Author's Note: Another story! Hurray! This was actually not what I was intending to post next, but it actually got written first so...=P Oh well. As you will hopefully notice, this is supposed to be pretty funny. There may or may not be some serious stuff too. I just don't think I could write a story without a bit of seriousness at least! =P Now please bare with me, because I myself am really not sure where this is going to could end up being ten chapters, or fifty, I really have no idea. It depends on whether or not I decide to incorporate another idea I had...we'll see. Anyway, go ahead and read this and please tell me what you think! I'm usually pretty funny so let's see if this is humorous or not. xD

"Reno!" Elena's angry scream could probably be heard through the whole Shinra building. The girl was in the hall. She had just fallen prey to Reno's latest 'project'. One of the many he pursued to distract himself from working.

"Yes? Can I help you, Elena?" Reno replied calmly, a charming smile on his face that Rude found more disturbing than anything. The redhead turned to look at the other Turk with mischievously sparkling eyes. Hearing Elena's shoes click as she swiftly headed toward the room, Reno got up from his desk, carefully positioning a full glass of water behind him. When the female Turk stormed into the room, covered head to toe in powdery, white flour, he was leaning casually on the edge of his desk.

"Oh my, you seem to have run into a nasty situation," he commented blithely, "Whatever could have happened?"

"You know what happened, jerk!" She jabbed a finger at his chest, leaving a small white mark.

"Be careful, you might get me dirty," Reno grinned. Elena huffed and rubbed her hands all over his chest and arms, smearing him in flour.

"Take that!"

"Relax, 'Laney," he said, casually dusting the flour off his rumpled jacket and shirt, "It could be worse."

"Really?" She was seething.

"Oh yeah, you could be wet too." While he said this, Reno pulled the glass of water from behind his back and poured it over her head. Elena gasped, her enflamed anger leaving her speechless as the soft, white powder covering her swiftly changed to a wet, oozy goop. Smirking, Reno set the empty glass down and then walked around to sit in his chair again.

"You look nice today, Elena. Did you do some thing different with your hair?" He looked up at the shocked girl, aquamarine eyes simply shining with laughter.

"I'm going to kill you," she whispered, fists clenched at her sides, "I swear I'm going to kill you just as soon as I decide how."

"I'd like to see you try," Reno shot back quickly, then a sly smile took over his face and he leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head and examining the ceiling above him, "After all, you are just a girl. Hardly a match for a man."

"I am too more than a match for you, you stupid little sexist bastard!" Elena was shouting now. She had smacked her hands down on Reno's desk. Rude watched the two of them with a sickened fascination as Reno shooed her away from his desk with a file. The redhead made sure to push her every button that would make her fly into a rage. It was like watching someone skydiving, the queasy feeling seeing someone free-fall through the air, paired with the excitement and thrill.

By this time Tseng had showed up to see what all the noise was about. He stood watching Elena yell until she was red in the face and hoarse, while Reno sat calmly, quietly making comments engineered just to push her over the edge.

"I'm not getting involved," the man stated, turning back into his office just as Elena noticed him and began pleading for him to punish Reno somehow.

"Save me, Tseng! Save me!" Reno mocked, using an exaggerated high-pitched voice.

"Shut up!" Elena glared, going slightly red.

"You like him, don't you," Reno teased, "Don't try to deny it, just admit it! You know you do."

"Shut up!" she hissed, turning more red, "I do not." She crossed her arms, the movement making an odd squishing sound because of the goop she was covered in.

"Sure. Whatever you say, blondie."

"I hate you," Elena backed away from Reno's desk, looking down at her self. She was a complete mess. "Tseng, I'm going home to take a shower," she called, "I'll be back soon." Reno smirked at her with a knowing smile. She did her best not to look at him, turning away and heading out the door.

Elena had shed her filthy clothes, piling them neatly on a chair to be dealt with later. Now she let the steaming water run over her, washing the sticky flour from her hair and face. Reno's such a damned jerk, she thought angrily, toweling her hair mostly dry before reaching for the blow dryer. Why can't he just be normal and serious about his job like the rest of us? Clean clothes, a bit of make-up, and she was ready to go back to work. He's fine with missions, but moment paperwork comes up, he acts like a child! Elena glared at Reno when she walked in the door, but didn't say anything. The redhead grinned hugely at her but didn't say a word either. Why can't he just be mature about every aspect of his job? Sighing, really more of a grumble, she noticed Reno had changed her screensaver for the eleventh time to a slideshow of pictures of himself. Refusing to even look at him, she didn't bother to change it. I won't play your little game anymore. The only reward she got was a snicker.

"I knew it would grow on you," Reno's voice almost shattered her resolve to ignore him. She kept her attention focused on the unfilled report before her. "Hmm, you're not yelling at me. Got that rage under control, have we, 'Laney?" It required super-human strength, but Elena did not utter a sound, nor even shoot him one of the piercing glares she was mentally directing his way. "You know, it's a pity because you're actually very cute when you're angry."

"Oh just shut up will you!" Elena turned on him, all thoughts of maintaining a cold and indifferent aloofness crushed in an instant. Shouldn't of looked, she realized, too late. Her anger was only fed by the growing smile on his face. "Don't you have some work to do? Anything to keep you from bugging me?"

Reno looked thoughtfully at the massive stack of undone paperwork in the corner of his desk. "No," he said lazily. Elena stared at him a moment longer before turning back to her work with a huff. Calm down, don't let him get the better of you. It's not that big of a deal! If he wants to act like a child, he can, just don't let him drag you down to his level. Carrying on her internal pep-talk, Elena managed to get through the rest of the day with no further outbursts, even though Reno whistled every song she knew, purposefully out of tune.

By the time she could leave, Elena had a headache and wanted nothing more than to get back to her apartment and settle down with a book in the blessed, blessed silence. Hurrying out, she slowed before leaving the building, preferring to walk at a more comfortable pace. Looking over her shoulder as she pushed the glass door open, she saw Reno across the large room, ambling along with his hands in his pockets. She frowned instinctively, pressing on to leave him behind as quickly as possible. It briefly crossed her mind that the grin she usually saw was missing and he had been slouching and dragging his feet. He's unhappy, she thought vaguely. This observance was quickly forgotten, replaced by memories of his antics of the morning.

Author's Note: So you might have noticed already that there is a twinge of seriousness. I just can't imagine writing something relatively plotless and I can't think of a plot that could go along with a bunch of random pranks and funny moments in general. =P Please, please let me know what you guys think, my readers' opinions are valuable! Thanks so much for reading, and don't forget to review! xD