The Rediscovery of the Really Great Whangdoodles

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Part 3

To Expect the Unexpected

With her eyes closed, Lindy could sense every sound, scent, texture, or movement around her. She laid her head back in the hay and inhaled deeply of the woody smell in the air. The rain stopped pounding and fell gradually gentler upon the roof overhead. She noticed the feel of the hay on her back was surprisingly soft and comfortable. It was as if she were lying in a bed of cool, green grass. She listened to the rain's music with a satisfied sigh and a smile on her lips. She listened closer yet. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but it truly did seem to her as if the water was singing as it fell, in face it didn't quite sound like rain at all, it sounded like a river…

Lindy held her breath, praying she was not mistaken in her hopes. She blinked her eyes open to a wonderful sight. The barn was gone from above her. In its place glowed a happy pink-red sky. The trees and flowers surrounded her with astounding colors and fragrances, the light pink mountains stood majestic in the distance, and the smell of baked bread wafted tantalizingly strong on the slight breeze.

Lindy immediately jumped up and began an undignified dance of bliss and victory. She had made it back to Whangdoodleland after all these years! It seemed an eternity since she experienced the pure joy of just being in such a magical place. In fact, it seemed a long time since she felt so happy at all. She got down on her knees by the Golden River to ponder what she would do first. Since she wasn't sure how long her imagination and concentration would hold in her teenage mind, time was fleeting and precious. Her hand gracefully ran ripples through the water, creating more prominent chords of the river's song to emerge. Her anxious mind soon lost its mission of planning as the music filled her ears. Lindy began singing her own enchanting countermelody to the main theme of the river. She could hardly remember ever feeling so whole and peaceful.

"That's a lovely tune." A warm voice behind her commented. Lindy pulled her hand out of the water and whipped around to see the last creature she would ever expect in Whangdoodleland, a human. Professor Savant had taught Lindy and her brothers to always expect the unexpected there, but this was surely an ironic twist to the warning.

The unanticipated man seemed concerned that he had thoroughly startled her. This tall, mysterious man appeared be in his early twenties. He was dressed in expensive but well worn jeans and a silvery grey striped shirt that was unbuttoned to show a faded black undershirt. His dark brown hair did not seem to sit quite right but somehow only increased his good looks. Circled around his head was an unique band woven from gold hemp-like material with black beads on the ends. It looked to be ancient and possibly Egyptian, so Lindy took it to be some sort of scrappy cap.

"Who are you, and more importantly, how did you get here?" She blurted as she found her voice again.

"And by here you mean Whangdoodleland, correct?"

"Yes, but that was not the answer to my question."

"Well, it's just that I had hoped that's where I was, but I wasn't entirely certain. I also had not thought I would meet another human here. How did you get here?"

"Great, a man that never answers a question when asked, how infuriating."

"I beg your pardon, I must have forgotten." He answered with a sarcastic tilt to his smile. As bothered as she felt, she had to admit he was a little attractive.

"Well?" She reminded impatiently.

"Well what?" Lindy let out a sigh before answering,

"Who are you, and how did you get here?"

"Oh, right. My name is Martin, and I am not exactly sure how I got here, but I am undoubtedly glad I did."

"Pleasure to meet you, I'm sure."

"Aren't you going to return the favor?"

"What favor? You were answering my questions."

"It would be impolite of you to leave the introductions so awkwardly unbalanced."

"Fine then, my name is Melinda Potter, but everyone calls me Lindy."

"And how did you get to Whangdoodleland, Miss Lindy?" She could tell he was just being cheeky with his playful courtesy now.

"If you must know, I trained for it many years ago with a renowned professor."

"Professor Savant?"

"Do you know him? That would explain your being here, but I thought he swore never to tell another soul."

"He is my father. I am Martin Savant."

At this Lindy fell silent. She knew that the Professor and his former housekeeper, Mrs. Primrose, had quietly married some twenty odd years ago, and she recalled the mention of a child. Though the Potter siblings and the Professor shared a close relationship, he was so frequently abroad that they saw him only a few times a year over the last decade. Therefore, it was no surprise that Martin and Lindy had never met.

"Wait, you are Melinda Potter?" His voice brought her out of her thoughtful reverie.

"Why yes, and I know your father very well. He is truly the most incredible and wonderful person I have ever known, along with my family."

"I very much agree with you. He has taught me so much about life and everything involved in it."

"Then it is little surprise that you were able to reach this place. After all, Professor Savant is the Whangdoodle expert. So, why are you here if he isn't with you?"

"Truth be told, he never told me directly about Whangdoodleland. I put bits and pieces of it together over the years, and I might have overheard him talking to a strange lanky fellow about it a few times."

"Oh, you mean the Prock? It's no wonder you eavesdropped on them. He is the right hand official of the Whangdoodle."

"You mean that Prock person was from here?"

"Of course. You didn't notice how odd and slimy he was?"

"I did, but…oh, why did I never think of that?"

"Because you are a boy, and boys tend to be stubborn in their thinking." He gave her a skeptical look to which she rebutted, "I have brothers, I should know."

"So, why are your brothers not with you to enjoy the kingdom's beautiful pleasures?"

"I would rather not speak of it."

"As you wish, I suppose it is all the better for me anyhow."

"And why is that?"

"No need to look at me so skeptically. I was merely referring to my hopes that you could guide me through the magical lands. I have only been here a day, and I suppose I have inherited my father's enthusiasm for the exploration of imaginary places."

At this Lindy chuckled then agreed to help him. After all, not everything in Whangdoodleland was good or kind, and she would rather not be alone in such an unpredictable place. He flashed a sincere smile, and they walked along the river talking endlessly for hours. Eventually, the sky faded violet then deep indigo, and Martin mentioned they should find a place to sleep for the night.

Unfortunately, they had wandered into the rocky Ploy area where comfort was unlikely. Lindy had to pull Martin behind several boulders to escape the notice of some passing Sidewinders in uniform.

"What in blazes is that?" Martin whispered in awed tones.

Lindy turned towards the river to see the brightly colored Jolly Boat lit up with multicolored lights that twinkled like stars across the bottom of the boat. A wide grin spread across Lindy's face.

"Ah, that is where we shall be staying tonight, Mr. Savant."

The unlikely pair easily boarded the boat and found a large bed compartment with one King-sized bed fit for the King himself. Lindy instantly threw herself onto the covers in her exhaustion only to find that the duvet was made of a marshmallow-like substance. The pillows were white and gave off a light perfume of soothing lavender and honeysuckle. She climbed under the covers and giggled with glee before realizing that Martin was still in the room, standing awkwardly in the darkness.

"Oh, well I suppose we don't have much of a choice but to share the bed." He said with a fake cocky smirk and a nervous laugh.

"I suppose so…" She admitted quietly.

"Look, I was mostly kidding. I really don't want to make you uncomfortable. I can find somewhere else on this boat to sleep, no worries."

"Martin, I doubt that you are the prick you pretend to be. Let me spare you from doing the civil manly thing of sleeping on the floor. In most circumstances I would agree, but I suppose we are like family in a strange way, and this bed is big enough that we wouldn't even notice each other." Martin still looked uncertain. "Truly, I would feel horribly guilty."

"Well, if you insist." He slowly got in the bed and under the marshmallow covers. Lindy turned over to give him some privacy and focused on falling asleep. However, her mind was full of the events of the day. Because they were in Whangdoodleland, Lindy's senses were especially acute and Martin's presence so near her in the darkness was a constant knowledge. It had been a long time for her since a man was so near her at this time of the night. She remained relatively inexperienced in romance, except for her novels, and she had planned on keeping it that way for a while. If she was mostly content with her own imagination, then why did she feel the desire to cuddle up to this man she hardly knew? Ironically, just as she was thinking those thoughts, she felt a warm arm around her shoulders and his breath on her ear.

"Thanks for today, Lindy. I'm really glad I met you."

Martin turned back over to his side opposite of Lindy. He had not a clue why, but he wanted to go back and keep his arm there, protecting her all night. He normally would have thought it a silly notion, but his mind seemed to think better in this world. Though both Lindy and Martin had a lot to think over, the effect of the lavender and the lullaby of the river soon carried each of them into a soft slumber.

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