Bella Cullen

Chapter 13

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"I can't believe you made me drink beer for that dude! He's awesome, but I was puking for ages!"

"Emmett, shut the hell up or I'll have you eating dogfood" Rosalie threatened.

I sat in the lounge with my laptop, listening to Emmet; I couldn't help but roll my eyes. He'd done nothing but complain about having to drink beer for the last hour and I was getting more and more frustrated by the moment. An idle thought crossed my mind, causing Alice to burst into giggles.

'Don't you dare,' she threatened me from acoss the room once her laughter had subsided. 'I worked too hard on his tux for you to paint anything on it.'

We spent that day just relaxing, watching sports, playing internet poker; we played 2 of us Cullens per table, hustling the poor humans out of their money. I felt a little bad, but we really weren't doing anything illegal, or even extraordinary, just calculating our odds; fast.

After winning about $400,000 from some guy named Phil Ivy, we shut up our laptops and the boys turned on the game while us girls went to get ready. Alice had, strangely, put me in a prototype dressing gown she had whipped up out of the shredded amethyst chiffon she had accidentally ripped the other day. I was last in line to get dressed, although I didn't mind.

We all helped Esme with her hair, makeup and outfit. Her dress was a royal blue sweetheart style sheath. Below the knees it became a swirling mass of material which would flair for a good 2 feet out from her, if she spun fast enough.

Next was Rosalie, who had decided on the red georgette; out of character she had chosen a conservative, floor length Grecian style dress which used plaited material for the thrice crossed belt and shoulder straps. Alice and I had spent ages plaiting the two strands of matching georgette with the one strand of satin. The effect that it achieved was subtle yet interesting.

Alice designed, for herself, a gold and purple corset dress which used the juxtaposition of the opposing colours to draw attention away from her luminous white skin. Although the style of the civil war was well out of fashion, Alice managed to bring some of the elements of the style from Jasper's time into the design of the dress with a small bustle.

While Alice was getting ready, the doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

"Edward." I greeted him. He beamed in return.

"Oh Bella, you look amazing!" I ushered him in the door as I laughed.

"Edward, I'm not even dressed yet."

He looked embarrassed for a moment. "Then I guess you look amazing, even in your robe." He said confidently, and then blushed deeply. I almost sighed; the sight was so beautiful.

Once I snapped out of admiring his blush, I remembered what he said. If I were human, I could have blushed.

"I have to go and get dressed now. The rest of the men are in the lounge. They should start getting ready soon, so they'll show you where your tux is and where you can change."

"Thank you", he said.

I nodded. "See you soon."

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