!!*STORY START*!!(Lemony Chapter)

"Zack, honey, do you know where Cody is?," Carrie asked, walking into the hotel room. She slid off her rings and other jewelry items on the table and then walked over to the fridge, opening it. She searched for the apple pie she had made the night before, but only to find it had all been eaten.

"How the fuck would i know where that Emo fuck is?," Zack retorted angrily, his thumb slamming down on the channel button as rage swelled up inside him.

"Now zack!," Carrie exclaimed. "Cody is just going through a phase, im sure he'll be back to normal soon."

Zack's eyes narrowed. She didn't know. She hasn't seen the marks on Cody's precious body. "He comes home late, he's fucking failing, he's dropped all of his dork clubs, and have you seen the clothes he wears?"

Carrie grimaced, and she pulled out a bag of lettuce, setting it on the counter cutting board. She took a knife and started carefully cutting it, her finger nails tucking into her palm so the wouldn't get cut off. "He's just going through a phase, baby. It's okay."

She was trying to make it seem like the world was a rainbow. She wanted to believe that it was just a time in Cody's like when he was......hormonal. "The skinny jeans and stud belts look cute on her frame," she said, and her eyes widened.

Zack zapped the t.v off, throwing the remote to the ground. "HER?!?," he yelled at his mother.

Carrie blushed. "Oh, sorry, Zackey. I was just thinking of London and Maddie," she lied quickly.

Zack hmf'ed, slouching deeper into the couch.

The door opened, and Carrie looked up from her now salad bowl, setting down the ranch dressing. Zack didn't bother looking up.

A sixteen year-old skinny-framed male walked in. He had the Emo cut; his hair was black with blood-red on top. The chains on his purple skinny jeans swayed as he walked in, and he didn't bother taking of his black jeans. The male had (bruised) pink lips that glimmered with lip gloss that had tried to go over the rough cuts that indented the beautiful pink tissue. A simple, weak amount of eyeliner and mascara hung over Cody's eyes—and Zack could tell it had been re-applied recently(there were faint streaks down the males pink cheeks) Cody pulled his tight grey and black stripped jacket closer, and he shuddered.

And oh god, he was fucking sexy. Actually, he was sexy and cute.

It depended on his mood.

"Hey mum," he said, walking into the kitchen. He smiled kindly. Cute mood. "Is there anymore shrimp?"

"Sorry, hun, no. But you can order some if you like."

Carrie had been more open to ordering out now that she made extremely well money.

"Nah, no t-thanks." His 'thanks' cracked due to a pain that racked up his spine when he shook his head. He winced, and quickly turned away, striding over to the bathroom and slamming the door shut and locking it.

Carrie raised an eyebrow, and then shrugged, eating another peace of lettuce.

Zack starred at the television, angry.

Finally, he stood up, stretched, and walked over to the phone, typing in the Room Service number.

"Room Service?" came Maddie's sweet reply. She worked Room Service when she had free time, just for the extra money.

"Can you get me a shrimp cocktail plate, and a raspberry pie," Zack said, knowing she would do it even if he hadn't put the 'Can you' part.

He heard Maddie's tone change. "Do you want anything, Zack?"

Zack shook his head, then thought about it, and nodded. "Sweet and sour chicken."

Maddie hmm'ed. "Okay...."

Zack was about to hang up but the abrupt call of his name told him not to. "Yes?," he asked.

"Zack....don't you think if Cody wanted food he would call?"

"Well Maddie, don't you think if he didn't want the food he wouldn't finish it every night?," Zack retorted icily.

"Gah....sorry Zack, i didn't mean to sound rude."

Zack nodded. "It's okay, bye." And he hung up.

"Im going to go piss," Zack informed his mom, walking over to the bathroom.

He opened the door and then shut it quickly.

He looked over to Cody who was slowly sliding into a bathtub filled with ice cubes. His arms were tense as they held him up from going all the way into the ice water. His head was thrust back and he was biting his lip, his eyes pressed together tightly in pain.

He didn't bother to look over when the door opened, just kept trying to drown all his sores and bruises and cuts and whip marks.

Zack sat down on the edge of the tub, looking to his brother's nude, torn, and ripped body with soft eyes. "Are you okay?," he asked.

Cody didn't reply, just slowly slid an inch more into the water. Finally, his brother was officially submerged into the ice block water, and he rested his head back on a towel pillow, his eyelids lightening up.

It was silent, and Zack simply stared at his brother.

Finally, he sighed, looking away—to the marble sink, in fact. "......How long are you going to go on like this?"

"....I don't know."

"Are you going to tell me who's doing this?"

"There's a list. I don't even know half of them, because they blindfold me."

"So your not even going to fight?!"

Cody's eyes topaz eyes snapped open, and Zack could see the rage in them. "You try doing what im doing, Zack! I do fight. I protest like a fucking gay mafia, but that still doesn't make them stop! That actually makes them get bigger."

Zack grimaced. "You're an idiot. We should get the cops on their asses."

"Just shut up and go away, i don't want your damn pity. You've never cared about me; I'm an outcast. Either im a dorky geek or I'm a Emo fag prostitute." Cody's eyelids had nestled over his eyes once more, and it became silent.

"You shouldn't talk about yourself that way," Zack murmured. He lightly grabbed Cody's chin, lifting his face up. Cody opened one eye.

Zack pressed his lips softly against his now-barely-twin-like brothers. It was not really a kiss, and if it was, it was simple.

"I love you," Zack whispered, breaking apart from his brothers and looking into his tearful eyes.


"Foods here," Zack said. Then he stood up and walked out the bathroom.

Cody finished the last bite of his shrimp cocktail, and then pushed it away onto the table beside his bed. He let Carrie take his raspberry pie—simply because it was too much pain to lift a fork and chunk off a piece and then raise it into his mouth and then chew it with an abused tongue and swallow from a worn out throat.

Zack was sound asleep—just like his dear mother. Zack snored lightly, and all seemed peaceful.

A light wind passed through the two boys room, not really helping with the humidness.

Cody shuddered, pulling his blanket closer as he felt a prickly icy feeling overcome his body, sending his arm hairs on end.

He buried his head in his arms, resting his forehead on his knees.

'You're a dirty man-whore slut, Cody, that's why we're fucking your tight ass"

Tears slipped out of Cody's eyes.

Cody shoved his books in his locker quickly, frantic as can be. He had been late once more—his Car had given out once again.

No body was in the Halls, and now, he was the perfect target for the predators.

He couldn't have it happen again; not today. He had been worn out quickly the day before, and right now he was healing. Healing as much as he could.

Suddenly, arms wrapped around his waist, and he felt a hard lump press against his ass.

He dropped all of his books immediately, and they fell on his foot, sending painful pricks up his leg. He didn't respond to him—as it were, his heart had just failed to beat and his mind was yet to register anything else but horror.

"Hello, dear Cody," said a amused voice in his ear, followed by nips and licks.

"N-no....," Cody murmured, still unable to think clearly. "Not...no.....please....not today...."

Tears brimmed in his eye ducts as he felt a long, thin leather like object press against his throat.

A whip.

"We have some pay-back to get done now don't we?"

A cloth was placed over his mouth(and nose) and he gasped, taking in the fumes of what ever product was on it. He then became dizzy and tired, and he passed out in the Seniors arms.

Zack sat in his desk, slumped deep. He glanced at the empty desk beside him. He could of sworn it had accumulated dust in the long days of non-use. He wondered where Cody was.....

No, he didn't wonder, he knew. He was most likely getting raped in a bathroom or janitor closet.

His car had gone and blown, leaving him fucked. He should've stayed with Cody, not just gone off to class and leave him all out there, ready to get picked up. How could he've been so damn retarded!

Zack raised his hand.

"Yes?," the teacher asked.

"I feel sick, can i go to the nurse?" It wasn't a lie. He did feel sick. He could feel Cody's sickness.

"Write a pass."

Cody stirred, and his eyes blinked open. He could see faint prickly light through a darkness, and half of his cheeks and forehead and all part of his eyes was slightly warm—compared to the chillingness of his nude body.

He was blindfolded.

He felt his hands tied up tightly above him, and his ankles shared the same fate.

"No....," he murmured.

"Seems are little Cody is awake," someone said—known full well as Drew.

Suddenly, horrible twinges of pain racked his body. He then felt the object that had now completed his anus, and it vibrated, causing the frail boy to jerk and scream.

"N-no! Take it out! TAKE IT OUT!," He screamed frantically, whipping his head side to side and pulling on the ropes.

The ropes cut into his skin, causing the already cut skin to cut deeper, and hot liquid slid down his arms.

"Please!," he begged. "Take it out!"

Drew laughed at the boy withering in from of him on the desk. "No suck luck, bitch."

Cody whimpered and he felt him self harden at the harsh words.

He wanted rhythm. He wanted a real cock entering him.

Wait, no he didn't.

Cody screamed once more in protest, pulling harder at the bands. "Zack! Zack please help me!"

"Calling on your brother eh? Again? How slutty you bitch."

Cody ignored him. "No! Zack help me!" But his voice became weaker and weaker with each vocal. Tears cascaded across his cheeks, staining the sheets along with the blood. He felt pleasure and pain mix together inside him, and like salt over water, the pleasure was the come out.

After all, Cody was a masochist.

"Please.....please.....," Cody whispered desperately.

And his wish came true. The buzzing stopped and the false-completeness came out of him. It was silent.

Suddenly, his legs were ripped open widely, and a hardness was shoved inside him, sending him rigid.

He screamed in pain—it was like he was splitting in half. He didn't know who did it—after all he didn't mesmerize cock.

The person did not start slow and gently though—he went fast and hard, slamming inside Cody with greedy force.

A hotness pressed over Cody's cock, and it sucked up and down sickly—massaging his balls.

Cody's back arched, and he moaned, his eyes squeezing tightly shut—tears spilling over in pain and pleasure.

A hardness pressed against his mouth, obviously wanting to be sucked on.

Cody pressed his lips together tightly, not wanting to be a dirty slut.

Hands gripped his hair roots tightly, causing Cody's head to throb. He parted his lips when the guy1(the one that was penetrating him) hit his spot and when guy2(the guy who was sucking him off) did a slick move with his tongue and played with his slit.

Guy3(the guy he was now going to **** on) took the chance and shoved his member into Cody's mouth.

Cody screamed in protest but it was to late. It was in there.

And Cody.....he was.....he was horny.

Guy3 forced him to suck him by tightly grabbing his head and move it up and down his long, thick cock.

Cody moaned as tears sleeked down his cheeks and blood down his arms. With every movement he felt hotness and pleasure.

Soon, he was slamming against Guy1's cock, forcing his prostate to get his dead on. He groaned, bucking his hips to the mouth(G2) that was sucking him off perfectly. The hotness and tightness he felt as he slammed.......

Soon, Guy3 did not need to force Cody to do anything. He stopped gripping onto the black and purple hair and placed his hands on the males shoulders, his stomach already balled into a fist as he received the slutty pleasure.

"My nipples," Cody said breathlessly.

The three men smirked. Guy3 smiled widest and placed his fingers on the males nipples, jerking the rock-hard nubs and twirking them.

"T-talk dirty!," Cody screamed in pleasure.

They were already planning on that.

Guy1 thrust into him, hitting the soft spot inside Cody harshly and perfectly. "Your so tight you fucking slut! You feel so goooood. Ahh, your so tight, you bitch."

Guy3 twirked his nipples harder, massaging them deeply. "Suck my cock you fag. You bitch, suck my cock. You man-whore, you suck so good. Ahhh...my cock is so good. Do you this. Do you like sucking my cock while he's ramming into you and you scream in pleasure? Ahh your so good." (A/N: Apparently, it turns allot of guys on when you say 'sucking' and 'cock' allot 0.0 Ichigoorlelouch—has no clue why)

Cody replied by moving faster, his vision already gone.

Cody's back arched up, saying he was going to cum.

Sweet seed spilled into Guy2's mouth, and he drank it all up, climaxing right after.

Guy1's felt Cody tighten around his cock, sucking him in deeper and with a final thrust and a grunt, he got so deep inside the frail boys body and came deeply, screaming in pleasure.

Guy3 felt all the pleasure and the moans and all the sight of cuming caused him to thrust his head back and spill into the boys mouth.

Cody groaned. He drank up as much as the seed as he could(deciding to act like he couldn't taste anything). But still he couldn't drink it all up and it fell over the corners of his mouth where it formed rivers to his chin where it dripped off onto the desk.

And it was only moments later when he felt empty. Alone. Disgusting. Torn apart.

They stopped all that they were doing and all Cody could do was listen as they pulled up/on their paints and zipped up the zipper.

He thought it was over, thought it was done. But no, it was not done.

There was a whoosh and Cody knew it before it hit: a whip.

He let out a scream when the leather slapped against his stomach. "NO!"

They laughed. All of them. Laughed at Cody's useless protests.

The whip came down repeatedly. Again and again, slashing up Cody's beautifully scarred body, causing blood to surface again and again—scars to open and form.

Cody bucked his hips at the pleasure seething his body, letting out loud screams. He might pass-out soon. Maybe in a minute. Maybe in thirty seconds. Maybe in this nano-second......

Finally, just before Cody was about to slip into the barrels of unconsciousness, it all stopped—right at the peak of Cody's climaxing point.

Cody did not make a reply to this though—just let it be. He didn't want to get hurt anymore. He didn't want to make his brother hurt anymore then he did. A hand patted Cody on the head, and three voices synchronized with "We'll be back"

There were three fast swipes and three equally fast tears, and then Cody felt the binds become loose.

All this was quickly followed by a door opening into the loud rain and then shutting in closing it off.

Cody curled up on the portable-classroom desk, promising himself to wake up when it was all better.

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