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On another note a couple people complained about the lack of yaoi last chapter. In English I learned that the main character (Roxas) is not the only one who affects the plot, so Olette got a chapter, and Roxas really wanted Olette to be happy so that is why the last chapter had less Yaoi.


There's something about the snow. Roxas said as he sat on his window seat and looked out the window. He had woken this morning to find that outside it was all white, instead of the little bit of snow they had gotten before there were piles of it, on the trees that were bare, on his mother car, on the street. He just sat there and looked at it, thinking about how they would have to get ready for the wedding soon.

Olette use to say when they were younger that the snow made the world start over. "Snow washes everything away, and you start new." She used to say while they sat inside and made smores in the fireplace.

He'd never seen it like that. Snow was simply what happened when it was too cold to rain, a part of weather that they would learn about in class. But now he couldn't help but think that maybe Olette had been right a little.

What's happened really makes it seem like my world is getting a new start. Axel and everyone being here, Olette finally getting the guy, Hayner giving up his popularity, everything I know is changing for the better. Roxas thought with a smiled. He rests his head on his knees, which he held against his chest, and looks out over the lawn.

Suddenly an alarm clock across the hall starts up and Roxas smiles as he listens to a song on the local rock station. Roxas could here the sound of a groan and then the pad of feet.

He went back to looking outside as his own radio played a pop station quietly.

Suddenly Axel opened the door and Roxas looked up at him with a smile. "Hey."

"Hey" the redhead said as he walked over to his blond boyfriend. "What are you doing up so early?"

Roxas ignores the question and pulls Axel down to kiss him. Axel's surprise radiated through the kiss, Roxas usually made sure that the redhead had brushed his teeth before kissing him. He hated morning breath.

After a moment the blond pulled away. "It's snowing."

Axel smiled and looked out the window. "So it is." He said taking a seat on the window seat and grabbing his boyfriend around the waist. He pulled the boy onto his lap and smiled as the blond got comfortable. They stared out the window together.

"You know, this will be my big first snow." Axel said breaking the silence. "Everyone else has seen snow. Kairi and Namine went to visit Reno one year when it was snowing, Riku went snowboarding with his father, and Zexion took Demyx to New York last year for Christmas. And now I get to spend my first snow with my boyfriend in my arms."

"You are such a corn ball." Roxas said with a roll of his eyes, but the huge smile on his face said that he was happy that he could be with Axel for his first snow. They stayed like that for a while, just looking out at the snow.

After a while Axel poked Roxas on the side. "Come on I'll make us some pancakes for breakfast." Roxas popped up like a toaster strudel at the word pancakes and he jumped off Axel and practically dragged the redhead down the stairs.

It was downstairs while they were eating breakfast when Olette walked in with Hayner close behind, as he had been since they started dating three weeks ago, and Roxas barely had time take one look at his best friend before she began to freak out.

"You guys aren't dressed yet!" Olette yelled at them with a stressed look on her face "We have to be to the church in like an hour and you know how anile Sora is about his hair." She shooed them up the stairs.

That's right, it was finally the day of Yuffie and Vincent's wedding and Olette (as the maid of honor) was making sure that the Master's (and Axel) looked presentable. She stuffed the twins, and Axel, into their suits before she attacked Axel's hair. In the end after 30 minutes of struggling they all looked presentable and Axel's hair was in a loose ponytail (though no amount of gel could keep all the spikes down.)

Aerith ended up driving them to the church where she and Olette in their matching lavender frost dresses (or purple for the guys who didn't care about the names of certain shades of a color) and the rest of them sat themselves on Vinny's side of the church.

"This is going to be so boring." Sora said as he leaned against Riku and pouted. "Why do we have to sit here for god knows how long?"

"Cause it's a wedding Sora." Kairi said as she punched him on the shoulder for being an insensitive, annoying… man.

Roxas shook his head as he gave a thumb up to Vincent. The man's lips twitched slightly and the blond smiled before leaning his head against Axel's chest and squeezing his hand.

The music started and Olette's little cousin Hannah who was being the flower girl walked down the isle looking like a cute little angel as she tossed peach colored rose petals to the ground. Namine, Kairi, and Rikku cooed and awed at the sight of the little girl.

Next came the bridesmaids, Olette taking the rear with a wide smile and a wink tossed at her friends.

Finally the universal music for the bride began to play and everyone stood up. The back doors in the church opened and Yuffie walked out on the arm of her father. Roxas took a good look at his friend. Her short black hair was pulled back and hidden by her veil which covered her face. Her wedding dress was a simple strapless dress, and Roxas had to admit, even if he was gay, Yuffie looked hot.

They walked up to the front of the church to where Vincent sat smiling at his bride. The preacher stepped forward.

"Yuffie looks amazing." Roxas heard Rikku whisper before she was quieted down by about a dozen "shhhh's" The girls gave wishful sighs.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" The preacher asked.

"Her mother and I." Yuffie's father said before he turned to his daughter and kissed her hand. Taking Vincent's hand he placed Yuffie's hand in it and then sat down next to a woman with long black hair who was already crying.

"Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today in the sight of god to bind these two people, Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Romano, in holy matrimony…"

Roxas zoned out and looked around while the girls of the group were staring in Aww and amazement of the wedding, the boys of the group weren't so interested. Zexion was reading a thick book and Roxas could see just a bit of the earbuds in Demyx's ear. Sora was already snoring slightly on Riku's shoulder and Riku and Hayner were playing poker as they bet with Sora's pocket change.

Roxas looked at Axel who was the only one still paying attention to the ceremony and for a brief second Roxas couldn't help but think of what it would be like to marry the redhead. He could imagine it now. Axel in a black tux, Roxas's dad leading him closer to him, his mother crying in the front row. Axel would take his hand and smile that smile that always made Roxas go weak in the knees and him and Roxas would say their vows and bind themselves to one another forever.

Roxas shook his head to clear his thoughts of those thoughts. Had he really just had a gay Gone with the Wind moment? He practically laughed at himself. They were only in the eleventh grade. There was no sense in even thinking about marriage.

Still the blond liked the idea of him and Axel as a family.

As if the redhead knew he was thinking about him, he looked down at Roxas with that smile, and Roxas's stomach fluttered. Yes he would be very happy with Axel and him as a family.

"..And now with the power vested in by the state of North Carolina, I pronounce you Man and Wife." Roxas turned back to look at Yuffie and Vincent both of who were smiling (and though she would never let Roxas live if he told her this, Roxas saw tears in Yuffie's eyes) at one another. "You may now kiss the bride."

However it was Yuffie who attacked Vincent wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down to her before the priest could even finish the sentence. Olette cheered for her now official aunt and Roxas laughed. Yuffie was never the patient kind.

When the happy couple finally pulled away the priest chuckled. "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Valentine."

Roxas cheered for them as they walked down the isle. He was really happy for them.


"That was beautiful!" Namine said for what seemed like the millionth time.

"We heard you the first billion times Namine." Riku said and the blond girl glared at him. Axel laughed and shook his head as Namine punched Riku in the arm and said something about how men were so insensitive.

Roxas rolled his eyes at his immature friends and continued to make his way to Vincent and Yuffie, who were at the edge of the dance floor, his hand in Axel's.

"Roxy!" Yuffie cried when he got to the front and she hugged him. "How is my favorite co-worker who is not my niece doing?"

"I'd be better if I could breathe Yuffie." Roxas said and Yuffie laughed before letting the blond go and hugging Axel. The red head smiled at his boyfriend over her shoulder and Roxas rolled his eyes.

"You look great Yuffie." Axel said when she let him go and Roxas nodded. "If I so wasn't gay for Roxy I would totally go for you." To which Axel and Yuffie laughed and Roxas and Vincent rolled thier eyes

"Yeah so pretty." Kairi said as she hugged the bride. Namine agreed with her twin.

"Why thank you girls, but if it hadn't been for Olette I would probably be getting married in jeans and a t-shirt." Yuffie said. Everyone laughed and how true that sentence was.

"Aunt Yuffie!" Olette suddenly cried running through the group and pushing Sora over and on the ground. She ignored his shout and latched onto her aunt. Riku laughed as he helped his boyfriend up. "The musician's wanted to know if it's time for the first dance."

Yuffie smiled at Vincent who nodded and headed over to the stage to tell the musician's it was time to play. Yuffie gave her niece a hug before walking to the middle of the dance floor to wait for her hubby.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the bride and groom to have their first dance." The head musician told the crowd. The band then began to play the opening of From This Moment On.

From this moment, life has begun

Vincent walked to Yuffie in the middle of the dance floor and took her hand twirling her before pulling her close and they began to dance. Behind Roxas he could hear Namine and Kairi, Rikku and Olette, all give a romantic sigh and he smiled.

From this moment, you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment, I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love, I'd give my last breath
From this moment on

Aerith and Zack joined Yuffie and Vincent on the floor and Roxas and Sora both laughed as Zack gave them a wink. Hayner pulled Olette out to the dance floor and Blake and his girlfriend walked out to the dance floor. After a moment Riku pulled Sora to the middle and began to dance with him.

Axel turned to Roxas with that smile. "May I have this dance?"

Roxas blushed "I-I'm not t-that good of a dancer." He stuttered which only him blush even harder. Axel smirked and took his hand leading him out to the dance floor near where Olette and Hayner were dancing.

"I'll help you then." He said pulling Roxas close to him putting his arms around his waist. Roxas flushed but put his own arms around the redhead.

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my live my life with you, can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

"This isn't too bad is it?" Axel asked with a smile and they swayed back and forth.

Roxas smiled up at the red head. "No not at all." Roxas said as he laid his head on Axel's shoulder. "In fact it's rather nice." Axel chuckled and began to sing along to the song.

From this moment, as long I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on

"I didn't know you were a Shania Twain fan Axel." Roxas said with a laugh. Axel chuckled at how cute his boyfriend was and kissed the blond on top of his head and continued to sway with the blond

"My mom is a big country fan, and Shania is one of her favorites. She and Dad always dance to this song." Axel said. He twirled Roxas who laughed at the redhead's behavior and Olette giggled from where she was dancing.

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

Roxas hummed along to the music as he danced. He knew there were people staring at them (and Riku and Sora too, maybe even Demy and Zexion if they were dancing) but at this time he didn't care in the least. Axel kissed the top of his head again and Roxas sighed happily into his chest.

From this moment, as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on

Roxas pulled away from Axel as the song ended and he stood on his toes to kiss the redhead's cheek lightly. Axel turned his head and captured his lips. Roxas felt his knee's turn to jelly and Axel gave a chuckle before pulling away.

"I love you." He said as he moved Roxas's hair from out of his bright blue eyes and then resting his hand on Roxas's cheek. The band began to play another song and Roxas placed his own had over Axel's before turning his head and kissing the palm.

"I know. I love you too." Roxas said.


"Who in the seven hells gave Sora anything to drink." Roxas said angrily as he looked at his brother, obviously drunk, sitting in Riku's lap. Roxas turned to glare at everyone in the group. "He can't even handle a glass of eggnog let alone," Roxas took a sniff Sora's drink. "Vodka."

"I'm snot drunk, Roxsas." Sora slurred with a hiccup and Roxas slapped his forehead mumbling something along the lines of "what am I suppose to tell mom and dad."

Olette walked over with Hayner. "What's going on?"

"Wells if it idint Olette." Sora said with a laugh. "Hi Olette." He hiccupped again and then went into a drunken laughing spree.

"Oh please no." Olette said with a horrified look on her face. "Please tell me you did not get you're skinny ass self drunk at my uncle's wedding." Olette gabbed the front of Sora's suit and began to shake the brunette twin.

"Olette I don't think that's the best thing to do in this situation." Zexion said.

"Shut up Emo." Olette said before bringing Sora close and growling. "Who did this to you?"

"You know you're real pwetty Olette." Sora said. He then kissed Olette who screamed and pushed the brunette to the ground, where he laid mumbling something about spoons puppies.

"I've been infected with gayness!" Olette said with horror. "Someone get some antiseptic before it's too late and I turn gay."

"You do realize that you can't be infested with gay germs." Roxas said as he fought to keep from laughing, but failing. Everyone was cracking up even Hayner and Riku, who realized that Sora was going to have a heart attack tomorrow when they told him what he had done.

Olette glared at her best friend, but saw that Axel had a camera in his hand. "You didn't." she said threateningly, and the air around her dropped a few degrees. While everyone stepped back from Olette and Axel, who was swinging the camera around his finger with a smirk on his face.

"And if I did?" Axel asked taking a step back. Roxas bit his lip to keep from laughing, because he could see the fear that flashed through his boyfriend eyes. Roxas simply shook his head at his best friend.

"I'll have to kill you." Olette said with a sickeningly sweet voice that made a shiver go through everyone's spine, except for Sora who was still lying on the floor singing the Barney theme song and talking about the president and Mickey Mouse doing the mambo.

Axel turned and ran laughing. "You'll have to catch me first!" he shouted over his shoulder before he disappeared into the crowd.

Olette leaned on Hayner and pulled off her high heels a look of murder in her eyes "Oh it's on now, you better run fire boy if you ever want to have sex with Roxas again!" She shouted before tossing her shoes to Kairi and Chasing after Axel.

"We have not had sex yet Olette!" Roxas shouted after his best friend. Everyone laughed at the sounds of the screams of guests and Axel's laughter. Roxas growled and poked his brother on the leg with his foot.

"What am I suppose to do with you?" He asked the brunette who began to loudly belt out I kissed a girl.

"How about I take him home Roxas." Riku said as he picked up his boyfriend. "Just tell your parents he wasn't feeling well and I took him home, he'll be asleep before you all get back."

Roxas gave a sigh of relief. "You're a life saver Riku."

Riku smirked at the blond. "Of course I am." Riku said as he began to walk toward the entrance of the building carrying Sora bridal style.

"Wher we goin Riku?" Sora asked laughing.

"Home." He said and they left.


After an hour Axel finally came back to Roxas, panting and holding his side. He collapsed into the seat next to Roxas, who laughed as he leaned his head on Roxas's shoulder. "Did she only stop chasing you?"

"Yeah…Vinny told her…to stop…acting like a child…at his wedding." Axel said as he gasped from breath. Roxas shook his head and playing with Axel's hair. They stayed like that for a while staring at the dance floor as the couples danced.

Axel stood up and smiled at his boyfriend. "Wanna dance?" He asked with a huge smile. Roxas rolled his eyes but got up with a smile of his own and took the redheads hand.

"Why do you want to dance so much?" Roxas asked as he was led to the dance floor.

"Cause I'm dancing with you." He said as he pulled Roxas closer to him.

"Corny." Roxas said as he blushed and leaned his head on Axel's shoulder again.

They danced in silence and Roxas yawned. "Am I boring you Roxas?" Axel asked with a chuckle. Roxas giggled quietly and shook his head in Axel chest, yawning again.

"No it's been a long day and I'm a bit tired." Roxas said. Axel smiled and kissed Roxas on the forehead. "We'll stay and see Olette fight for the bouquet and then we can leave with you're parents, Okay?" Roxas nodded again and they continued to dance.

As if Yuffie was listening the musicians stopped playing and Yuffie took the mike. "Okay everyone; it's time for the best part of a wedding the throwing of the bouquet." She said with a big smile. The girls all giggled and began to pile around the stage. Yuffie looked around the room and her eyes landed on Roxas. "You too Roxy, you might as well be a girl."

"Hey!' Roxas said with a pout and Axel smiled kissing the blond on the cheek.

"Go it'll be fun." Axel said and Roxas turned with a glare to look at his boyfriend. "Or I'll get beat to a pulp by some girls who want some stupid flowers." Roxas said with a pout. Axel smiled innocently and pushed his boyfriend toward the group. Roxas rolled his eyes and walked next to Olette, who smiled at him and giggled.

Yuffie smiled and handed the mike back to the lead singer. She turned away from the group of giggling girls (and Roxas) and tossed the bouquet over her shoulder. Roxas rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest… only to have the bouquet land right in his arms.

The blond boy stared down at the flowers in his arms with wide eyes. He could hear cheering far away and he blushed. Olette walked up to him and smirked. "Well I see that Axel need to start thinking about marriage."

Roxas shoved the flowers at Olette. "Take it." He said his entire face red.

Olette pushed the flowers back into his hands. "Nope, you caught it, you keep it. Those are the rules Roxy boy." Olette said before laughing evily and walking over to Hayner who was laughing hysterically at Roxas.

A pair of arms wrapped around him from behind and Roxas jumped before realizing it was Axel. "Your mom said to go wait by the car while she told Yuffie bye." Axel said and Roxas nodded soundlessly looking at the bundle of roses in his hand. Axel took his blonde's free hand and began to pull him outside.

When they were standing by the car outside Axel smiled at Roxas. "So you want to marry me that bad." Axel pointed at the bouquet.

Roxas's face reddened and he yelled "No!"

Axel pouted. "Aw you hurt my feelings Roxas. You honestly don't want to marry me."

Roxas's embarrassment grew and he looked down at his feet his face redder then it had been all that night. "That's not what I meant Axel." Roxas said before biting his lip. "We're only in the eleventh grade, so marriage is a really long way away, but…" Roxas looked up into Axel's eyes and felt his knee's buckle. "I would like to marry you one day…Maybe." (I was so tempted to end it here)

Axel's face became red but he smiled and took Roxas's face in his hands kissing the blond. "I feel the exact same way. But not now, For right now this is enough." Roxas smiled and kissed the redhead happily. One day they might get married, but for now, they could stay just like this.