Notes: This takes place after the Dark Tournament Saga and before the Chapter Black Saga.

In the DBZ series this happens between the Cell and Majin Buu sagas.

Author Notes: The Prologue is entirely from the villains point of view. My spelling will get better (cant say anything about punctuation but Ihope it improves.)

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A cold chill goes down Babadi's back. "So this is Toguro's body." Said Babaidi examining the pale white skin.

"Can you do any with it?" questioned Suzaku, skeptically. Babadi frowns and turns to him "Of course, just as I did the others."

"Good, soon his plan shall come to fruition and we will have our revenge" boasted Suzaku.

"But I still don't see how you need me when you master was able to bring me back to life" Babadi complained.

"He must conserve his strength," Suzaku continued, "do you expect him to summon Yin with no energy!?"

Suzaku scowled Babadi and dropped toguro's body onto the ground; then he walked out of the cave. Babadi frowned and looked at her surroundings. It was a dark damp hole the walls were smooth as Babadi's crystal ball. On the ceiling stalactites covered every last inch. There were three tunnels one led to the training ground. Babadi believed the other two went to a kicthen or bedrooms of some sorts.

Gero, Freiza, and cell were all in the back training, he knew because he already had to heal Freiza 5 times.

Babadi had been researching her ancestry and had a few interesting tricks up her sleeve. Babadi knew they were too weak and was ready to posses them when Suzaku, or whoever was above him gave the order. The unexpected thing was that They were all getting stronger just being in the cave. Karasu slowly walked into the third corridor which was the training room.

Babadi hated him; he never saw Karasu fight and assumed that he could do a abtter job than 'she' could. A scream bounced of the walls of the cave; Babadi sighed and prepared for Freiza.