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"Roxas, Honey, Olette's here!"

Roxas ran to his door and opened it just enough to stick his head out. "Tell her I'll be out in a second mom! I'm almost ready!" Roxas slammed the door again and walked back to his closet. Grabbing a random shirt he pulled it over his unruly hair and ran over to his bed where his bag was lying open with papers lying around it. Last minute homework of course.

He stuffed the papers into his bag as he slipped his feet into his sneakers. No matter how early he got up it seemed as if he was always late. Making sure he had all of his stuff he walked to his side table to grab his iPod and stopped at the framed picture that sat innocently there.

Two young boys wearing super hero capes made out of towels and in bathing suits stood on a low stone wall outside of a nice looking house. The smaller one had blond hair and was blushing as he smiled at the camera. You could tell he wasn't use to being in front of the camera but was trying his hardest to imitate the superhero stance his much taller friend. The red head was laughing at the younger one as he tried to imitate him.

Roxas looked at the picture and sighed. "Axel."

"That's it Roxas, you are slower than a snail. I'm coming in." Olette complained as she slammed the door open and walked into Roxas's room.

"You know I could have been naked for all you know." Roxas said as he put the picture down and grabbed his iPod stuffing it into his pocket and then grabbed his black and white checkered zip up hoodie and slinging it on.

"I knew you weren't because if you were then you would have covered yourself the second you heard me. Plus it doesn't matter if I saw you naked, you're gay anyways."

"Thanks for saying that Olette, why don't you say it a bit louder. I don't think that the people in neverland heard you." Roxas said sarcastically as he slung his bag over his shoulder and grabbed his friends' wrist pulling her out of the room.

"Okay Roxas." Olette said sarcastically and took in a deep breath as if she was about to yell out a secret that had been tearing at her heart for years. "Roxas is-"

Roxas quickly covered Olette's mouth as he glared at her. "If you finish that sentence then seeing me naked won't be the only thing you have to worry about."

Olette gulped loudly.

Roxas lifted his hand and continued downstairs and headed to the kitchen. He opened the cabinet above the toaster and grabbed some wildberry poptarts. His favorite.

"God Roxas, your such a square." Olette said with a pout as she sat on one of the bar stools and stole a banana.

"Who's a square?" Roxas' twin brother, Sora, said as he hopped into the stool next to Olette, munching on a breakfast bar and leaning on Olette.

"Roxas, who else." Olette said as she pushed Sora off of her and watched as he sprawled across the floor.

"Well duh Roxas is square Olli. That's just how Roxas is." Sora said running a hand through his hair and groaned in pain. "You should know that by now!"

Olette threw her banana peel at Sora and watched as it landed on his face, spread out like a star fish. "I told you to never call me that." She hummed an amused sound at Sora's yelp and checked her nails.

Roxas shook his head and grabbed his poptarts with a napkin. He walked over to his brother and kicked him on the leg. "Let's go."

"Roxas that hurt." Sora whined as he held his leg and writhed as if he was in pain.

The blond rolled his eyes as he stepped over his twin. "I barely touched you Sora."

Sora got up and whipped of his jeans. "It hurt my soul Roxy. To think my twin brother, my own flesh and blood, the person who has the same chromosomes as me, would kick me is just hurtful. Plus you got dirt on my jeans!"

Olette slapped Sora on the back of his head. "Oh my God you're such a drama queen."

Sora glared at Olette as he held the back of his head like a wounded soldier. "Olette you're so mean."

"Yeah, well, you're a pansy."

"Tom boy."


"I hate you."

"Aw I fell the same exact way."

"Do you have to be such a smart ass?"

"Well it does suit me!"

Roxas walked away from the fighting duo and toward the bus stop, eating his poptart as he went. He knew that they didn't hate each other, but sometimes Olette and Sora were just too good at acting. A few people on the street laughed at the fighting pair and mumbled stuff along the lines of 'what a cute couple.' And 'Lovers spat.' This made Roxas snort knowing that Sora would no sooner date Olette then eat a can of uncooked meat. Not only because the two had nothing alike, but because Sora, just like Roxas, was gay as well

Talk about Twins.

"Hey lovebirds hurry up before you miss the bus." A guy who ran the local clothing shop said as he swept the side walk in front of the store.

"We are not lovebirds!" Olette and Sora yelled at the same time, before turning to each other and glaring.

"I hate you!" They yelled.

"You guys are giving me a headache and it isn't even lunch time yet." Roxas called back to the bickering duo. "Now if you two don't mind I would like to not miss the bus again this morning.

Olette pushed Sora to the ground and ran to catch up to Roxas as Sora yelled curses at her back.

Roxas laughed and continued on his merry way.


Olette and Roxas walked into the cafeteria listening to the noisy yelling of the kids on their breaks from classes. A few cheerleaders yelled at some friends who nearly ran into Olette and Roxas, had it not been for Roxas stepping back and pulling Olette with him.

"You could say sorry!" Olette yelled at the laughing girls who all flipped their hair over their shoulder and yelled profane things at the pair.

"God I hate them." Olette muttered under her breath.

"Who doesn't?" Roxas asked as he got in line.

"Those guys." Olette said as she looked longingly towards a boy sitting at the jock table.

Roxas turned to see who Olette was staring at and snickered when he realized who it was. Hayner Fernandez, a.k.a Olette's 'secret' crush. And by 'secret' he meant that if you looked closely you could see Olette drool every time she looked at him.

"Drool alert." The blond boy said with a chuckle.

"Am not." Olette said as she whipped her sleeve across her mouth. Roxas laughed as he shook his head only to have Olette punch him in the arm.

Olette looked back at Hayner as he laughed at something another boy said and ran his hand through his spiky hair.

Olette sighed. "Oh, If only I were a glove on that hand, that I may touch his wonderful hair."

"Okay Olette, I think you've been reading Romeo and Juliet too much again. We can get you help for that. Maybe there's a program like 'Stop reading Romeo and Juliet in 5 easy steps' or 'Shakespeare Addicts Anonymous'."

"Oh shut up Roxas." Olette said as she grabbed some food and paid the lunch lady. "Hayner and I are like Romeo and Juliet, Star-crossed lovers from different groups. He is the strong baseball player from the jocks, a perfect Romeo, and I am a quiet-"

Roxas snorted. "You quiet." Roxas said laughing as they headed to the door that would take them outside to the tree where they always sat under with Sora, who was probably getting in trouble again.

Olette glared at him but other then that she went on as if she hadn't heard what her best friend had said. "A quiet girl in theater, who would no sooner be caught in the cheerleaders posse then be hit by a bus, but who would gladly give up everything that I have ever known to be with him."

"If only he knew who you were." Roxas said with a chuckle. "And if you are Juliet and Hayner is Romeo then why did you quote a line from Romeo in describing Hayner."

"Oh shut up you." Olette said and she stuck her tongue out at the blonde.

"And if you're Juliet then who is Ashley Greenstone." Roxas said as he jerked his head in the direction of Hayner and Ashley who were heavily making out.

"Why Rosaline of course. The damsel that Romeo thinks he loves before he gazes deeply Juliet's eyes and realizes that his heart always belonged to another, whom he had not yet met."

"Okay I think it is time to get out of fairy tale land and back into the real world where things make-" A foot in Roxas's path sent him falling to the floor face first.

"Roxas!" Olette screamed as she tried to run to her friend only to be held back by a girl with gray hair and a cold face.

"Why if it isn't Fag one and his little playmate." Roxas looked up from where he was on his knees rubbing his throbbing chin and saw the one person that he could go weeks, no years, with out seeing and the person who made his life a living nightmare every day of his life.


The blond boy punched Roxas. "You have no right saying my name you fag!" He yelled. Calling the attention of the entire school who quickly ran over to see the fight.

"That was cold ya' know." Rai, Seifer's right hand man said as he laughed and grabbed a hold of Roxas's arm and pulling him up. "Teach the punk a lesson ya' know."

"Fight." Fuu, Seifer's girlfriend who was currently holding back Olette who was screaming curse words left and right, said.

Seifer threw back his head and laughed. "Now that's what I'm talking about." Seifer threw a punch at Roxas who closed his eyes and spat out the blood in his mouth trying to numb the pain.

"ROXAS!" Olette screamed as she struggled harder against Fuu's hold. "ROXAS!"

The kids around the group started chanting 'Fight, Fight, Fight!' over and over again as if it were a rap song.

"You idiots can't you get it through your thick heads that he's hurting him!" Olette screamed to the chanting kid's tears running down her cheeks. "Help him!" She was ignored.

"Be quiet." Seifer told her as he walked over to her and smacked her across the face.

"NO!" Roxas roared. "Leave her alone, it's me you want!"

Wow Roxas this is starting to sound like those crappy romance movies Olette drags you and Sora to all the time.

Roxas thought as he glared at the bully. Seifer growled and punched Roxas again. Roxas screamed as Seifer's class ring cut his cheek.

"You are in no position to tell me what to do! It's time the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee got rid of a fag like you." Seifer said as he grabbed the younger blonde around his neck and started chocking him.

"ROXAS!" Olette screamed. She kicked Fuu on the leg and ran to the bully. She started beating on his arm and back. "LET GO OF HIM! LET GO!" Rai grabbed the girl. Roxas' vision was going blurry around the edges and his eyes were growing heavier and heavier.

"Teacher!" a kid cried out suddenly causing the group to disperse and Seifer to drop Roxas to the floor with a hiss of 'you were lucky this time.' Him, Rai, and Fuu ran away from the blond and Olette.

"Roxas!" Olette cried out as she knelt next to her friend.

"Olette." Roxas gasped before he blacked out


The first thing that Roxas realized when he woke up was that he was on a bed. The second thing that he realized was that he was in his room. Roxas blinked again expected to open his eyes and see the roof of the cafeteria. Yet he was still in his room. Roxas turned his head to the right and saw a note written on some bright orange notebook paper, like all the other notes Olette would write to him were written on. Roxas reached for it and opened it to see Olette's neat cursive on the page. "Roxas," It started.

I told the school that you had fallen down the stairs and that I was taking you to the nurse when you fainted. They wanted to send you to the hospital, but Sora and I convinced them that you would be fine as long as you could go home. Your mom nearly freaked when we told her what 'happened' so you are not allowed to do anything that involves getting out of bed, other than using the bathroom of course. Call me as soon as you read this. I'm worried about you.

"With hugs, Olette." Roxas whispered. That was how Olette always signed her letters to Roxas.

Suddenly Roxas's eyes were full of tears and his hand was under his shirt bringing forth the only thing that would make him feel better. On a old chain, rusted from hundreds of showers, held an old scratched and dirty black and white guitar pick. Roxas held tight to the gift given to him by the boy who had been his best friend and who he had secretly fallen in love with, and the boy who had probably forgotten all about him.



"I'm home mom!" Axel yelled as he opened the door to the three bedroom apartment that his parents, he, and his twin sisters, Kairi and Namine, shared.

"Hi honey." His mom said as she stuck her head out of the kitchen door, drying her hand on a dish towel. "How was Riku's?"

"Good." Axel said as he climbed up the stairs. He walked to his sister's room and peeked in.

Kairi was on the bed rocking out to her stereo which was playing a song about this guy who she had wrapped around the singers finger or something or other.

Namine was leaning against her bed her sketch pad sitting on her lap as she drew a picture. From where he was He thought it was Kairi, but he couldn't be certain.

"Hey thing one. Thing two." Namine looked up at Axel and smiled. "Hey! How was Riku's?" she asked.

Kairi simply flashed him her middle finger and went back to jamming out.

"It twas' good." Axel said as he flashed his own middle finger at Kairi.

"That's good." Namine said as she went back to her drawing.

"Night." Axel called as he stated on his way to his room.

"Night" the two girls said together.

Closing the door to his dark room Axel tossed his book bag across the room before he stripped of his jacket and shirt and flopped down onto his bed.

He relaxed into his pillow before turning his head towards his dresser. A single picture was tapped to the top drawer. He and a blond boy were sitting at a picnic table. The blond was blushing and a look of pure shock was on his face as young Axel was kissing him on the cheek. The poor boy didn't notice that it was simply to take the ice cream bar in his hand. Axel sighed.



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