Some say that you can feel death before it arrives—like a premonition or an intuition. Regardless of how hard you try to ignore it, it won't disappear. It's not an obvious thing—not black and white or clear cut like night and day, rather it is vague and inconspicuous, making it all the more menacing and mysterious.

I knew it was near--could feel it sinking into my skin and taking over my precious beating heart. My breathing was labored. My lungs weighed down from the exhaustion that consumed my entire being. I was ready for my battle to end, though I knew that he wasn't. The one person that made my life worth living was somehow the same person that made me ready to give into the pleas of my dying organs.

With his hand in mine, his lips on my forehead--his love for me pouring out in his every kiss--and his consoling words assuring me that everything would be alright, I closed my eyes and slipped away.

Where one life ends, another gets the chance to live.