Summary: As a child, Hinata was capture, sold, and raise by her owner. She was call an Angel, who was force to be a pet, friend, companion and grew up with her owner, Sasuke Uchiha. Until it was time for her to fly.


There once was a lost angel, she was beautiful and lavish looking thing with widespread wings that was twice her size and her feathers were softer than a fluffy pillow. She was like no other; she was a special angel that lost guidance and knowledge. She couldn't speak, hear or had any sense of normal human do. Her eyes and nose were her only gate to some sense. The poor thing was lost and afraid.

One the day of her mishaps, she wandered around a strange place that was full of green color stuff. There were creatures that she never encounter before or even dream of. There were also creature who had the same feather as her but not soft as hers. At dawn, the creatures were kind to her, always minding their nature and passing by for a wave. But at night, they act very differently and change to scary shape that made her feathers shaver in fear of the darkness. Dark red eyes would appear behind the bushes and startle her whenever it comes closer. She couldn't scream for help or hear a noise to go for, instead she follow the closes thing to light and hide with her knees place on her chest and begin to cry. Every night was the same and every morning was the same, nothing has change since than.

Except for one day, when she spotted a new creature out in the opening. It was near meadow that she spotted the breathing thing. The creature looked just like her. Stood on two legs, have two arms, a head, same shape of face, but........ no wings?

The angel stood behind a tall tree and observed the creature from afar. In a way, the angel felt relief and fuzzy inside. Never in her life she had encounter such a beautiful specimen before, this was the first time the angel found peace and comfort in this scary green place. Perhaps one day she'll walk up to this 'creature' and play with it, but not now.

The angel fears if she's gets near to the 'creature' or appear in front of it without warning, it will run away and never return. No, she doesn't want that. She wants it to stay and enjoy itself before it departs from the green place.

The next few weeks, the angel would obligate herself to return to the same place she saw the creature and observe from afar. She couldn't observe from atop because she doesn't know how to fly high, just far enough to get off her feet only. She doesn't know that much about flying to be honest, she felt hopeless to even been using these stupid things. What's the point of having them when you can't even use them to fly away, especially from dangerous creature in the dark? The shy angel sometimes thought about getting rid of these feathery wings, and probably confronts the creature herself without fear and lack of sense.

The very next day, she tried to find some sharp object to cut her wings but couldn't go through with it, instead she cry and watched the creature at the dazzling meadow than walked away. For some reason, the angel had a feeling this was the last time she'll ever get to see the creature. Now she was in fear and in more tears. She tries to follow it but, it disappear before she even got the chances to catch up.

From left to right, she glanced side to side and even up and down, but there was no sign or trace of the magnificent thing that brighten her heart.

There, the angel sat on a huge solid rock with sunlight glaring down on it. Though the poor lonely angel couldn't hear, she felt as if the quietness had appear upon her and the surrounding glimpse of nature had embrace her once again since she first rose to this sad place. Never had she ever felt her heart beat so warm and so broken, nature is her home, but in her heart was homeless.

Maybe one day, the creature will return, and when it does, she'll be here, waiting.


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