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Ch. 2

Not awaken from his peaceful slumber that always give him great pleasure every time he has wonderful dreams, Sasuke was in a perfect position to have fun with. A single blush exposed from the white curious eyes as she silently observed her Master from the right side. The young boy's body act on its own when these happy fantasy takes him to another world that only make him excited and warm inside. He would laugh, talk and make some body movement during these special occasion. It make the adorable little creature smile to see her Master's eerie performance.

The worse part during mornings are the annoying disturbance that corrupt his beautiful fantasy.

She giggled

Sasuke twitched

She poke

He twitch

She fuzz

He growl

Than Sasuke end up moving away from her as she slightly felt hurt from his disapproval.

"YYYYoooouuuuuu....." she said, leaning closer toward to his ear.

The boy slowly rises with his eyes close. He groaned as she smiled for his late awaken. Sasuke rubbed his eyes than blinked, "W-What time is it?" he asked with his frowning expression. Hinata held her hands as a praying position, watching her Master rising himself than slide himself down from his huge comfy bed.

"Good morning, Hinata," he said, giving a careless tone as she kept her thrilling smile that completely beat his facial expression, which annoyed him instantly. He yawned before dragging his lazy body to the bathroom and do his business. Hinata followed him but automatically stop herself because the little Angel was taught several time not to enter the bathroom with her Master whenever he needs to do his privacy. The first time she entered the restroom with in, Sasuke felt awkward and disturbed. He had to pull her out and told her multipole time not to enter when he's inside. But when he locked the door and finish with his business, he heard her sobbed by the door. He found her crying on her knee and trembling. Sasuke got concern and held her, apparently the girl was scare of being separated with her young Master. So now he doesn't take too long in the restroom every morning.


"Sit, Hinata," Sasuke commanded, allowing Hinata to sit on the comfy chair, which was beside Sasuke's seat. Itachi sat at the end of the ten-feet long table.

"I see you got her listening to you," the older brother smirked at Hinata's expression when Itachi broke the eerie silences. She looked adorable to the older Uchiha as she began playing with her fingers childishly. Sasuke looked displease at Itachi's stare toward his Angel, "..... stupid...." he muttered as he continued to eat his meal in anger.


Looking away from her Master's lesson, Hinata couldn't resist Mother nature's glorious wonder. She was pleading inside to be outside and spread her wings with the other wing creature and feel the wind. The window she stay by was over fifteen-feet tall, it was a huge view to see the whole garden of the Mansion. She mopped as her Master pay attention to his professor and learn whatever knowledge he needs to know. Though Sasuke promise Hinata that'll he take her out one day, but he was too busy preparing for her exam that was coming. It's been five days since Hinata left with Itachi to explore the abandon garden, which Sasuke was still upset about, that's why Itachi was no where to be seen near the lessoning room. Itachi gave his word that he'll not disturb or be near the lesson room with him and Hinata. Sasuke took glimpse to his mopping Angel as the educationist monotone through the whole Geometry lesson. It was a whole a lot of blah to him, the boy was smart, no dah! This stuff was easy. So why waste his time with this male mentor? To have something do of course. Even it meant ignoring Hinata and her obsession to the outside world. You see, Sasuke hate the out door, he despise it more than having fun. Something that involve his past that made him agitated to the outside, yet hateful.

So the young boy avoided windows as his tutor continue with his lesson. Hinata urge to go, but her Master wouldn't let her. Five more minutes passed and she eventually looked weak and depress. Her body moved close until a click slightly startle the little girl. She hesitated before discovering the open glass door that happen to appear visibly to her white eyes. For a second, her wings jerk than quickly calm before drawing attention from her concentrated Master. She didn't wish to disturb her Master. Plus, she wanted madly to run around and feel the wind through her distressed wings. She silently open the door and crawled out of the window to the great out door. Once the fresh air hit her fragile body, she felt light and applause.

Itachi was on his balcony, sitting delightfully with his tea cup on hand and a tiny plate on the other. His room was located on the four floor away from Sasuke's private lesson room. It was quiet until a distance and cracking sound cease his hand and tingled his mind. The pre-teen placed his tea down and glanced around first before turning his stare down at the forgotten garden.

'Hinata?.." he thought before walking out of his balcony and check on the lingering creature.

Keeping his distance from the room, he quickly went around the garden and made it to catch the girl dancing around like some kind of twirl candy. But that didn't surprise him. Fortunately, Hinata wasn't alone, there were yellow birds flying around her as she ran around and smiled. It looked inhuman, than again she was inhuman, so it should be nature for her to be around with flying creature with wings.

Itachi smiled, leaning on the solid object next him and enjoyed the girl's play time. Hinata blush, smile, dance, expressed so many adorable and innocence feature that every little girl should have when they're young and fragile. But her flaw were her white feathery wings. If only they were gone, she could fit in with the other little girls in her age. That would be all sweet! But unfortunately, in reality, Sasuke is the problem and owner of this hopeless girl and hold her life. Itachi fear for her future and what it will be when people find out that the son of a very powerful man is the owner of a curse human. Itachi remembered when he was a kid, age 8, about something very unusual, yet very depressing.


"Hey Itachi," said one of his spiky hair friend.

"Oh, hello Kisame," Itachi greeted.

Before the two close friend could commence they're morning conversation, one of their boy friend interfere, "Hey you guys! Did you guys hear?!" he exclaim before relaxing from the exciting news.

"Hear what?" young Kisame asked.

"There was a kill last night-"

"What? A kill? With whom?" Itachi looked interested and concern, but didn't show his worries, because that's a sign of weakness.

"My big brother told me when he was there. He said, there was an anger mob surrounding this man with Wings. Like some kind of mutant; half human, half bird. The mob tie the cursed person, than they started throwing rocks, fruit, vegetables, whatever they could get their hands on to humiliate and hurt him. Than, after that, one of the mob threw a torch and set the poor guy on fire. He died by the fire. My brother also told me that the guy didn't resist when the mob tie him to the tree. Weird huh?"

-End of Flashback-

'More like sad and savage,' Itachi thought. He didn't really give a reply to his friend after he told him and Kisame the news, but he did pondered. Why did those people attack him and kill the winged man? What did he do to deserve such a humiliating and intolerable punishment? Most important, why didn't he fight back?

His thoughts was cut short when Hinata started running toward the green root gate. Apparently the birds were leading her out of the garden and straight to the exist. At first, Itachi wasn't worry, but his eyes widen when he saw the little Angel's wing began moving in an inhaling and exhaling movement. Slowly yet strongly her wings began moving without her noticing. It's as if her wings were responding what her mind want. She started jumping, reaching to catch the birds but they were too high for an almost four inch girl. Nevertheless, that didn't stop her wings with some support. After the fifth jump, her feet didn't touch the grass, and yet, the little girl was oblivious to everything. She was too excited and distracted.

At the moment, Sasuke took another glance at his Angel and found that she was missing, "Hinata?" he said in concern when he saw the open glass door. He ditch his lesson to look for his little gift. When he stared out of the window, his eyes wide in shock, 'Hinata...... flying'.

"Hinata!" shouted the older Uchiha, running to the ignored girl. Hinata didn't response when Itachi called her name, it seem the distance was too far for her ear.

Sasuke ran after Itachi, looking concern and scare for his flying bird. The gate wasn't taller than the window, but it was too tall for Itachi's reach. The boy was still in puberty, so his body was progressing his height.

"Hinata!" Sasuke exclaimed, got closer for her ears to response. She heard him than turn to see that was very high. The little girl began agitated and loss of control of her wing. She gasped when her wings lost control to the direction that it was headed. Instead, each one had it's own direction. One to the left, the other wanted to go to the right.

"Hinata don't lose control," Itachi said, jumping to reach her legs but she was too far. Sasuke stood helplessly as he stared at his weeping Angel. The older Uchiha was doing his best, not giving up, determine to bring her down. Not just for him, but for her safety.

"ahhh......mmmm," Hinata shed tears as her wings guided her in thin air, moving within the gate, but she was close to the other side.

'Please, don't let her go on the other side,' Itachi prayed as she moved a few feet on the right.

'Hinata, hang on,' Sasuke was deeply concern, he was watching in desperate need to help Itachi, but he did nothing. He didn't even pray, he only hoped.

Within a second, Hinata's wing guided her to a near tree that is within the gate, she immediately grabbed hold on one of the root and stay. Itachi quickly took this opportunity and climbed the tree. He was cautious and careful. Thank goodness he was tall enough to reach for her arm, than gently held her within his arm and brought her down safely.

"... Hinata... is s-she.." Sasuke instantly stood in front of him brother, holding his gift within his arm.

"Don't worry, she's fine," he assured his little worry brother, looking down at the weeping girl. Her wings stopped moving after Itachi brought her down, but that didn't stop Sasuke from thinking.

"It was those stupid birds," he glared evilly at the vanishing birds that were supposedly responsible for Hinata's sudden flight. He turned to stare seriously at his weeping Angel, "Next time I'll make sure those locks are really lock," he said. Itachi only glanced at his brother in dissatisfaction. In his mind, Sasuke has a lot to learn what really occur at the moment.


Before Sasuke slept, he stared critically at his sleepy creature in a slight kindness. He looked more compassionate than serious. Apparently, what happen earlier, made him realized that Hinata was more important than some silly lesson. He finally see it. He see her round shape head, blue hair, tiny fingers, pink lips.......

'Those wings,' he frowned at the sight of those horrible 'things' behind her. Those were her curse and her key to escaping from here. Sasuke wasn't afraid to admit it, he wanted to rip her wings right there, but he knew he couldn't. Instead he had to leave them and learn to deal with the facts what the doctor told him earlier.


"What's the problem, Doctor?" Itachi asked, speaking for his and Sasuke's behalf.

"Apparently, her wings are developing strength, they're preparing to proceed on their nature," he said.

"So what you're saying, she's getting ready to fly," Itachi explained, not only for him but for Sasuke sake.

"That's exactly right," he smiled, but it didn't felt like a good answer to Sasuke's ear. He was piss and displease all together. He quickly turned away and walked in the room to see Hinata than harshly slam the door.

-End of Flashback-

He lay himself gently on his bed and stared straight at the ceiling and thought of a plan to prevent Hinata from flying. Here were less idea for him to do with her, but a lot to rip out her wings. Oh man! What-a-boy to do? What?......

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