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Unwise Timing

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron were having the time of their lives at the High School Musical 5 movie premiere.

They walked out of the theater laughing and holding hands.

The weather was unnaturally cold that night, especially for Las Vegas in the summer, so Zac gave Vanessa his jacket, and put up an umbrella to protect them against the cold unforgiving rain.

He signaled a taxi, and told her goodbye, and that he'll be waiting for her at their small after party. It would be just the two of them, and many old movies, like Grease.

Vanessa stepped in the taxi, and gave him an air kiss.

It was already 10:30 and she wanted to get to her hotel, so she could pick the perfect outfit for their movie party. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend, by looking outstandingly gorgeous.

She told the taxi driver her address, and they drove to her hotel.

Once inside the five star hotel she looked outside, to see the beautiful view. She realized that all she needed for a beautiful view, was Zac. She was in love with him, and he loved her too.

She popped a birth control pill in her mouth, just in case he finally agreed to go a step too far. She wished it would happen that night

She changed into a scarlet camisole, with a cute denim vest, and a pair of skinny jeans.

She left the room grabbing her rain coat as she closed the door.

As she went outside she realized that the rain had finally stopped, so she decided to walk to his hotel, besides it was only two blocks away.

As she was walking she saw a shortcut, an alleyway, it would greatly decrease her walking time. The less time she spent walking the more time she had with the love of her life, Zac.

As she was walking she noticed a shape in the alleyway.

She stopped, then stepped a little closer.

It was a person, a man.

She immediately turned around and quickened her steps, deciding to go the long way.

But then the man called out "Wait it's me!"

She stopped dead in her tracks, and slowly turned around.

It was Zac, at least it looked like Zac.

She ran up to him, gave him a big hug, and then began kissing him. It was the most wild, most breathtaking kiss of her life.

Then it became more than just a kiss. She took off her vest, and he began playing with her bra strap, slowly pulling it away.

She thought he was going to get a bit too far; this wasn't the Zac she knew.

But then he stopped and dragged his lips down to neck. The blood in her aorta raced.

Then she saw his eyes.

They weren't Zac's!

She stated to make out a scream, but he quieted her, and drained the life right out of her.

He dropped her cold, dead, lifeless, bloodless body to the floor.

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