Unexpected Circumstances

Sorry that I'm starting a new story when my other one is barely started... I just had to get this out of the way while it was still fresh in my mind. I'll probably write one or two chapters of this and only continue if people like it. Otherwise I'll focus solely on Where Shadows Dwell (I'm still going to work on that, though.) You should just be glad I dropped my other two or three stories for now.

NOTE: I changed the summary from what it was. I completely twisted the storyline, it's very different. I exchanged one main element of the plot for a different one, though the original main element MAY come back... I'll have to ask my friend. She's good with that stuff.

What if...

What if you could have one thing you've always wanted, always dreamed?

What if you could start a new life with the knowledge you have now?

What if you could change the world and knew exactly how to do it?


What if the entire fate of the world rested on your shoulders?

What if the future could be changed, for better or worse, by every seemingly insignificant word you say?

What if the impossible decided it didn't like never happening and made itself possible?

What if your entire world turned upside down and you found yourself lost in the chaos?

What if, instead of simply losing your way, you lost a part of yourself and didn't know if you'd ever find a path to follow?

What if everyone you cared about disappeared and you were slowly forgetting about them whether you wanted to remember them or not?

What if there was no one to help you when you were in danger or when you were unsure...

...What if...

What if, in this unfamiliar world, you were all alone?