I ran to the end of the dock and feel to my knees. I was crying senseless. Then I heard him running after me. I picked up the closes thing to me and threw it at him. It went straight to his center. He bent over but kept running twords me. I picked up a small log this time and it went flying to his head.

Please dont damaged that gorgeous face of his.

But he still didn't stop running. So i picked something eles up.

"Bella would you stop" he said.

"I will when you stop running twords me. I don't want you here with me." I said. I had stopped crying but tears were running down my face. "Leave me alone, just go. You said what you had to say. Now leave."

"Will you please let me explain." he sounded so calm. It mad my anger worse. I turned around and he was turned around to little foot steps coming our way.

"Elizabeth, please go back in the house." he bent down to eye level to our 4 year old daughter, "your mother and i are having a discusion and we'll be in soon."

She ignored her father just like the stuburn child she was. That trait came from the both of us. She ran into my arms and my back hit the ground. Then i heard the wood splitting. This dock was so old, I'm Surprised it lasted this long.


That was the last thing that I remembered.