Hey this is Lucksta 4eva, and I just wanted to give a formal apology.

Sorry, but I am ending this story. No one is really reading it, and I just dont want to continue writing it. I used to think this story would work, but the more I think about it, the more I dislike writing it, and as an author you have to enjoy writing what your writing. I will restart this story, but it will be a whole different story.

To whoever actually read this I am truly sorry, and because you have still remained loyal I will give you a story summary for the new story, but it won't be up till summer probably.

Unlucky timing (definently going to change the name) : Blood is smeared on the walls, drenched in the pavement, its a sea of blood, a sea of death and dispair. It didn't make any sense, Las vegas was in turmoil.

This is what happens when the serial killers unite. Either all the serial killers will be alive, or possibly just a couple of my fav's like the minature killer, the art guy, blue paint killer, and maybe some from the other shows too.


Lucksta 4eva