of bottom?"

"Haha! Of course…but remember…you're my little Bumblebee." Optimus said and kissed his lover fully on the lips passionately.

Mikaela and Clay sat in Michaela's bedroom with Ironhide and Magnetis.

"I propose that we build soundproof walls." Clay proposed.

"Agreed!" they all said.

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