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I knew this was a bad idea. I should of hunted before I came into town. Why was I subjugating myself to this torture?

I guess it really didn't matter, I should be welcoming this pain after everything I did to her. After everything I put her through. My love.


I missed her like nothing else, I felt like the burning thirst in my throat was nothing compared to the pain that I felt when I left her. Yet, I had to do it. I had put her in too much danger from others like me, and from me myself. I was testing Fate too much by just being close to her. So I left, I didn't want to do it. I knew that I would never be the same after I did it, and I was right. I feel nothing, I am nothing without my love.

So I didn't even care that I hadn't hunted in weeks, I didn't care about what would happen. I would just sit here and let myself wallow in misery. No humans would venture this close, their first instinct is to run, except for that one human that didn't.


The thoughts of all the people around me were all running together, and I didn't bother too pay attention to any of them. They couldn't help my pain. That's probably why I didn't even know a human was so close. Her blood called the monster in me, and after not hunting in weeks, that's probably why I started to stalk her. Listening to her thoughts I knew she didn't even notice me. My body and mind was on auto pilot...I wasn't caring about what would happen.

Just when my body was about to attack I heard her...my Bella.


Her voice made my muscles lock down. I whipped around on the spot to see if she was behind me. She wasn't anywhere. Her voice was in my mind, telling me to stop. I sunk down to the ground and let my misery engulf me. I didn't even register my heart-breaking sobs, until I heard another voice in my mind.

' Wow, he sounds bad. I wonder if he is okay?'

A human girl was standing about five feet from me, looking at me with saddness in her eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine." I really didn't want this human coming to close, but she seemed to know.

"Sorry, but your crying like your heart is broken, that doesn't sound 'fine' to me."

I just shrugged my shoulders, maybe she would get the hint and just go away.

"If you love her, go back to her."

My head snapped back up, what was this girl talking about? She didn't know anything.

"Excuse me?" I said.

" Well, I'm assuming this is about a girl, and if you are taking it this bad, well I don't even want to think how the girl is taking it. Go back."

I just looked at her wondering why she was even saying anything to me. After giving me a small smile she just turned and walked away. I listened to her thoughts to see if I could pick up a reason for her talking to me.

' I hope he goes back to whoever that girl maybe..that boy was heart-broken and needs to be back in love and be happy. I wonder what I should get for dinner......'

She was right. I needed to be happy, I needed my Bella. It was time to go see her and beg her to take me back.

When my phone rang, I thought for sure it was going to Alice, but when the I.D. said Rosalie, I was confused.


" Edward, its time to come home. Bella's Dead...."


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