The Return of the Really Great Whangdoodles

For many centuries the fantastical Whangdoodleland remained undetected and purely imaginary. That is, until the Nobel prize winning Professor Savant gathered all his imagination, wisdom, energy, and strength to lead three special children through a grueling adventure to see the wonderful Whangdoodle King. Through the Professor's intuition and invention, the children's encouragement, and a very silly scrappy cap, a female Whangdoodle was brought into existence to the King's bursting delight. Everyone was deliriously happy, but the Professor and the children had to return to their world. Those three children were Benjamin, Thomas, and Melinda Potter. It was an adventure no child could ever forget, but they did not stay children forever.

Ten years later, the family gathers once again to celebrate Ben's recent master's degree in physics. His wisdom that began to show at thirteen had continued to grow and develop into a sharp intelligence. Tom disregarded the collegiate path and became a successful journalist on his own time. Lindy, not quite 18, was about to begin her first year at Oxford University to study the arts. Her voice that once moved the High-Behind Splintercat to tears and howls had blossomed into a true talent.

Lindy still remembered the trip to Whangdoodleland with vivid detail despite her young age at the time of the experience…