Chapter 4: Ideas and Beginnings


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Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad. – Christina G. Rossetti






'I hate guys like him. He's charismatic… he managed to turn the conversation -at least from other people's points of view- from me not wanting to be a burden all the way to him begging me to try a year at the academy. Refusing won't do me any good; I'd end up in front of the Kazekage to get adopted by someone either way… I hate him.'

Yume sighed, "Alright…"


Yume stood up, surprisingly coordinated in her five-year-old body. Not perfect, but better than she expected when it came to adjusting to her body shrinking. She could tell she had on pants and a short-sleeve shirt as well as shinobi-style sandals on her feet. Yashamaru took hold of her hand and led the way, probably either to his house or to the Kazekage tower. Yume had to consciously focus on not pulling away from the unwelcomed touch.

The evening sun bathed the entire village in a golden light, unseen by Yume, and the air started cooling.

Yashamaru spoke up, "It's just a little over a month until the academy starts; class begins on the first of September. If you want, Yume-san, I could train you some so you would have a bit of a head start."

"Okay," she replied, for lack of a better response, her thoughts focused on other matters.

After a few more minutes of walking, the two of them reached a one-story building. Yashamaru opened the door and him and Yume stepped in.

"Welcome to my home! Feel free to wander around, the living room is to the left and the hallway with a bathroom and the spare bedroom-now your bedroom-is to the right. I have to go schedule an appointment with the Kazekage so I'll be back in a few minutes. Ja, Yume-san!"


The good-bye was somewhat distracted because Yume's mind was currently elsewhere. She heard Yashamaru closing the door behind him and she focused on her thoughts.

'I'm in the Naruto world. I'm in Suna. I will be joining the ninja academy in about a month. I am five years old, six in about two months if I go by my old birthday. I'm blind. And Gaara's uncle, Yashamaru, just offered to train me before the academy starts. I hate Yashamaru, but arguments are useless if the only reason I have for hating him is something he hasn't done yet… I may as well check out the room I'll be staying in.'

For once Yume decided to do something to get away from her thoughts rather than doing something to get away from the world and be alone with her thoughts.

Her fingers lightly brushing against the wall, Yume made her way down the hall to her right. She came upon an open door, but the slight smell of the cleaners indicated it to be the bathroom. She arrived at the point where the wall that her fingers were brushing against on her right side turned at a ninety degree angle creating the wall in front of her. Continuing her hand along the turn, Yume discovered another door, this one closed, probably the spare bedroom. The place she refused to call hers. It wasn't her room; it was an extra bedroom in Yashamaru's house.

Yume moved her hand along the door until she found the doorknob at about three inches above her eye level on the right side of the door. She turned the knob and pushed in slightly, the door moving smoothly at her touch. She walked into the room feeling a little bit of moving air caress her face, probably from an open window somewhere in the room. Pausing for a few seconds, Yume determined the window was directly across from the door.

She wandered around the room a little bit, fingers brushing along the wall which allowed her to discover what appeared to be a dresser, a nightstand, a table with a chair, and a bed. After finding the room to be comfortably small but not cramped, Yume went over to the bed, climbed up, and laid on her back, head resting on the pillow, closing her eyes.

'So what do I already know as far as shinobi skills go…? Hand signs... Thank god I already know the hand signs. Those would be a pain to have to learn now that I'm blind. I think I know the hand signs for Kage Bunshin no Jutsu… so once I control my chakra I may be able to make a shadow clone as long as I have enough chakra. Learning jutsu won't be as hard as it could have been… someone can just tell me the hand signs to make it. I wonder if I can sense my chakra…'

With that last thought, Yume sat up and brought her hands into the traditional Tora, or Tiger, seal. She focused towards where her chakra coils were supposedly located. Yume wasn't sure, she may have been imagining it, but she thought she felt a little bit of power. She then tried focusing it to her hands which remained in their position. This time she could feel some of the power move to where her hands rested in the Tiger hand sign. A tiny bit of power, though, hardly any at all.

Yume dropped her arms and flopped her head back down onto the pillow with a sigh. She wasn't so sure about this shinobi stuff.

'But, if I can obtain really good chakra control, I may be able to find a way to 'see'. Don't most girls have naturally good chakra control? I suppose that's one fact in my favor.'

Now that she knew she had no skills other than knowing hand signs, she decided to try to bring her mood up by thinking about potential skills.

'Taijutsu… I suppose I could get flexible and fast, but using that in an actual battle would be nearly impossible, unless, perhaps, I could figure out a way to use chakra to see. Ninjutsu… I could be good enough, but will I have enough power? If I do, then I might actually be pretty good. Genjutsu… I wouldn't be able to do the chameleon-based genjutsu because I can't see my surroundings to imitate them. The same goes for henge jutsu. I might be able to pull one off of some random person of my imagination, but if the academy teachers do what Iruka does and have the people transform into exact copies of him, I won't be able to do that. I may be able to learn full illusion genjutsu, like one resembling a nightmare. I could try to learn to use sound like the Oto shinobi do, use it to mess up peoples' senses. I can also play the flute so I may be able to find some genjutsu for that. Wow. Who would have thought that my best bet is genjutsu unless I have a lot of chakra for ninjutsu or can perfect my 'sight' for taijutsu? Well, now I know what to aim for. I still say being blind is troublesome, though.'

Yume voiced the key word of that final sentence aloud, "Mendokusai…" What a pain…

She decided to spend a bit of time daydreaming while she still had the chance. The only problem, however, was that she really wanted to avoid daydreaming about the Naruto world now that she was in it. In the end, though, she ended up daydreaming about a few different Naruto crossovers that she had been writing before abruptly turning five again. It was only a little while after that Yume remembered to be clear that those weren't wishes, they were daydreams. She really didn't want to end up being part of an odd little crossover that some all-powerful being decided to have fun to see what happens when ninjas and another random fictional world cross. No thank you.

It was getting a bit chilly so Yume got up and figured out how to close the window. Thank goodness it was your average bottom-half-slides-up window. It was hardly a minute after that when she heard a familiar -albeit disliked- voice coming from the front door. "Yume-san, I'm back! We have a meeting with the Kazekage tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and I brought a guest!"


Yume was never one to swear, but she had a really bad feeling.

'Please let it not be any of the six people in the village I know, especially the youngest three. Please let it not be one of the sand siblings. Please let it not be someone I know, especially not Gaara. I really don't want to deal with Gaara right now.'

As she walked out of the bedroom towards the front door, Yume prayed to whatever gods existed that the guest would please not be Gaara, anyone but Gaara. She wasn't stupid enough to extend her preferences of who not to be the guest to contain Gaara's older brother and sister as well. That would be trying her luck too much.

Alas, the gods didn't feel like listening.

"Yume-san, I'd like you to meet Gaara-sama. Gaara-sama, this is Yume-san. You're both about the same age."

'Why me?'


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