Chapter 1


I've been grounded for riding dirt bikes and for leaving the country. I knew I deserved it. I was sitting on my bed reading Romeo and Juliet, when I was scooped up into Edward's cold arms.

"How can you read that?"

"Well you go to school and-"

Edward cut me off. "Never mind" he smiled my favorite crooked smile and kissed my forehead. "What are we going to do for the next two hours?" I didn't what to do anything but stay in Edward's arms.

"Bella, Edward, come down here. Please hurry," called Charlie.

I was wondering what was so urgent. When I glanced up at Edward, I saw his eyes. They were full of hate and pain. I was worried.

"W-what does Charlie w-want?" I managed to get out. Edward didn't say anything. He grabbed my arm and we walked down stairs.

We were now sitting down sitting in the living room. Edward sat on the couch and pulled me on his lap and Charlie sat in the chair across from us. Edward still wasn't saying anything and he looked like he was going to cry. I was scared now. What was making him so upset? "What's up dad?" Charlie looked happy and worried.

"Well since Edward has come back, you have been avoiding all of your friends. Do you even remember Jake? You two were joined at the hip. Now you don't even answer his calls."


"First of all, my friends have been avoiding me. Second, I do remember Jacob and third, I call him every single day. Billy had to disconnect the phone line because I kept calling. He is the one not answering calls." Edward squeezed my hand. Charlie was speechless for a moment.

"With that said, Edward, get out of this house NOW! I have a restraint order on you and your family. You can't come near Bella or my house again."

"Charlie, you can't do that I love him. I love him with all my heart. Please don't." I was crying hysterically. "Mr. Swan, I love Bella. She is my life. I won't let anything ever happen to her." Finally he speaks I thought.

"I've heard that one before." Charlie muttered under his breath not meant for us to hear but with Edward's hearing, he stiffened when Charlie said that.

"NOW GET OUT" I could not believe Charlie put a restraint on the Cullens. I was still crying in Edward's tee shirt. Charlie grabbed Edward's arm, gasping at the cold touch, and pulled him out the door. I ran into my bedroom tripping up the stairs a long the way. I slammed the door shut. This was not happening. Why me?