Sakura blinked at the reflection before her...well not reflection more like alter-ego. The figures hair was black, her eyes a cold yet smoldering silver, and her body was one Sakura wished she had. Behind the figure was a black sakura grove, with a fence in front of it, though it probably can't be called a fence anymore now that it was mangled and destroyed.

"Well hello my dear sweet other half." The figure stated with a smile that gave Sakura goosebumps.

"W-what do you mean? Wh-who are you?" Sakura stammered as her heart raced. "Wh-where a-am I?"

The figure sauntered towards Sakura with a sway in her hips, as she neared, Sakura unconsciously took a step back. "Why you can't have forgot'n bout lil 'ole me." She let her hand glide seductively down Sakura's cheek. "Come now doll. Put that brain of yours to use and think back."

Sakura's cheek tingled as she thought back, trying to remember when she had first her that familiar voice. Smiling sadly the blacked haired Sakura led her counterpart towards the fenced in grove.

"Come along love." The voice echoed in Sakura's ears, but she was no longer focused. The minute she stepped over the broken metal, a feeling came over her. She wouldn't quite call it euphoria, but neither was it a feeling of sadness, hmm this feeling was simply undefinable. One thing she did know however, whatever those tree were, whatever they meant for her, she knew that she would never be the same. And as she placed a hand on the first tree, she knew that she didn't care.

Blood littered the street. The buildings were thoroughly roughed up. Even the ground was torn as if a demon had rampaged through the streets. And in the middle of the deserted streets stood three figures, two of which towered over the third. Sakura, her black hair wavering slightly in the wind, a glare in her eyes as she rubbed the small cut on her cheek. Naruto, his mask cracked slightly, though repairing, his red eyes glaring down at the nin as he rearranged Saya in his arms.

This was the scene Kakashi and Sasuke stumbled on as the came to investigate the commotion. "Naruto report!" Kakashi jumped straight into Jonin mode as he surveyed the dead bodies.

Naruto's head turned towards the silver haired man slowly as he registered the question. Part of him, the part of him that raged with anger, wanted to ignore him, but at the same time it wouldn't kill him. Besides, Kakashi was one of the people he still respected.

"As you requested, I took Sakura with me in order to find the medic I knew. Upon entering the village square, I noticed that the civilians had vanished, a mistake on my part. After which an old occult group that I fought during my banishment decided to attack. I managed to shield myself and Haruno lightly, but she still took a hit. When the smoke cleared she was like this. As she neared one of them, she proceeded with asking him to died and to my surprise he did. There are no visible wounds, which leads me to believe it was a genjutsu induced heart attack. The death of their comrade drove the other two to attacking, though most of their attacks focused on me. Before I could retaliate, another squad stepped out, it is my belief that they were hoping to take me out with only the first squad. After revealing themselves however, they were quickly assaulted by a Haruno, who used another genjustu on them, making them attack each other. I captured this one as the others killed each other and was about to interrogate when you showed up."

Kakashi knew he shouldn't have taken on a squad. This shit never happened to anbu. Turning to the black haired Haruno he went to speak, when suddenly her hair turned back to pink and she fainted. Grabbing the normal looking teen, Kakashi sighed.

"Can we just find her a healer in Konoha, or at least in Fire Country?" Kakashi asked looking at the unconscious girl.

Naruto looked around at the destroyed town. "very well." His soft words were barely heard, but Kakashi nodded and followed after his student.

"Sasuke! We're leaving."

Neither noticed Sasuke's surprised face, nor the scroll he picked up as he trailed behind them.

The later that day found Naruto standing before Zabuza and his crew in a small hotel room. "So, I heard you have work for us?" Zabuza asked.

"That is correct, I would like you to work for me, to help me build a shinobi village of my own." Naruto stated.

"What's the pay?" Zabuza wondered.

Naruto took out a brown bag. "4000 ryou. Along with immunity in Hi no Kuni."

Zabuza signaled for Meizu to grab the bag. When he looked in the bag, he let out a whistle and nodded.

"What kind of work we talkin bout here kid?" Zabuza asked, handing Haku the money.

"I need you to search the elemental lands in search of information on the s-class group of shinobi called Akatsuki, I want names. When you have finished those two jobs, I need you to search for the surviving members of the council of clans."

Zabuza raised a non-existent eyebrow. "What is the council of clans?"

"The council of clans is what our ancestors called the original rulers of the elemental lands. Each member of the council was blessed with a gift and marked as protectors by the biju. The nine families in the order which they were blessed are Kaguya by the Ichibi, Kazan by the Nibi, Uzumaki by the Sanbi, Rei by the Yonbi, Nigeki by the Gobi, Havok by the Rokubi, Asagita by the Shichibi, Kiryu by the Hachibi, and Kurama by the Kyuubi. Above them, as head of the council and creator of ninjutsu, sat the Rikudou Sennin blessed and cursed by Lord Juubi. The demon lords, the original protectors of the land went back to the Demon Realm, leaving the Council to protect the land. For Seven hundred years the council ruled, keeping the peace in their respective territory. After seven hundred years, the Rikudou Sennin passed and with him went his order. The nine began to rebel against the laws put in place by the Rikudou Sennin."

"Seven hundred years, you can't expect us to believe that he lived that long?" Gozu exclaimed.

"If you are questioning me, then you can ask him yourself" Naruto said coldly. "when I thrust you into the afterlife." Gozu began to sweat a bit as Naruto continued. "Now, as I was saying. When the nine began to rebel against order, a war broke out over who would be the controlling family. There was three sides. One was for the Shadow Warriors of the Kurama clan leading, behind them was the brother clans, the flame wielders of the Kazan and the Havok clans. Next was those who wanted the Wind Mancers of the Kiryu clan to rule. With them was the spirit clan Rei and the avian warriors of the Nigeki clan. Finally, the last group was the ones that wanted the Water users of the Uzumaki clan to rule. Supporting the Uzumaki's was the bone benders of the Kaguya and the Magik users of the Asagita clan. The war between the clans lasted another hundred years and with the end of the war came the beginning of the shinobi nations. The Uzumaki formed their own country, near the territory where the first Uzumaki was gifted. Uzu no Kuni. The Kaguya went to the village closest to their allies, the hidden village Kirigakure. The Kurama clan vanished from the face of the earth, though it was thought that they had fled to the rocky cliffs of Iwagakure. The Havok clan went to the volcanic region behind Kumo, hidden by the mountains. The Nigeki clan vanished somewhere in the far west mountains. I believe the Kiryu clan now resides in Suna, or somewhere near it. The Kazan moved to Hi no Kuni for several years, but fled when Konohagakure was formed. Now only one lives on. The Rei clan has hidden themselves in the spirit chambers, the gateway to the demon realm. Finally is the Asagita clan. I doubt you will find one of them, because they left the elemental lands when the war ended. They could be dead, then again I can only hope for the best.

"Now what I want is for you to search for who ever you can, find them and tell them of the new council of clans."

"You want us to search for nine people, eight of which are scattered over the elemental lands, the final one elsewhere, in the span of a year?" Zabuza questioned.

Naruto shook his head. "No I don't expect you to find more than three at most. I just need you to locate them mostly. When the year is up I will search for them myself. But for the time being I need you to do it."

Zabuza sighed. "Alright then, I have some questions for you."

"…" Naruto said nothing, just stared from behind his mask.

"First, what exactly is this akatsuki group?"

"Nine s-rank ninja, I don't know much about them, only that they are hunting the biju, other than that I have no info. I believe your pal Kisame is one, but I am not sure." Naruto's fox suddenly shifted into a hammer.

Without warning Naruto swung the water hammer towards the wall, smashing a hole in it. Naruto let out a low growl as he heard a soft thud. Behind him Zabuza had his hand on the hilt of his blade, Takio had a bone blade in hand, the demon brothers had their chain and gauntlet lifted and ready, Haku had several senbon in hand, and Shikara had a hand on the wooden floor. Naruto leapt out the hole, hammer above his head. The figure on the ground was dressed from head to toe in black, a black scarf wrapped around the figures head covering it. The figure looked up from it's position on the ground and rolled out of the way as Naruto's hammer crashed into the ground. The figure rolled into a handstand and flipped into the air, dodging the large zanbatou that attempted to cleave it in two. Reaching into it's clothing, the figure pulled out two kunai. In a quick slashing movement, the figure blocked the senbon thrown at it and parried the slash from Takio. A thick wooden vine burst from the ground and attempted to trap the figure, only for it to leapt into the air and toss a kunai at the charging water demon. Naruto knocked the kunai away with a slight twitch of his hammer, then continued forward, swinging his hands. The water of the handle stretched as the hammer shot forward. The hammer crashed into the figures gut, before curving towards the ground as Naruto shifted his hands. The figure's hand shot out, a kunai flew towards Naruto, scrapping his mask before continuing on. The hammer collided with the ground and exploded outwards as the form shattered. Suddenly the water froze in place, ice spikes jutting in random directions and a black dot in the center of the ice. In a quick motion Naruto twisted and used the water from the handle to form a short sword that blocked the wrist blade aimed at his head. Two people appeared behind the figure and swung their hands. A chain wrapped around the figure and tightened, the razors of the chain ripping into the figures clothing. Suddenly the chain shattered and the figure kicked the demon brothers away. A slash from Kubikiri Houcho attempted to cleave the figure in two, but failed when the figure stepped to the side and lashed out with a roundhouse kick that sent the demon of the hidden mist flying. Three white bone bullets shot towards the figure, with their creator following close behind, a bone blade in hand. The figure shot forward, ducking under the bullets and under the Kaguya's guard, before uppercutting him. As the Kaguya flew into the air, the figure grabbed his ankle and slammed him into the ground, creating a small crater from the blow. Several vines shot from the ground, attempting to trap the figure, only for them to shred upon contact with it. Haku raised her hand filled with senbon and went to attack, when a wall of water blocked her.

Suddenly Naruto was in front of the figure, a hand on it's shoulder. "It's been a while hasn't it Naruto?" The figure stated.

"What brings you here Jing?" Naruto stated releasing the figure.

In a sudden movement, the black clothe that covered the figure was removed. Before them stood a figure no older than sixteen dressed in a saffron colored trench coat, with a thin black tank top beneath and black pants with a metal belt. His shoes were made of thin black material with three metal straps crossing on them. His skin was lightly tanned and his eyes a dark blue. His black spikes sat on his head slightly, from the pressure applied by his scarf, and three thick bangs hung in his face. A smirk adorned his face as he clasped Naruto on the shoulder.

"I was in the area, searching for something when I heard you where here." The boy, Jing stated. "I felt your chakra a while ago?" Jing's eyebrows raised slightly.

"Demon Eyes." Naruto stated before turning. "Let's talk inside."

Naruto leapt into the air and landed in the hole he made in the wall. Jing copied his movement, followed by Zabuza's crew, all confused.

"First I believe introductions are needed. Zabuza, this is Jing. Jing, this is Momochi Zabuza, Kaguya Takio, The demon brothers Meizu and Gozu, Shikara, and Momochi Haku. They are going to be my eyes and ears for a while."

Jing nodded in understanding. " Well, I have some info for you about the Asagita clan. It seems that they are set up in Serin village a small island, just off the coast."

"I've heard of it in passing."

"Yui-sensei asked me to tell you that he expects to see you in the Arashi Kyogikai." Jing turned to the hole in the wall. "Well, I'd better get going, I'm meeting someone in about an hour or two."

"Tell Master Yui that I shall attend and that I'll see you all in a few months. If you get any information, then send it to Konoha with Korei."

"Yea seeya." Jing leapt to the trees from his place in the hole.

During the exchange, Zabuza had Haku and the demon brothers begin packing. When Naruto turned to them he saw they were ready to leave.

"Well, we'll be leaving too, go ahead and start on this job." Zabuza stated.

"Alright, send word to me once a month on whatever info you have. I'll be seeing you again in a year." Naruto burst into water, vanishing from the area as Zabuza and his crew ran off.


"Kurenai, inform the Hokage that my team and I will return in two months." Kakashi stated.

"What are you up to Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked at his student, walking several feet ahead of them. "My team has the potential to be was Sensei wanted for me and my squad. The war was the only thing that kept us from training properly, but right now there is no war, no reason why I can't train them to use their full potential. Even Naruto is a little rough around the edges, but I can fix that, I just need time and that's something we won't have in the village."

Kurenai looked in thought. "I hope you know what you're doing."

"So do I." Kakashi stated. " Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, let's go. This is where we split."

The three genin looked at their sensei in surprise, but said nothing. In a flash, the three disappeared into the trees.

Kurenai and her team arrived in the village just before sunset two day after the split. You guys are dismissed, meet at our training ground tomorrow at six. We'll resume training then."

"Hai." Was her reply.

Kurenai gave a nodded before vanishing in a puff of smoke, reappearing in the Hokage tower.

"Ah Kurenai-san, I trust the mission was a success?" Sarutobi asked as he puffed on his pipe.

Kurenai nodded her head. "It was, but the mission was more than we were told. It started off as a c-rank, but within a day it escalated to mid b-rank…"

Zabuza looked at his charges. "Alright, first thing first, Takio what do you know about this Council business?"

"Not much, Uzumaki-san told you more about it than even I knew." The Kaguya stated. "Though he forgot to mention the curse of each clan."

Zabuza raised a non-existent eyebrow. "Curse? What curse, sounds like these clans were beast if you ask me."

"That's true, but demonic chakra can't coexist in the same place as human chakra. It damages the body. Let's see, with the Kaguya, our lung disease, with the Kazan, blindness that begins to set in around your twelfth birthday. The Uzumaki, heart problems that happen erratically, the Rei are mutes, the Nigeki have muscle spasms every four days. I believe the Havok had weak immune systems, most wear suits to keep the air they breath clean, the Asagita had enough energy to last a week, but they needed to sleep three days every off week. The Kiryu clan sank like anchors in water, and the Kurama clan suffered severe headaches."

Zabuza let out a low whistle. "Quite the entourage this council was. Well then, I guess we better get a move on. Here's how we're gonna do this. Takio, you and the demon brothers will start looking for these council members, Haku , you and Shikara, and I will go look for information on these Akatsuki members. We meet in wave every four months, send messages to the brat on time, else I'll hunt you down myself. Dismissed."

Kakashi and the others made it to an island just off the coast of Uzu no Kuni three weeks later. During those three weeks he put Sasuke through the ringer and dished Sakura off on Naruto. Though the blonde didn't like the girl, he understood the need and the girl's fear of him made things easier. Besides, that form she used made things more interesting. Sasuke on the other hand took to the training slower and Kakashi was forced to beat sense into the Uchiha every time they attempted to train.

"Naruto what did you find out here in Whirlpool?" Kakashi asked one night as they sat guard around the fire.

The blonde water demon looked into the fire. " History. I came here to search for anything I could that would tell me about my clan. I found a preserved journal of the creator of the Uzumaki and a history on the Council of Clans."
" So many questions to ask here, ugh I'll just go with the easiest. "Naruto, how strong are you really?" Kakashi looked up from his book, scanning the area.

"Surrounded by water, I can topple the three sannin together, without the extra water; I can take down a squad of jounin with my own water and a sword, without my water, probably a squad of chunin, not at Iruka's level of course." Naruto explained.

Kakashi let out a whistle. "Got it, so never fight you around water."

"Not quite, I've been testing my abilities, I believe with a more training I can control even the liquids in your body, blood, spit, mucus, and piss. And with me controlling that you can pretty much consider your life forfeit."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow. "Exactly how much more training before you become virtually invincible?"

"Years, decades even. I would need test subjects as well, so no chance in that happening any time soon. Kyuubi has also informed me that I can control blood unconsciously, whenever I use more than four tails worth of its power in a rage state like at the bridge." Naruto stated.

Many miles away in a dark cave sat seven sealed coffins. Well six still sealed, the seventh opened, an ominous aura and a deep purple glowing mist escaping from it. A figure sat up inside the coffin and with a deep breathe opened his eyes. A purple glow showed in the dark…

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