Ravenfire:Poor hinata I feel bad for her

Sasuke: Then why did you write it?

Ravenfire:Because I'm gonna make Sakura get beat up by her


Chapter 1

Hinata's POV

It was the last day of school. "Thank god!" I cried as I opened the door to my house. When I got inside Neji and Hinata had bags and were staring at me. "What?" I asked. "Pack your bags we are going to Camp Konoha!!." said Hanabi. "Be back down here in 10." said Neji. "Gees niisan couldn't you be more exciting." complained Hanabi. Neji just glared. I rolled my eyes. "Ok I'm going to get ready." I ran upstairs and started to get ready.

10 minutes later...

I came downstairs with my hair in a ponytail, wearing a white tank top, black skinny jeans with red stiching, red bracelets and earing. For my shoes I put on some red and white rebox. I grabbed my bags and ran downstairs to see once again a glaring Neji. "Your pants are too tight." he said. I just rolled my eyes and walked past him.

All of us got into the limo and drove off. While we were in the limo my phone vibrated, I looked on my phone [A/N:Which is an iphone booyah!] it was a text message from my beloved boyfriend Kiba. The text said: R u at camp yet? I replied saying:Almost? Why? I waited a few minutes and I didn't get an answer. I wanted to see if everything was ok so I called him.

When the phone picked up all I could her was noises that sounded like kissing. "Kiba! Kiba! Kiba!" I yelled into my phone. "Hinata what's wrong?" asked Neji. "She being a drama queen." replied Hanabi. I glared at her. "We'll there's your answer Hinata." Neji turned my head so that I could see what he was seeing. I couldn't believe my eyes, Kiba was kissing on another girl.

I immediately got out of the limo and marched over to the lake. "Hey, boyfriend." I growled. "Hey baby." said Kiba acting like he did nothing wrong. "Who's she?" asked the pink headed girl [A/N: and no it is not Sakura she going to be lonely] "U-u-uhh... I don't even know her." stuttered the dog boy. "Are you serious Kiba your denying your not knowing me, you know what enough is enough.

" I tackled Kiba and pushed him in the lake. "What the heck Hina!" he cried. I grabbed a rock and threw at him. "Don't ever call me that again!" I threatened in the most calm voice I have ever did. "You can't push my boyfriend!" yelled Karen. She walked over and slapped me.

End of chapter

Sasuke: so when does Sakura get beat up

RavenFire: Soon O and please read my cousins story his name is fantasyduelist if its not that its fantasy writer