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MalikxMarikxMariku(no shipping)

I don't know if Mariku would actually exist, but I'm going to use him.

Heba's not in this story. I will be using Heba as another name for Yugi in this one. Both names will be used for him, but it is Yugi. You'll find out why he's called Heba later. Anytime Hbea is seen, it is Yugi.

I'm using the last name Akana for Yami. The name was thought up by yugixyamiyaoilover. I have permission to use it for this story. Thanks for letting me use it!

This will revolve around Yugi, Yami, and Atemu. The other pariings will be there, but it revolved around those three.

Also, the pairings will change. It starts off as YamixAtemu,BakuraxAfekia, MarikxMariku, and SetoxSeth. Thee will also be mentions of Puzzleshipping, Puppyshipping, Tendershipping, and Bronzeshipping. All will end up as the threesome pairings.

Summary: The Guild is an organization of assassins who kill people who are guilty of crimes but get away with them. When a group of eight people are targeted, the Guild must protect them because they know that it is just a hit, not a real reason for wanting them dead. The four top agents of the Guild know the eight, and old emotions are brought up. When the leader who is also the best assassin is forced to confront old feelings, parts of his past come back to haunt him. Can he allow the man who hurt him back into his life along with a man who had stolen his heart without realizing it, or will he refuse to allow these emotions to surface and remain the cold assassin he has always been? Can he forgive, or will he let his anger rule his actions?

Not the best summary. Sorry.

Warnings: lemons, mpreg, violence, Vivian bashing

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Just the plot!

Chapter 1- The Targets

A man with star-shaped tri-color hair crept forward in the dark. He was on a mission, and he didn't fail.

A dirty blonde was also with him.

Both held revolvers in their hands as they went forward.

A large man was standing in a room. He had brown hair and dark green eyes. "You wouldn't believe how easy it was. I have one of the best lawyers in the world, not to mention the fact that the judge was in my back pocket. I was never going to be convicted." the man said with a laugh.

The person on the other end of the line spoke to him.

"Yeah. I may take pleasure in the bodies of children, but I'll never be caught. After all, I have too many people in high places to back me up to ever get me convicted." the man said.

After a little more conversation, the man hung up.

"Enjoy raping children, Mr. Sorino?"

The man, Sorino, whirled around to fact the two that were in the house. "Who the hell are you?! What the hell are you doing in my home?!" Sorino demanded.

"We're here to kill you." the tri-colored man said.

Sorino went for one of the drawers in the kitchen, but the blonde jumped forward and kicked the man in the face, knocking Sorino down.

"You see, Mr. Soriano, I don't like it when rich bastards like you can get away with doing whatever the hell they please. It sickens me. You're one of the worst. You have young children kidnapped and then you keep as your prisoners while you rape and torture them. What is it? Do you like their screams? Or are you just sick?" the tri-colored man asked.

"I think that they're better. Besides, once you break them, they do what you say. No damn woman does that!" Sorino snapped.

"And that's why you're dead." the dirty blonde said.

"You see, we're a part of the Guild." the tri-colored man said.

"Never heard of it." Sorino spat.

"And you never will. We're an organization of assassins who get rid of trash like you. People who get away with such heinous crimes and think that no one will ever stop them. We've been killing for the past two hundred years, and no member of the Guild has ever been caught. Your murder will be like all the others. It'll become a cold case that the police cannot solve because they have no evidence at all." the tri-colored man said.

Sorino paled as he realized that this man was serious. "Please, don't kill me! I'll give you anything! I have money! You can all you want! Just don't kill me!" Sorino begged.

"Tell me. Did the children you strip innocent of beg you, too?" the tri-colored man asked.

Sorino didn't answer, but he knew that the children begged him not to hurt him, begged him to stop, begged him to let them go home.

"I think that they probably did, but you didn't give a damn about it. All you cared about was your own needs as you ripped them of everything." the dirty blonde said.

"You had no mercy for them, so why should I have mercy for you?" the tri-colored man asked.

Sorino's eyes widened in fear as the tri-colored man raised his revolver and pointed it at Sorino's head. "Please, don't'!" Sorino pleaded.

The gun was fired, and Sorino fell against the kitchen sink as he was killed instantly by the bullet to the head.

"Too easy." the tri-colored man said.

"Why do they always beg?" the dirty blonde asked.

"Don't know? Come on, Mutt. We should be going." the tri-colored man said.

"Sure thing, Leader." Mutt said.

The two exited the house and made sire that the house was locked so that it looked like Sorino had been locked up in his house.

"This is Chris Shelly with the morning news. Police are baffled at the murder of Gorinsh Sorino, the businessman who was recently acquitted of the charges of kidnapping children and raping them. There was no evidence left behind by the murder, and it seems that Mr. Sorino was locked up ion his mansion, and there was no sign of forced entry of any kind. There are no leads and no suspects. Police have fund proof that Mr. Sorino was guilty of the charges he was acquitted of. They found a room where he had videotapes of when we would rape the children. The families of the victims are now able to rest easy since they know that this man can no longer hurt them, and they know that the monster who did this to their children is gone."

The TV was flicked off.

"I'd say that Sorino got exactly what he deserved." Atemu Sennen said. He was the president of Sennen Games Inc. He had star-shaped tri-color hair with lightening bolt streaks going up the spikes. He also had crimson eyes and tanned skin since he was an Egyptian.

"Atemu, that's not very nice to say about a dead man." Yami Akana said. He was a lawyer, and he was very good at what he did. He looked almost exactly like Atemu only he had pale skin where Atemu's was tanned.

"Come on, Yami. The man was a child rapist. You know that in court he was being tried for raping ten children. They have proof that he did those things." Atemu said.

"I know, Atemu, but I don't think that you should speak ill of the dead." Yami said.

"Well, I don't think that the families of those children are thinking that." Atemu said.

"You're right. They're probably glad that he's dead." Yami agreed.

"Well, I've got to get to work. You're meeting me for lunch, right?" Atemu asked.

"Yes. I'll meet you at the restaurant." Yami said.

Atemu kissed Yami before he left.

Although Atemu and Yami looked enough like each other to be brothers, they were actually lovers. They had been together for nearly seven years.

Yami walked upstairs to their bedroom. He picked up a photo that both kept out.

It was a picture of Yami as a teenager with a teenage boy. The boy looked a lot like him and Atemu. The boy had star-shaped tri-color hair without lightening bolt streaks and amethyst eyes. Yami and the boy were hugging in the picture.

Yami traced the boy's face with his hand. "Heba, where are you? I wish that I could see you again to tell you that I'm sorry. I wish that you would let me explain what happened." Yami said.

Letting out a depressed sigh, Yami set the picture down on the table again.

Knowing he needed to get to work, Yami gathered his caseload and put them in his briefcase before he headed out.

Leader flicked off the news report on Sorino.

"The police might as well give up. There is no way that they are going to manage to find out who killed that lowlife." a white-haired man with chocolate brown eyes said.

"No kidding, Fox, but that doesn't mean much." a platinum blonde with lavender eyes said.

"We all know that, Tiger. We've never been caught, and we're not going to be caught." Mutt said. He had dirty blonde hair and honey-brown eyes.

Leader turned to them. "Enough with the code names. You know that it's just for the field." Leader said.

"Sorry, Heba." Mutt said.

"It's okay, Joey." Heba said.

"So, what's next?" Tiger asked, leaning back in his seat and put his feet on the table.

"Malik, will you get your feet off the table?" Fox snapped.

"Oh, get a life, Ryou! You're such a housewife with all the cleaning crap!" Malik snapped.

"You don't mind it when I'm cleaning your room!" Ryou shot back.

"You offer to do it!" Malik retorted.

"Because I get tired of the fact that your room is nothing but a cluttered mess!" Ryou growled.

"Ryou! Malik! Enough!" Heba said.

"Sorry." the two said.

"What's next on the agenda, Heba?" Joey asked.

"Well, we don't have a mess to clean up, so we wait." Heba said.

There was a knock on the door.

"Enter!" Heba called.

A young teenager walked in. "Sorry to interrupt leader, but-" the boy started.

"Come on in, Fire." Heba said.

The boy who had red hair and blue eyes came into the room.

"Anything to report?" Heba asked.

"Yes. You wanted to be kept updated on any hits out on people." Fire said.

"What of them?" Heba asked.

"There was a hit called out on eight people. The Gate is the one that was hired." Fire said.

"They don't care who they kill." Joey growled.

Fire gulped.

"Calm down, Fire. Any idea why the hit was put out?" Heba asked.

"No. All eight are gay couples, so that might be why." Fire said.

"What are the names of the targets?" Ryou asked.

"They were ordered in most important to least important. The first two are Yami Akana and Atemu Sennen." Fire said.

Heba tensed at the names.

"The next two are Seto Kaiba and Seth Kinsh." Fire said.

Joey turned stock-still.

"The next two are Bakura Mao and Afekia Mesh." Fire continued.

Ryou stiffened.

"The last two are Marik Ishtal and Mariku Ishmal." Fire finished.

Malik tensed as well.

Fire looked up. "That's all of them." Fire said.

"Leave me the files and then get back to your job." Heba said.

"Yes, sir." Fire said. He handed the files to Heba and left the room.

Heba started to go through the files.

"Well?" Joey asked.

"You're not going to believe this. Vivian Wong is the one ordered the hits." Heba said.

"Isn't she the bitch that was after Atemu, Seth, Afekia, and Mariku when we were teenagers?" Ryou asked.

"Yeah. I guess she never could get one of them and decided to have them all killed." Heba said.

"I say let them die. It would serve them right." Joey growled.

"Yeah." Malik agreed.

"No. We're going to save them." Heba said.

"Why?" Malik demanded.

"Because we don't kill the innocent. They never did anything wrong on the level that lowlifes like Sorino did. Besides, Vivian's reason for wanting to kill them is low. It's jealousy." Heba said.

"What should we do?" Malik asked.

"Tonight, we save them. We'll have to bring them into hiding." Heba said.

"Well, until Vivian's dead anyway." Ryou said.

"Well, let's get ready." Heba said.

"Who takes who?" Malik asked.

"Well, as they're couples, I would say that they would be together. I'll take Atemu and Yami. Joey, you take Seto and Seth. Malik, you take Marik and Mariku. Ryou, you take Bakura and Afekia." Heba said.

"But-" Ryou started.

"No. We have to do it this way. I don't want this anymore than you do. It's a job. Nothing more." Heba said.

That night, Yami and Atemu were meeting their friends for dinner.

"Hey, guys." Atemu said.

"Hey. Glad you two made it." a brunette said.

Seto Kaiba was a brunette with blue eyes and pale skin. He was the owner of KaibaCorp, a gaming company. He was also Atemu's cousin.

Seth Kinsh looked like Seto except he had tanned skin where Seto had pale skin. Seth was a doctor who worked at Domino General. He was also Yami's cousin.

Bakura Mao had long white, spiky hair and chocolate brown eyes. He looked like Ryou although his hair was spikier and his eyes were a darker brown. He worked at Sennen Gaming as vice-president.

Afekia Mesh looked like Bakura except for the fact that his skin was tanned.

Marik Ishtal looked like Malik. His hair was spikier and his eyes were a darker lavender. He worked as a lawyer's aid and worked with Yami.

Mariku Ishmal looked like Marik although his skin was a deeper tan. He also worked at KaibaCorp as a security guard.

"We wondered if you would get here." Afekia barked.

"Oh, shut up, Afekia. I got held up at a meeting in all." Atemu said as he and Yami sat down with their friends.

"It doesn't matter. We already ordered your drinks since you two always have iced tea." Seth said.

"Thanks." Yami said as he and Atemu started to look over the menus.

"So, did everyone hear about Sorino?" Bakura asked.

"Yeah. There are no leads on the case, either." Seto said.

"I think that the guy got exactly what he deserved." Mariku said.

"I heard that they had no suspects in the case." Seth said.

"They have plenty of people with motive. Every member of the families of those children would be suspects, but there's no evidence that anyone other than Sorino was in that house." Yami said.

All eyes turned to him.

"What?" Yami asked.

"How did you know that?" Marik asked.

"I'm a lawyer. Lawyers hear a lot at the office. You took today off, so you didn't hear any of that." Yami said.

"In any case, what's new with all of you?" Seto asked.

The group started to talk and eat.

Heba, Joey, Ryou, and Malik were standing on the roof of the building across from the restaurant with binoculars.

"Well, it looks like they're all there." Heba said.

"Yeah. They seem to be living the good life." Joey growled.

"Mutt, focus. This is a mission. We save and protect them. We take them back to headquarters if an attempt is made." Heba said.

"Right." Ryou said.

After the dinner, everyone headed their separate ways.

~Seto and Seth~

Seto and Seth were walking down the street.

"You know, that was a nice dinner." Seth said.

"Yeah. It was." Seto agreed.

Seth detected some sadness in his voice. "Something wrong?" Seth asked.

"I was thinking about Joey. I really miss him. He always made dinner interesting." Seto said.

Seth wrapped an arm around Seto. "I know. I wish that he had given us the chance to explain things to him. He didn't, though, and we have to accept that." Seth said.

"I know. If he'd just come back, we would explain everything." Seto said.

"Not happening." a gruff voice said.

The two turned to find a masked man pointing a gun at them.

Seth pulled Seto behind him protectively. "Who the hell are you?" Seth demanded.

"Someone paid a lot of money to get you two out of the way, and we're not going to pass up the perfect opportunity." the man said.

"Seto, run." Seth hissed.

"No. I'm not leaving you." Seto protested.

A gunshot was heard.

Seto and Seth were shocked when the man fell, but another masked man was behind him.

"Come with me." Joey said although Seto and Seth didn't know that it was him.

"Why should we?" Seth demanded.

"Because I just saved your asses, and if you don't come with me, you might meet your maker the next time. Besides, I'd hate to have to knock you out to get you out of here." Joey said.

"Seth, let's just go. He does have a gun." Seto said.

"Fine." Seth said.

The two followed Joey.

~Bakura and Afekia~

"That was a lovely dinner. It was disgusting." Afekia said.

"Yeah, but it's nice to catch up with our friends." Bakura said.

"You still miss him?" Afekia asked.

"I miss Ryou. It's been seven years, but I still miss him. I just wish he would have let us explain." Bakura said.

"That won't ever happen." a voice said.

The two whirled around to find a man in a mask pointing a gun at them.

"Someone paid a lot of money to kill you two off, and you're about to die." the man said.

Before anyone could do anything, there was a gun that went off and the man collapsed, dead.

Bakura and Afekia looked to see that another man in a mask was standing there.

"I advise you to come with me." Ryou said, although Bakura and Afekia did not know that it was Ryou.

"Why? So you can finish us off." Afekia spat.

"No, but if you stay out here, someone will try again. Come with me, and you'll be safe." Ryou said.

"Afekia, we'd better. He does have a gun, and he did just save us." Bakura said.

"Fine. We'll go." Afekia said.

"This ay." Ryou said.

He led them away.

~Marik and Mariku~

"Well, at least that is over." Mariku said.

"You like going, and you know it." Marik said.

"Maybe, but it can be annoying." Mariku said.

Marik smiled. He looked up and said, "Malik liked walks like this."

Mariku looked over at him. "You miss him." Mariku said.

"Yeah. I always will. I wish he could have listened to us. He would have understood." Marik said.

"Well, we can't change the past. If he ever does come back, maybe he'll listen to us." Mariku told him.

"Don't bet on it." a dangerous voice said.

Marik and Mariku turned to face a man with a gun who was wearing a mask.

"Who the hell are you, and what the hell do you want?!" Mariku shouted.

"Someone paid a lot of money to have you killed. I'm all too happy to do it." the man said.

Before anything else could be done, a shot was fired.

The man fell to the ground, dead.

Another man was behind him, holding a gun. He also had a mask on.

"You two, come with me." Malik said, although Marik and Mariku didn't know that is was Malik.

"Why should we?" Mariku demanded.

"Because someone else will come after you, and I might not be able to save your asses next time." Malik said angrily.

"How do we know that you won't kill us?" Mariku asked.

"Would you prefer to take your chances out here?" Malik asked.

"Mariku, maybe we should go. We might stand a better chance." Marik said.

"Fine." Mariku said.

Mariku and Marik followed Malik.

~Atemu and Yami~

"Well, it was nice to see everyone again." Yami said.

"Yeah, but I think that Afekia and Mariku get harder and harder to deal with every time that I see them." Atemu said.

"What about Marik and Bakura?" Yami asked.

"They're not so bad, but they are hard to deal with sometimes." Atemu said.

Yami was silent for a moment before he said, "Heba loved nights like this."

"I know what you mean. You still miss him." Atemu said.

"I'll never stop. I wish that I had explained things to him beforehand. I wish that he would have listened to me." Yami said.

"We can't change what happened. If Heba ever comes back, we'll explain things to him and hope for the best." Atemu said.

Yami nodded.

"He'll never know whatever the hell you're talking." a voice said.

Yami and Atemu turned to find themselves facing a man with a mask on with a gun trained on them.

"Who are you?" Atemu demanded, pulling Yami behind him protectively.

"Someone paid a lot to have you two killed. I have to admit that I love killing anyway." the man said.

"Yami, get out of here." Atemu told him.

"No. I won't leave you." Yami said.

"Yami, this is no time for heroics." Atemu told him.

"Atemu, I love you, and I am not leaving you." Yami said firmly.

"If you two lovebirds are finished, I-" the man started.

A gunshot cut the man off as he fell to the ground dead.

Atemu and Yami looked to see that there was another man with a mask. He also had a gun.

"Come with me." Heba said, although Atemu and Yami had no idea that it was Heba.

"Why?" Atemu demanded.

"Because if you are found alive, there will be others after you. Come with us, and you'll be safe." Heba said.

"How do we know you won't kill us?" Yami asked.

"Because I would have let him do it, and even if I didn't, you'd be dead by now. Come with me, or someone else will kill you." Heba said.

"We should go." Yami said.

"All right. We'll come." Atemu said.

Atemu and Yami followed Heba.

"Is it over yet?" Vivian asked.

"No. I lost four of my best men tonight." a man said.


"Shut up! Someone killed them! I guess someone found out!" the man snapped.

"My employer wanted them dead! You'll have to deal with him if they aren't dead soon!" Vivian hissed.

"I'll get eh job done." the man said.

"You better because if you don't, you're going to make someone very angry." Vivian said.

"I'll do it." the man assured her.

After being led to a van, Ryou drove everyone to the headquarters.

Yami, Atemu, Marik, Mariku, Bakura, Afekia, Seto, and Seth all looked at each other nervously, not sure of what was going on.

Soon, Ryou drove into the underground base where the Guild had all their main operations.

After getting there, everyone got out.

"Who are you? Why did you bring us here?" Afekia demanded.

"We brought you here to save your asses. We could have let them kill you." Joey snapped.

"We didn't need your help." Seth growled.

"Sure look like it to us." Malik said.

"Enough! Thee were hits ordered on all of you. We got wind of it and stopped them. If you roam around, you will have another attempt or a successful one. Until we stop whoever did this, you have to stay in hiding." Heba said.

"Why the hell should we?! Who are you anyway?" Mariku demanded.

"Fine. You want to know who we are, you'll know." Heba said.

All four pulled off their masks to reveal who they really were for the first time.

"JOEY!" Seto exclaimed.

"MALIK!" Marik shouted.

"RYOU!" Bakura yelled.

"HEBA!" Yami cried.

Hope you liked it. Let me know if it's a good start or if I should try again. Also, let me know if something was unclear. I'll explain it unless it's something that will become clear later on in the story.

Next: Reactions to Heba, Joey, Malik, and Ryou as well as some truths that are explained.