Okay, I know that I'm bringing some X3 things in like Warren Worthington

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Ana yawned and sat up. She stretched, not noticing when she bent over backwards and almost kicked herself in the nose. It was time to get up and get ready for school. Ana, still bleary-eyed and groggy, hopped off of her queen-sized bed. As she walked to the bathroom, she didn't notice the feather that lay on the floor beside her feet. She picked up her small hand mirror, checking to see what she would need to do today. She used the mirror for when she was getting ready for he day and right after bed to see what damage the night had done to her. As soon as she saw her reflection, she stopped cold.

What the hell happened to my hair!?

Her hair was supposed to be a dark cross between copper and brown. Supposed to be. But her hair was (Ana choked as she thought this) white. It was like someone had combined whipped cream with silver, and then put it into the clouds to frost over, and then come down and lather her hair. And the black streaks… what was going on? A shocked Ana gently put down the mirror, and continued to the bathroom. She had to try and wash this out as soon as she could.

Her parents came running the instant they heard their daughter's bloodcurdling scream.

"Honey!" her father said, throwing open the bathroom door. "Honey, what is—"

He suddenly stopped talking. His eyes widened. Sitting on the closed toilet seat was his daughter, her face ashen gray, clashing with her white and black-streaked hair. The small spaces between her and both walls were taken up by a set of wings, soft and white, sprinkled with black flecks.

Ana clutched her pillow, all of her terrified tears already spent and soaking it. She was on her stomach, her new wings trembling on top of her. Her parents had ordered her to stay home. She knew that, though they loved her, that from this day forward they would never understand her. They… they were ashamed of her. They had sent her to her room and taken off, not telling her where they were going. Now, she just lay in her bed, numb with the shock of the morning. She didn't know how long she lay there. It felt like eternity, but when she checked her clock, it showed that it had only been twenty minutes. Then, as Ana regained her senses, she sat up, and then stood. Her wings folded tight against her back. She had changed into her working out clothes; an exercise bra and her black running shorts. They were the only clothes she had that didn't restrict her two new limbs. As the rest of the shock wore off, and Ana's mind revved back into action, groping around for something to think about. It found something very big in about fifteen seconds.

Wait, Ana thought to herself, I have… I have… I have wings!

Though she had actually discovered this a few hours ago, the full impact of it hit her now. She had wings! What she had dreamed about for as long as she could remember was now real! She felt it; a joy that bubbled hot and thick charging all six of her limbs. Then, with what seemed like an explosion, Ana's wings shot outward to their full wingspan. Her feathers just brushed the opposite walls.

A twenty-foot wingspan! Ana thought, amazed.

Ana's face lit up with a grin. She didn't care how this happened, but it was the best thing that ever could have happened to her.


Ana whipped around in a full circle, but there was no one there. She looked up, but there was no source of the voice.

Ana. Ana.

Ana turned again, looking wildly around the room. Still nothing. What was happening? Ana draped her wings around her defensively.

Ana. ana. ANA.

There it was again. Suddenly, voices exploded into her head, whispering her name. Ana clutched her head.

"Stop." Ana said, quietly.

The voices kept on whispering.


They paid no mind, and increased. Ana dug her fingernails into her hair, drawing blood. The voices grew louder and softer at the same time. Ana screeched and lunged for her bedside lamp, grabbing it and throwing it.


The lamp shattered. The voices were silent. Ana was breathing hard. She had sunk into a low crouch, as if waiting for a fight. Sweat was on her brow. Ana, suddenly exhausted, collapsed onto her bed. She heard some sort of ripping noise, and felt the gashes that her fingers had left close up. Her hand flew to her forehead. The gashes were gone. Then she heard something that she would have never expected.


She knew that voice.


Is that you?

Is that you?

Yep, it's you. But what… how…?

I don't know. For all I know, you could just be some subconscious part of me, commonly referred to at 'the little voice in the back of my head'.

I could say the exact same thing.

Ana? James? Is that you two?



It is you two!

I'm here too!


Don' forget Mr. Music!


Yep. Are you guys at school?





We're all at home then, but— C.D started.

Don't tell me— Sam continued

Wings! Ana finished.

There were about fifty seconds in silence. No one knew what to say. Finally, Ana thought of something.

Ay guys, are your parents at home? Ana asked.

No, They all said in unison.

Mine rushed off. Wouldn't tell me where. Sam said.

Same here. Everyone repeated.

I know where they're going. Ana said suddenly.

Everyone's mental increase was almost tangible.

Where? The question wasn't even put into a real word.

They're all scared of us, now that we're mutants. They're going to get the Cure.

Everyone was silent. Ana broke the silence.

If they try to inject me with that loathsome poison and take away my wings, then they shall forfeit their title as my parents.

Though nothing was spoken, everyone sent the powerful feeling of agreement and rebellion. Ana suddenly heard the key turn in the lock of the front door.

Gotta go. They're back. Said Ana.

Everyone mentally nodded, and Ana was sent the impression that it was the same for all of them. Ana grabbed her almost new tan trench coat and put it on, mostly covering her wings. She didn't want to put any pressure on her parents. Ana trotted downstairs to meet them. She kept going over in her mind that they weren't going to give her the cure. They might have just gone to the grocery store. As she stepped onto the ground floor, she froze. There was a white paper bag in her father's hands with a molecule symbol on it and the title "Worthington Labs". They had gotten the Cure for her. Ana backed away a tiny step as her father walked towards her.

"Get. That. Away. From. Me." Ana said.

"It'll only hurt of a few seconds. You'll have your wings gone in no time." Her father said, pulling out a syringe.

"Get it away from me!"

"You'll be normal soon, honey, you don't need to worry." Her father said, grabbing Ana's wrist and bringing the Cure towards it.

"I said GET IT AWAY!" Screamed Ana.

Ana's wings tore themselves from under the trench coat, getting between her and her father. The screech of a bird of prey ripped from her throat. She thrust her wings outward, trying to push him away, and sent him flying to the other side of the room. Her mother backed against the wall to Ana's left. Ana stalked up to her father, not noticing her eyes turn a brilliant golden.

"You will never, ever try to touch my wings again. If you're so scared of them that you won't let me make my own choice, then you are not my father."

Ana's father's eyes widened.

"I—I'm not your father." He said tremblingly.

Ana blinked. Whatever she had expected to come out of his mouth, it wasn't that.

"W—we adopted you." Her mother said.

Ana almost exploded. Her wings flared to their full twenty feet.

"What!? And you never told me?!" she screamed.

Ana's eyes smoldered, and she looked more likely to breath fire than a dragon. Her wings flared behind her. She approached her father.


"We just wanted a child so much." Her father said, almost breaking down. "We went to this church back then. It was all arranged by the minister."

Ana's wings folded onto her back. It made so much sense now. Her parents both had black hair, and hers had been brown. She was slender, with defined muscles, while her parents were both stocky and short. As the scene froze; Ana standing threateningly over her father, her father on the floor, her bother back against a wall, the most unusual and ironic thing happened. If she hadn't been in the position she was in now, she would probably have laughed. The doorbell rang. The three family members all blinked. At a silent agreement, Ana ran upstairs to her room, out of view of the door. She heard her father answer the door, and heard a woman's voice. There was some caution, and some threats, but she heard the woman step inside, sit in the living room chair. She heard her parents—no, they weren't her parents anymore. Not now, not ever—say something about a beautiful school campus, and a few other things. Ana couldn't hear too well behind her closed door. After a few ore minutes, Ana heard something that made her heart skip a beat.

"Maybe we should talk to her alone."

There were a few more words, and then;

"Ana! Sweetie, come down."

Ana nearly boiled. Sweetie? How dare they call me that? They can come up here and get me, if it's so important!

Ana heard her parents begin to walk up the stairs.

Logan watched the couple walk up the stairs to get their daughter.

"They're scared of her." Logan said.

"You're smelling wrong. They're scared for her, and they're probably scared of us. And I don't blame them." Storm replied.

"They were scared before we rang. It was seeping out the corners of the door. And I still have no idea why I had to come to get this one, out of all five of them."

"Xavier just said that you're the one that can reach her the best. He says that she's a rebellious child, and you're the most similar personality that we have."

"So if he says all that, then you're here…?"

"To get through to her parents."

Logan snorted. He turned his head as he heard feet come down the stairs. Storm looked too as the young girl came down. Ana's wings were just visible, folded tightly against her back. Storm blinked as she saw the girl's hair. It was almost exactly like Storm's, although while Storm's was short, Ana's reached her waist. Ana approached the chair opposite Storm. She hooked her leg around the leg of the footrest and swung it over to her, where she sat down. Storm was momentarily confused, but then realized that it would be rather uncomfortable to sit in a chair of you had wings. The first words out of Ana's mouth were what were expected.

"Who are you?" Ana asked.

"My name is Ororo Munroe, but I am mostly referred to as Storm. This man is Logan, also called Wolverine. We are teachers at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. We have come to invite you to come."

"Not sure if you're noticed, lady, but I'm not exactly an average student." Ana said.

Logan chuckled silently. He liked this kid…

"Xavier's School is a school for people like us. It's a school for mutants. There, we learn to control our powers and use them for good."

"Oh really? So you are both mutants?" Ana asked a bit defensively.

"Yes, we are." Storm answered.

"So what have you two got that's so special?" Ana challenged.

Storm's eyes faded to white. She held her hand, palm-up, and a mini tornado whipped to life.

"I can control the weather. Logan has uncharted healing abilities, an adamantium skeleton, and adamantium claws."

At Ana's bemused expression, Storm added.

"Adamantium is a metal, supposedly unbreakable. It was grafted to Logan's entire skeleton. He survived because of his healing factor."

Ana was still a bit confused, but she nodded.

"In the outside world, mutants are hated and persecuted. At the Xavier institute, you will not only be among your own kind, but we can give you a home and a family that will accept you and understand you. You will be safe there, without the fear of rejection."

At this point, Ana was leaning forward, her eyes intense. Logan did a double take. Are her eyes golden? Logan knew animals better than anything else, and knew the eyes of a raptor when he saw one. He pushed the thought out o his mind before he could think it. It was Ana's turn to speak.

"If I come with you… no one will be scared of me? No one will try and Cure me? I'll be accepted?"


"I'm in." Ana said. "But wait. There were others, four boys—"

"They are being spoken to as well. It is their choice whether to come or not." Storm replied.

"They'll all come."

Logan smiled slightly at the kid's confidence. It was unusual for the X-Men to find just one mutant, let alone five at the same time, not to mention with the same power. It was a bit naïve to say something like that before she knew. How could she know? Logan wasn't even sure if the five kids knew each other.

"Go get packed and come back down." Storm said.

Ana nodded and sprinted up the stairs. Logan blinked. That was a little fast, even for a sprint. They only had to wait a few minutes until Ana came back down with a duffel and a backpack. She had also changed; she had on some jeans, and her favorite fussy blue coat. She had made two slits in the back of all of her shirts, knowing that it would be easier to get dressed in the morning. She also had on a brown trench coat, completely hiding her wings. smart girl. Logan thought. She approached storm, and Logan noticed that there was something in her hands. She showed it to storm.

"Can I take this?" Ana asked. "I've had it for a really long time, and I think of it as a friend."

She was holding a dagger, locked in a sheath designed to look like some sort of snake. The handle was the rearing head of a cobra. Storm looked very conflicted.

"Well… oh, all right." Storm said. "I guess that I don't have to lecture you on safety if you've had it a long time."

Ana grinned, and then carefully stowed it in the farthest reaches of her backpack. She slung it over her shoulder and picked up her duffel.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye to your parents?"

"I already did."

Storm cocked her head, then shrugged.

"Okay then. We'll take you to the blackbird."

Ana looked a bit confused, but decided to keep her mouth shut. They stepped outside.

They rented a cab. Storm was shotgun, while Logan and Ana were in the back. Ana fidgeted the entire time, deciding that she now hated cars. It was extremely uncomfortable to sit on the lower half of her wings, where the longest feathers were. Logan tried not to get annoyed by her fidgeting, but it was hard. He didn't like cars either, and her twitching made the animal part of him nervous. They finally stopped, and Ana was the first out of the car. Logan blinked. That was really fast. He heard Storm get out, and opened his door last.

"A skyscraper?" Ana said, extremely confused.

"We need to go to the top." Storm said.

Ana shrugged, and followed her two elders to the large double doors. Suddenly;

"Thief! Thief!"

A black hooded man burst through the doors. A startled Logan attempted a clumsy swipe, but the man dodged it easily. He also passed Storm, and was a few feet away from Ana. Without thinking, Ana stepped to the left. The thief slammed into her, falling backwards and onto the pavement. Ana stumbled, her hand going to her stomach.


The man shook his head, then reached for the big bag of money that had fallen a few feet from him. Before he got it, a fist slammed into his face with a metallic clang. From somewhere, a pair of policemen appeared and handcuffed the bandit with a nosebleed. One took him to the car, while one returned the money to the skyscraper. Ana realized that it was a bank.

"You okay, kid?" Logan said.

Ana nodded, her lungs still a bit too shocked for her to speak. She wordlessly followed Storm and Logan through the doors. They led her to an elevator, and Ororo pushed the button to the very top floor. Ana took a few deep breaths, and her organs loosened up. Ana knew that she would probably have a big bruise there in the morning. They got off after a few minutes, then took a small flight of stairs to the flat top. When her eyes adjusted to the light, Ana gasped. There was a huge black jet on top of the building. It was definitely the most awesome thing that Ana had ever seen in her entire life.

Hey! What're you looking at? C.D suddenly said, entering Ana's mind.

What? What do you mean? Ana asked.

You were feeling a little dizzy and numb before; we all felt it. But just now, you projected some sort of amplified feeling of shock. James answered.

Have you guys—

Been approached by two strange people? I have. James said.

The other three agreed.

"We're going to need to wait for the others. Why don't you come inside and meet Xavier?"

Quick! Where are you guys right now?

Bus. Said James.

Cab. Really uncomfortable. Said Sam.

A really small car. Said C.D

Cab. Said Peter, finishing the roll call.

Can you guys stay with me a couple of minutes? I'm going to need your help.

Sure. They all said in unison.

"Coming." Ana said, following Storm while Logan waited outside. The inside looked just as cool and high-tech as the outside. There were some nice seats, and almost everything seemed to have an 'X' on it. In the front of the plane, there was a bald man in a wheelchair facing her.

Hello. My name is Charles Xavier.

Ana froze. This guy could speak to her too? Ana sent out a wordless command to the other four, still in her mind. They all pitched together, and raised a wall between the man's mind and Ana's own. There was just enough space for the two of them to have a mental conversation. Ana just had a feeling that she needed to defend the rest of her mind from him, including her conversations with the others.

Woah! How did you know that you'd need our help? C.D asked.

I don't know. I just did. I'm going to thought-speak him back.

What? Are you crazy?

Humor me.

Ana heard C.D's mental huff before he fell silent. The rest were tense, she could feel it. Ana cautiously reached out her mind.

Nice to meet you, Charles. My name is Anastasia Skyman.

Charles smiled. He reached out his hand. Ana cautiously stuck hers out and shook it. His grip was firm and friendly, a good handshake. Ana relaxed.

It's okay; he's a good man and a friend. Ana said to her comrades.

How do you know? Peter asked.

Ana decided not to answer that. She smiled broadly at Charles.

"What should I call you?" Ana asked.

"I am referred to as Charles, or as simply Xavier. Most people call me Professor."

Ana nodded.

"Now, about your friends. I know that one is coming for sure, but the others—"

"They're all coming." Ana said, her expression darkening a little.

The Professor's forehead knit.

"Now, no one can know until—"

"They. Are. All. Coming." Ana repeated, dangerously slow.

Xavier's gaze flashed to Storm. Ana could tell that they were having a brief exchange, but she didn't dare look at it. Doing so would make the mental wall collapse without all five minds of concentration focusing. Xavier looked back at Ana. And then she felt it. It was just a tiny little brush, but an immensely powerful mind was pressing against the wall.

He wants to read your mind! C.D said.

No, duh! Ana answered.

Ana reached out and mentally touched the Professor.

My mind in one of the only sanctuaries that I have left that has not been breached. Can you accept that I just know that they are all coming, and be content?

The Professor drew away from the Wall. He nodded physically.

Gotta go! We're almost about to step out of an elevator!

All of you?

It's a tight fit, but, yeah.

The Wall dissolved as the others retreated. Ana could still feel them, but they just weren't with her directly. It was like she had been talking with them, and then they had moved to the other side of the room.

"They're almost here; they're just about to step out of the elevator."

"I know." Was Xavier's reply. "All four of them came."

Storm's eyes widened. Ana heard a small gasp escape from the white-haired woman. There were the sounds of a lot of footsteps from below, as well as some voices. Ana closed her eyes and cocked her head. There were… eleven people, two for almost each person. The whole lot shuffled into the jet. Ana recognized her friends immediately. Jack was flanked by a guy with really weird glassed and a pleasant-looking girl with red hair. Peter was followed by a girl with brown hair in a ponytail and a boy with a lighter. Sam was followed by a girl in a yellow slicker and a girl with gloves and a white streak in her hair. C.D was followed by a guy with blond hair that radiated cold. Logan came in last.

Quick! The Prof's going to talk to James next! The Wall!

No one asked how she knew; they just did it. The introduction passed uneventfully. They all heard the two greet each other, with James acting like this was his first encounter with the Professor. Charles didn't try to brush James' mind, or anyone else's though they put up the barrier every time. Then, when she was least expecting it, the Professor talked to her again.

That is quite an ability you have, being able to block out telepaths doubled with our wings.

Erm… Ana didn't really know what to say to that. She decided to go on a different topic.

Sorry about before. I didn't mean to be rude, but it's just that a lot of things have been happening recently. My mind just seems like the only place that I'm safe.

I understand.

Ana managed a weak smile.

You might want to sit down and put on your seat belt; we're about to take off.

Ana did as she was told. James touched her mind a moment later.

So, what does he think? About our connection and stuff?

Ana felt immensely relieved as she replied.

He doesn't know.