Angel of Death

Chapter 1

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He was surrounded. He could feel its presence assaulting his senses. He could hear the howls as it surrounded him licking across his skin. He could hear the voice echoing, crushing, engulfing, and resounding in the distance. Just like thunder. He could feel it brushing against his hands, like a delicate flower. And it was here on this plain, barren of life and surrounded by wind he dies.

He awoke panting and drenched in sweat. For a while he just laid there staring at the ceiling with unseeing eyes. He'd been having the dreams for nearly a month now. It had started when he'd first learned he was nearing the time to take his gennin exams and each night the winds got stronger, and the dreams more real.

Absently he stretched himself out before rising out of the twin sized bed. He didn't even feel the usual cold sting of his bare feet touching the cold wooden floor as he made his way to his bathroom. The feel of the hot water beating down on his skin was welcoming and served to wake him from his usual morning daze.

Forty five minutes later he emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Absently he continued his morning routine applying the lotion to his body before pulling out his black jumpsuits. Reaching into the drawer he pulled out a fishnet shirt and a pair of boxer briefs before getting dressed. He sighed as he looked himself over in the mirror and actually put a comb through his hair.

Normally he cared very little for his appearance especially his hair as he'd usually just let it clump together as bed hair usually does. This was usually because he was running late for class, though the fact that he wore these jumpsuits also played a role in that. After a few minutes he managed to separate the clumps of hair and make them into many small spikes. Once that was done he grabbed his goggles and placed them in their spot around his neck.

Once satisfied with his appearance and knowing he was sufficiently late he placed on his shoes and made his way out the door of his apartment not even bothering to lock it on his way out. He walked with his hands stuffed in his pants pockets as he absentmindedly nodded to the people he knew as he passed.

Umino Iruka had just begun his daily lecture when the door to his class opened. Like many in the class he turned at the sound and was surprised at seeing Naruto walk through the door. While many knew he was late most times the blonde would usually have to be dragged into class tied up.

Over the last month however he had gotten used to seeing the boy arrive to class under his own power. As he looked him over the scarred academy teacher couldn't help but have a slight smile come across his face at the sight of the boy. The boy stood in the doorway with his right hand still in his jacket pocket as he closed the door behind him. When he was younger the boy had reminded him a lot of how he himself used to be, the typical class clown, of course this clown actually did his work. Lately however he had noticed the boy had become quieter and more withdrawn.

His outfit was the same as always, black jumpsuit, black shinobi sandals, and black goggles. The only change was that his jacket was left unzipped showing the fishnet shirt he wore underneath which also allowed for the six pack of abs he had gained to be shown. Aside from that the only difference was the style his hair was in.

Closing the door the blonde stuck his left hand into his pocket before making his way up to an empty seat in the back without a word. Iruka sighed and shook his head at the sight. He still wasn't use to Naruto not being loud. And while at one point he welcomed the silence he like many in the class found out a while ago that without the blondes antics things were a lot duller.

After his lecture he had gone through a review of the Henge no jutsu and was surprised when Naruto did the jutsu flawlessly. Its not that he expected the boy to mess up, no he had proven to be a master of the jutsu. What surprised him though was he did it without any tricks. Not even a kick me sign was applied to the back and honestly it was a bit disturbing.

After reminding his class about the gennin exams the next day he dismissed the class before asking Naruto to stay behind. He waited a few minutes for the class to empty out before finally speaking up.

"Are you alright Naruto, you seem distracted as of late."

"I'm fine. I just have a lot on my mind that's all. I do have my gennin exam tomorrow ya know." Returned the boy with a slight smile.

In truth however it had been the dreams that had been claiming most of his attention. For the entire month he'd been wracking his brain trying to figure out the dreams significance. After all having the same dream every night for a month had to mean something. In fact he was hoping the dreams would give him some clue to his past.

Iruka smiled kindly at that glad it was only the boy taking things seriously right now. It also explained the lack of pranks. Everyone had been surprised when Naruto hadn't taken the last gennin exam like many had thought he would. It was no secret the blonde wanted to become Hokage someday and many of the teachers had believed he'd rush to take the exams before he was ready. This was especially true since many believed he held the skill to pass it.

"Right well get some rest tonight, you can't afford to be late tomorrow." Said Iruka getting a nod before he dismissed the boy.

The blonde stuck around until he was sure everyone had left the academy before heading out to the schools training fields. He had taken to training late during the last few months though his training had increased with the need to take his mind off the dreams. Still he figured he'd get in a light work out before working on his Bunshin. He'd heard the technique was always on the exam and he still hadn't mastered it.

The next morning found the blonde at the academy bright and early. Finding the class virtually empty the blonde walked straight to the back before taking a seat next to a window. As he sat there lost in thought the class slowly began to fill up with students most surprised to see the blonde there before them.

Naruto sighed as he looked around the classroom. As the rest of the students chattered ceaselessly the blonde simply gazed out the window. He knew without a shadow of a doubt the few important people that would pass. They were Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, and Sasuke.

Before he could delve any further into that train of thought Iruka slid into the room followed quickly by a silver haired instructor.

"Alright class settle down, and well start the written portion of the exam." Said Iruka instantly quieting the class.

"So who do you guys think will be this year's number one?"

The question was asked by a bearded jounin by the name of Sarutobi Asuma. A cigarette hung from his lips carelessly as he watched the test on Sandaime's crystal ball.

"Most likely the Uchiha, he's led the class for years." Said a man with gravity defying grey hair. Like the others he was in the standard jounin uniform except his hitae-tae was tilted to cover one of his eyes. His name was Hatake Kakashi.

"That's just because he likes to show off. I think both the Nara and the Aburame could get it." Said one of the few females gathered. She had long black hair and a pair of crimson eyes and went by the name of Yuhi Kurenei.

"Kurenei's right. From what Iruka's told me the Uchiha always shows what he can do. Several others in the class however just do what's necessary to pass."

This was said by yet another kunoichi as she held a stick of dango in her hand. She unlike the others held the title of Special Jounin. This meant she was jounin level in the field she specialized in. She had long purple hair that she pulled into a high ponytail. She unlike the others didn't wear the typical jounin outfit. Instead she wore a dark orange skirt and a fishnet shirt under a tan trench coat. Her name was Mitirashi Anko.

"We'll see about that." Said Kakashi dismissively his nosed buried in the pages of an orange book.

It hadn't even taken Naruto thirty minutes to complete the test. In fact it had barely been fifteen minutes before he had flipped his paper over and put his head down, something that impressed Iruka immensely. Especially since the only people that finished before the blonde were Shikamaru and Sakura and it had barely even been a years since Naruto began his stint in the Academy. Because of this the scarred chuunin had to admit the boy was one of the best students he'd ever had.

This was especially true because in just one year the blonde had steadily made his way from the bottom to the top of the class and was currently placed at number three. This was mostly because his genjutsu was rather poor. Still the blonde more than made up for it with his ninjutsu and taijutsu skills.

That had been something that had surprised everyone when the blonde had first attended. When the blonde had first began attending he wasn't all that knowledgeable in the shinobi arts, but man he could fight. His taijutsu had been excellent and his skill with shuriken and kunai had made it seem as if he'd been born with them. It had only been his lack of knowledge concerning jutsu that had put him in the academy.

He remembered about when the blonde had first started. Several of the teachers then had tried to make sure that the blonde failed everything he did, that lasted about a week. The next week the new head of the academy Suzume Namida had called a meeting for all teachers and basically stated showing favoritism or sabotaging any student's education would no longer be tolerated. In fact she'd even gone so far as stating if such things were discovered she'd personally report it to the Hokage and motion to have them sent to Ibiki.

The next day Iruka had immediately seen changes in the way things were going. He had noticed then that Naruto's progress seemed to grow by leaps and bounds while another student Sasuke had seemed to slow in his own progress. Such thoughts however were broken as the buzzer on his desk went off alerting him that the time for this test was over.

"Alright class pencils down." Called Iruka as he glanced over the class finding both Shikamaru and Naruto asleep. Honestly with how those two acted sometimes he could swear they were related. After Naruto and Shikamaru were woken up courtesy of Choji he spoke up once more.

"Now we're going to have a fifteen minute recess so you guys can stretch your legs a bit. Following that we'll be meeting up at the targeting area for weapons testing and then we'll go to the jutsu portion." Stated Iruka before dismissing the entire class.

Sarutobi smirked as he watched a certain blonde through his crystal ball. Naruto certainly had come a long way in just a single year. He remembered when the boy had first reappeared in the village a that night. A few of the ANBU members had found him unconscious in their private training grounds after being missing for six years. Oddly enough when they found him his right hand had been grasping tightly to a kodachi.

He had been in a coma for nearly two weeks before he awakened in the medical ward of ANBU headquarters. He had naturally been scared upon awakening to see their masked faces and hadn't calmed until he'd laid eyes on the Hokage himself. Unfortunately it was discovered the blonde held no memory of the time he'd been gone. They had originally believed he had a case of amnesia until after a session with Yamanaka Inoichi it was discovered that his memories had actually been sealed away.

He had allowed the blonde to stay with the I.T (Interrogation and Torture) division for a few weeks while he located a place where the boy could live and get the paperwork finished. It was during this time that it was discovered that while his mind may not remember much his body did, more specifically how to use his swords. This was proven true when he managed to cut a training log in half with just one swing of his kodachi much to Ibiki's shock. Since then he'd had to fight off Ibiki's attempts to draft him straight into the ANBU and let them train him. Such thoughts were broken by a comment from his chain smoking son Asuma.

"The Uzumaki kid's a smart one." Muttered the chain smoker as he watched the blonde as he walked out of the room.

"Well he'd have to be." Stated Anko catching the attention of the room.

"Even though he clowns around a lot the gaki is serious about becoming a shinobi. Every time I see him he's training either physically or mentally. You know I even had to tie him up and drag him from the library a few times to get him to class." Explained the purple haired kunoichi earning chuckles from some of the jounin.

Of course only Sarutobi knew she had to drag him from the Hokage's personal library since the blonde had access to it. This was mostly because the civilian and shinobi libraries wouldn't allow him entrance.

Naruto sighed as he sat within the room once more awaiting his turn for the jutsu portion of the exam. The weapons testing had gone as he'd expected meaning he'd passed it, with the highest score as well much to Sasuke's ire. As he'd expected Shino, Choji, Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru and surprisingly Sakura had all emerged from the room proudly sporting new hitae-tae.

Sakura was the surprise mostly because all she had was book smarts and the rest of her skills were mediocre at best and pathetic at worst. Of course she did have potential to be a good shinobi but she squandered it since she wasted all of her time fawning over the Uchiha. Hopefully her jounin-sensei would knock her out of that habit.

Shaking himself from his thoughts he looked up just in time to find the Uchiha walk back into the room with his new hitae-tae tied around his forehead. Almost as soon as he entered Iruka did as well calling for him to come take his turn. Standing to his feet the blonde quietly made his way into the back room.

As he entered he took a quick look around the room finding it to be rather bare with the exception of a few training post and the table in front of him. On that table however rested several hitae-tae each with a blue cloth coming from them. Seated behind the table and next to Iruka was Mizuki someone Naruto honestly couldn't stand. When he'd first started the academy Mizuki was one of the many teachers who had tried to sabotage his progress every chance he could get. Thankfully he'd put a stop to that but that was a different story all together.

"Alright Naruto the first technique you need to demonstrate is the Kawarimi." Stated Iruka calmly.

Then before the blonde could speak up he quickly tossed an eraser at him. A mischievous glint entering his eyes the blonde pulled the move off flawlessly switching places with the stunned Mizuki just before the eraser hit him. Iruka's eyes widened at the display of skill from the blonde as he knew most chuunin couldn't pull that off. This was mostly because in order to switch places with another person instead of an object like a log you had to first overpower that person's own chakra before pulling the switch.

Regaining his composure and telling the blonde to go back to his proper position Iruka asked for a demonstration of the Henge no jutsu. Naruto thought for a second before he went through a quick chain of seals and became engulfed in a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared Iruka and Mizuki felt their eyes widen at the site that greeted them. For standing in front of them was Morino Ibiki complete with his usual emotionless features and cold eyes.

Mizuki subconsciously gulped at the sight realizing that he could very well be meeting the man soon if things didn't go perfectly. After dispelling his transformation the blonde was asked to create at least two Bunshin and a frown came across his face before a determined glint entered his eyes. Running through the seals and calling out the name of the technique the blonde was soon engulfed in yet another puff of smoke. When it cleared however there were no less than 20 blondes standing within the room much to the two chuunins surprise.

"Very good Naruto but you didn't need to make this many." Spoke Iruka after regaining his composure.

"Actually Iruka-sensei I just can't make Bunshin's without creating this many. For some reason every time I try I end up with dead looking clones." Explained the boy scratching the back of his head in the sheepish expression he was known for.

"Okay it just sounds like you need to work on your chakra control. Now for extra credit you can perform any jutsu learned outside of class if you like." Stated Iruka getting a grin from the blonde who quickly turned to the training post and ran through a chain of seals.

"Katon: Housenka no jutsu" thought the boy before taking a deep breath and exhaling several small but powerful fireballs at the post which proceeded to catch fire. Before either of the two teachers could move however he ran through more seals and took yet another deep breath.

"Suiton: Mizurappa" thought the boy before exhaling a stream of water which proceeded to douse the flames.

Iruka regaining his composure after seeing the techniques used by the blonde quickly wrote them down on his sheet before handing the blonde a hitae-tae from the table. Grabbing the item from his surrogate brother the blonde gave him one of his signature foxy grins before tying it onto his forehead and leaving the room. Once he was gone Iruka looked down to his pad and was quite pleased to see the total of Naruto's score for the exam. With his head down however he missed the look on Mizuki's face upon seeing the blonde's success.

Naruto smiled tiredly as he panted against a tree deep in the forest surrounding the village. In front of him sat a fairly large scroll as even unrolled it was quite thick. After he'd been given his hitae-tae earlier that day he'd been approached by Mizuki about the final portion of the gennin exam. According to Mizuki it was a mock mission meant to evaluate the student's infiltration abilities. The mission was to sneak into the Hokage Tower and out without alerting anyone within. The target was a fake scroll of forbidden techniques of which he was to learn at least one jutsu before Mizuki arrived to retrieve the scroll.

It had been quite easy to pull that off knowing the Hokage Tower almost as much as his own apartment the boy could navigate the place in darkness. His only problem had been when he'd been discovered on the way out by the old man himself though a quick usage of his new Oiroke no jutsu had easily solved that problem however. Such thoughts were immediately derailed when Iruka barreled into the clearing his face a mask of pure anger.

Sarutobi awoke with a groan. As he stood to his feet he couldn't help but wonder why the hall he was in was covered in blood. However just as that thought came to him his memories hit him like a freight train as he recalled his encounter with Naruto earlier that night. With a simple spike of his chakra he was immediately surrounded by five members of the ANBU forces.

"Have every chuunin and jounin level shinobi available gather outside the tower immediately." Said Sarutobi just before the ANBU left to do as told.

Not ten minutes later the Sandaime was standing atop the balcony of his office overlooking the gathered shinobi. Everyone available even the Clan Heads that were no longer on active duty had been awoken and gathered. Stepping up he silenced the gathered crowd before speaking his voice cold and as deadly as steel.

"We have a traitor in our midst." Spoke the Sandaime fiercely immediately catching everyone's attention.

"I say this because not too long ago Uzumaki Naruto infiltrated the Tower and stole the Forbidden Scroll of Seals." Spoke the Sandaime before he was cut off by the shouts of rage and calls of death by the gathered shinobi.

"SILENCE." Roared the old man effectively shutting up the crowd.

"Naruto is not the traitor I mentioned as he did this in the belief that it was a part of the gennin exam. I want both Naruto and that scroll retrieved and brought to me immediately before whoever is behind this kills him and takes the scroll." Stated the old man before dismissing the gathered shinobi who all disappeared in a giant cloud of smoke.

Iruka blinked as his brain processed Naruto's words. Before he could fully comprehend what he'd heard however his shinobi senses kicked in causing him to tackle the surprised blonde to the floor, successfully dodging the shuriken that were headed for them. .

"Very good Naruto, now hand me the scroll." Called a voice that each recognized instantly as Mizuki.

"What the hell." Muttered the blonde in shock.

"So that's what's going on here. Naruto don't give him that scroll; protect it with your life if you have to." Said Iruka his face turning hard as stone.

Mizuki smirked hearing this before turning to regard Naruto once more. Naruto's eyes narrowed as the white haired chuunin turned his gaze onto him.

"Ne Naruto, would you like to know why the whole village hates you?" asked Mizuki though he continued before anyone could speak up.

"You see twelve years ago a monster fox attacked this village. In the end the Yondaime was able to defeat the beast at the cost of his life. The Yondaime didn't kill the fox however, instead he sealed it inside of a newborn baby. The Sandaime however made a law that prevented anyone from mentioning that though one that the younger generation was to never know of."

As he spoke a sadistic smile formed on his face as he watched the blonde kneel with his head facing the ground. Iruka, having been hit with a few shuriken and kunai in his legs, could do nothing but watch on helplessly as the words left Mizuki's lips,.

"That law stated that no one, under penalty of death, could tell the younger generation especially you that you are a monster fox. You are the child the Kyuubi was sealed in. You are the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Both watched as Naruto started to tremble at the news holding his head as if in pain. A cruel smile formed on Mizuki's face at the sight while Iruka looked towards the boy sadly. The blonde gritted in teeth at the pain as he refused to cry out as images raced through his head.

Naruto's Mind:

"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune!" exclaimed a giant fox from behind its cage while the child before it shook in fear.


"So what do you think?" asked a girl who looked to be no older than fifteen nine long red tails swaying behind her and two fox ears perched atop her head. She spun once allowing the boy to get a look at her body promptly sending him flying by way of a massive nosebleed.

Real World:

More and more the images poured into his mind. As they did the boy's trembling became harder and his chakra started to encircle him before surrounding him in a dome of pure chakra. Both chuunin felt their eyes go wide at the amount of power that the boy was putting out.

'With this much chakra going through him its no wonder he can't make any less than twenty Bunshin's, he has far too much chakra for such a technique.' Thought Iruka in awe.

Before either of them could speak however the chakra was reabsorbed by the boy who only looked up for a second before turning and dashing away, the scroll still tied on his back.

"Damn that Mizuki and his big mouth" muttered Sarutobi as his eyes narrowed in worry for the boy with an equal portion of anger at Mizuki.

"Tora" called Sarutobi causing a tiger masked ANBU to appear in a puff of smoke.

"Inform Ibiki and Anko that our big mouthed friend will be joining them tonight."

"Hai Hokage-sama" spoke the ANBU inwardly shuddering before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Naruto moved through the tress quickly the huge scroll still connected to his back. Looking behind him he could see Iruka right behind him. Jumping forward he rebounded off of the next branch before spinning and introducing his knee to Iruka's gut sending him hurling backwards. Before he could make it far his back hit a tree causing him to fall to the ground. Naruto watched with a smirk as the henge dispersed to show Mizuki on the ground clutching his gut.

"How did you know I wasn't Iruka?" questioned Mizuki.

"Because…" stated the blonde before being engulfed in a puff of smoke "…I'm Iruka."

"There's no point in protecting that brat Iruka. Naruto and I are two of a kind. I guarantee you he'll read that scroll and take its power before coming and taking his revenge on this village. He is a demon after all." Said Mizuki with a smirk.

"You're right" said Iruka calmly before he continued.

"That is what a demon would do. But even though he holds the Kyuubi, Naruto is no demon. That boy has lived a life I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and while many would have indeed been seeking revenge and trying to kill everyone in their path he isn't. He's hardheaded, loud, and a die hard prankster yet he is also loyal, kind and compassionate. He is the future of this village, someone who I can be proud to say I taught. He is a shinobi of Konoha and most likely our next Hokage."

"You know Iruka, I was thinking about killing you last. But after that touching little speech of yours I'll do it now."

With that said the traitorous shinobi raising another of his giant shuriken and tossing it towards the downed teacher. The blonde's eyes widened as he saw Iruka not trying to avoid it and before he could even think about it he was moving to intercept it, a kunai in each hand. Mizuki watched with a cruel, sick smile as the giant shuriken span towards the downed Iruka and Naruto who had appeared in front of him in a defensive position, a second shuriken flying just behind it.

Iruka could do nothing but watch in pure horror as the blonde stood in front of him. As he thought about it the boy had always been the defiant one. If you told him something couldn't be done he'd find someway to do it, much like he did when he had first created the Oiroke no jutsu.

Both men's thoughts were abruptly cut off as the boy's chakra spiked. Mizuki who was in front of him could only watch in shock as a whip of flame suddenly cut through both his shuriken with ease before dispersing.

"Kaen no Muchi (Whip of Flame)." said the blonde as he lowered his extended right arm ignoring the smoke coming from his index and middle fingers.

"Firstly Kyuubi, no, Ryoko don't live here no more." Started the boy his voice a deadly whisper that both chuunin could hear.

"Secondly even when she was sealed in me she treated me better than any of the people of this village. If you ever speak down on her or try hurting Iruka-sensei again, I'll kill you." Spoke the blonde his voice taking on a more menacing tone at the end as he lifted his head. As he did Mizuki stepped back fear overtaking him as he looked in those blue eyes that seemed as if they could burn someone alive just by staring at them hard enough.

"Try it then bakemono I'll beat you in a flash." Said Mizuki quickly regaining his composer.

Naruto said nothing as he moved each hand bringing them up and making a cross with his middle and his index fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu."

There was a huge puff of smoke which cleared to show the entire clearing was covered in clones. Iruka's jaw dropped at the sheer number of clones, they were everywhere even in the trees. Mizuki screamed as all the Naruto's turned on him each grinning at him demonically.

Sarutobi winced as the girlish screams hit him from his crystal ball. He had never known a man could scream like that, without getting kicked in the nuts. He almost didn't want to even send him to Ibiki now; almost the man did have it coming.

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