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Chapter Two: Old Song, New Dance


"Work you piece of crap!" June cried as she kicked the computer consol.

"If you break that you're going to have to pay for it."

The short woman turned to see Jack standing in the doorway of his office, smiling at her.

"Sir, I was…adjusting the computer!" She quickly answered, not noticing his non-serious expression.

"With your foot?"

June's pale skin turned a light pink and she skulked off to some depth of the Hub only the many archivist he'd had seemed to know about.

His smiled dropped the moment she left.

Looking around, the currently empty Hub felt cold and dead.

For three hundred and ninety-two years it had been dead to him.

Torchwood was like a drug, no matter how much he wanted to quit he knew he never could.

It just kept sucking him back in every single time.

He'd once thought of it in a rather odd way.

Torchwood was a old song, one that he'd memorized every single lyric of and knew by heart, and the agents were a new dance, one that hopefully wouldn't be cut short by him messing up a step.

His thoughts were cut off by the Rift alarm going off and -from seemingly out of nowhere- his current dance partner shooting over to it.

"Crap," June muttered. "we'd better get out there. I'll call the others. Meet you in the car."

She paused.

"Oh, and Jack…"


"Sorry about this morning…I was just curious and-"

"June, forget about it. It's fine."

She nodded and scurried off, leaving Jack to himself again.

As he headed to the car, pondering over the old files, he just missed a glimpse of a red jacket…