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Chapter 4

Hinata's POV

"Kiba!" I shouted "You missed me babe." Kiba smirked. "I think you know the answer to that question. Any ways what are you doing here?" I asked him. "Oh I just thought you were gonna be broken hearted in a corner crying." he said. "So I guessed you missed my performance huh?" "No I didn't in fact you were great, but I know you didn't mean it." "Yes I did, I meant everything in that song. I knew you were cheating on me in the first place so I wrote it." I said back at him. "You did?" asked Kiba. "What part of jonin ninja don't you understand." I smirked.

"Now move so I can start writing a song for my band!" "Why don't you make me?" Kiba smirked right back. I popped all my knuckles and said "Cool I'm gonna enjoy every last second of this." Just a few more inches until my knuckles reached his face but again somebody stopped me. I turned around to see who it was and here's a surprise it was Ino, my best friend. "Why are you trying to hit him?" asked Ino. "Are you kidding me he told me to move him and I was about to!" I responded. Kiba walked around put his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

"Thanks babe you always no what to say." said Kiba. I had the most confused look on my friend but then that confusion turned into rage. "Ino how could you?" Hurt and mad tears were coming out my eyes. "What you know I'm your gonna be your friend forever." she said. "Forevers a short time Ino, forevers a short time." I turned to Kiba. "I swear even though I'm not her friend anymore, I'll will defend her. I'm not like her. If you break her heart I swear you won't live to see the light of day!" I cried out. "If you guys need me I'll be writing a song in the piano room." I grabbed my sheet of music from my cabin and ran off I continued to run until Sakura bumped into me.

"Aww what's wrong is the big tough little girl crying." "We'll at least I don't have a weave in my head, I don't have to hide myself." I shot back. "This is not weave." said Sakura pointing to her head. "Yes it is see." I grabbed her hair and gave it a hard yank. Pink hair fell on the ground, I laughed. Her hair came stopped right at the end of her chin. I picked up the hair and started shaking it. "Give me my hair back I payed one hundred fifty dollars for that!" she yelled at me. "Really." I shook it some more. "Seems like you paid about 5 bucks ." I smirked. "Your not the one to talk miss I pretend I'm not blind but I really am that why I keep bumping into Sakura all the time." mimicked Sakura.

"If you noticed your the only person I bump into, the only reason I bump into you is because you blind me with your uglyness." I shot back. "Excuse me at least I can hold I guy longer than you can, I heard that your boyfriend left you for my sister." "OK THAT IS IT!!!!!" I tackled her to the ground and started punching her in the face. Pulled her up by her hair well what's left at least and started to swing her with it. I pulled her hair so hard most of it came off. I kept on pushing her and shouting at her. I even tackled her through a window we landed right in front of the boys cabin[A/N: Neji, Kiba,Naruto, and Sasuke]

"Daaaaaaaannnnnnnnnggggggg" they said in awe. I pulled her up and pushed her through the boys window. I ran straight in and started kicking and punching her. "Take this you little slut." I punched her one final time and climbed onto the top bunk bed part. I jumped off that thing and elbowed her right in the stomach. "WHAT!" I yelled at her. I turned around and saw all the boys looking at me. "Oh uh... this is very awkward." I said nervously. "You were frieken awesome!" said Naruto. "Dang girl." said Sasuke. Neji didn't say anything all he did was stare.

"Aw you were fighting for me how sweet." cooed Kiba. "You know what you little..." I said trying to up to him but the boys Naruto, Sasuke, and Neji were holding me back. I was fighting and kicking trying to get them to let me go. Tenten, Ino, Temari, and Sai passed by and they saw that the boys needed help pulling me. All of them ran up to behind me and started to pull. I was still growing strong. Actually I was moving them.

Then I came up with the most brilliant idea ever. I used my strength to hurl all the people at Kiba. [A/N: Her strenght is about 5 times stronger than Lady Tsunade's] Everybody in that cabin were in a pile. Kiba had everyone on top of him only his head was sticking out. I went grabbed a metal bar went over to Kiba and smacked him in the with it.


He fell unconscious immediately.