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Did you know that there was another Hunter Cullen? Maybe you do and you're an old fan, and maybe you don't, right? Well, there was another Hunter Cullen, and I took it off. Why? Because there were no freaking reviewers! Seriously! I never, ever get any reviewers! It's like I'm cursed or something. The most reviews I've had (so far) are 52. 52!!! Half of those were by three people! Sheesh! It's like people hate me or something. Anyway,JoBro1998 wondered why I took it off, said they loved it and thought it was really good (even though they didn't review) and so I am doing the whole thing all over again. Great. Well, let's begin, shall we? I hope I don't get terribly, terribly bored.


Heat; rising heat. It burned through my body with excruciating pain as I thrashed about, trying to escape it. I had no idea where I was, or even who I was, but at that moment, I could care less. I was in too much pain for that.

Finally, finally, the heat began to fade from my fingertips and toes. I nearly wept with relief as it slowly went away. But the heat in my throat did not fade. It changed – became not just heat, but…hunger. Thirst. And suddenly, my eyes shot open.

I sat up in bed at lightning speed. Though I couldn't have dreamed of opening my eyes just a moment before, I felt like I couldn't ever close them again. I panted, though it seemed unnecessary, like I didn't need to breathe.

"Well, what do you know?" a voice said from the doorway. My head shot towards the source; a teenage girl that looked seventeen.

She had long, blonde hair that fell gracefully and fashionably around her. Her skin was absolutely white; not a hint of color to be seen. Her features were perfect and beautiful, seeming almost inhuman. And her eyes were a dim shade of gold.

"You're awake. Congratulations." There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

There were so many things I could have said, so many things I could have asked. But all I could think of to say – and I didn't know why – was, "Get me a mirror."

The girl disappeared for half a second before she returned with a long, square-shaped mirror that held not a single fingerprint or smear. Wordlessly, and with an expression I thought to be almost sympathy, the girl approached me and held it out for me to look at myself.

I gasped. I looked, strangely, similar to her. My hair was short, golden, and positioned perfectly on my head. My skin was as white as could be, and my irises were crimson. "H-how could…w-what am I?" I didn't recognize anything. Not my face, not my voice, not my eyes. I didn't recognize the twin-sized bed I sat on, or the walls around me. I didn't recognize the girl that held the mirror in front of me. I didn't recognize a single freaking thing!

"You're a vampire," the girl behind the mirror said.

"What?" I tore my eyes away from my reflection and looked at her, confused. "Vampires don't exist."

"They do now," the girl muttered, though I could hear her perfectly fine. Then she looked at me with real sympathy in her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"W-What?" This still wasn't registering. "N-no! No! I-I can't be a vampire! I can't! I'm a witch!" I had no idea where those words came from, but I suddenly knew they were true.

"Well, now you're both!" I knew the girl was trying to be cheerful, but she knew she was failing at it.

Suddenly it finally registered. I finally knew exactly what had happened, and I stared at the girl silently for a moment. "NO!!!" I shouted as loud as I could. The girl cringed, and I could have sworn the room shook. "NO, NO, NO!!!!!!" I could hardly believe it. I was having a temper-tantrum like I was four. But I didn't care.

"I can't be a vampire, all right? I can't be!"

"I'm sorry, Hunter," the girl said quietly. I heard what must have been my name for the first time. "But there's nothing I can –"

"No! You don't understand. I can't…" I hint of what may have been a sob entered. "I can't be a vampire. I just…people are counting on me! They need me!"

"Rosalie," a man that looked in his mid-twenties suddenly appeared. I didn't know where he came from, and I didn't care. "What's the status?"

"STATUS?!" Whoops. I didn't mean to say that out loud… "What, am I some freaking project or something?"

"He's…upset," Rosalie murmured. "I think he's lost it. Where's Jasper?"

"I'll get him," the man said. "Try to calm him down, okay?" And then he was gone.

"Hunter?" Rosalie looked stressed out; I would be, too. "Um…hi. I'm Rosalie. That was Carlisle, back there. And, uh…you're Hunter Niall. But you know that already, right?"

"No. I don't remember anything." I tried my best to get calm again, but I was still freaking out.

"Oh. Well, you're nineteen, and you're…um…a witch."


"God, why did Jasper have to go hunt…" Rosalie muttered.

"Look, where am I?" I decided to get some answers up front. Why not?

"Oh, well you're in Forks. A cloudy town with absolutely no sun," Rosalie said, seeming glad that the situation, being me, was somewhat under control. "That's good. The sun makes our skin sparkle."


"You'll figure it out as you go along. Okay, in the Cullen family, being us, there are seven vampires, and, if you want, eight. There is Carlisle, Edward, Esme, me, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper." Rosalie counted off her fingers. "That's oldest to youngest, vampire-wise. Oh, good. Jasper's here."

I instantly felt calm as yet another blonde entered the room. But this one was different. All along his face were so many scars that they had to be from the same thing. This hair was everywhere, as if he hadn't brushed it in centuries. Then again, maybe he hadn't. His eyes were also golden, but they had a lonely look to them.

"Hello," he said. "You're Hunter."

"So I hear," I muttered. "And you're Jasper, right?"

"I guess I am," Jasper said with a half smile.

Right. Cutting it off there. Is it immature of Hunter to have a temper tantrum? Yes. But wouldn't you?

And don't give me, "No, because I really want to be a vampire," because in Hunter's world, Twilight doesn't exist. Thus, he does not know anything about Twilight. So you see why he's freaked out?

Anyway, we'll see if we can inch past here. We'll see what we can do, right?